ings are blown away.
The artificial phenomena of a natural disaster.

「……Haa~, what magic power.
Certainly extraordinary……The reason Till favoured you.
Well, that and that you’re unrelatedly cute though.」

Est-san was surprised but, the edges of her lips are pulled up as if she’s somewhat enjoying this.
However, that body is shaking like it saw a horror movie or such.
I don’t know if that’s conscious or, unconscious though.
As a fact, my magic power is overwhelming black flame’s.

――This is the skill, latent ability.

A sensation like pulling up another self, drifting on the ocean floor.
Unconscious ability, that isn’t normally used.
Considering the burden on the body, it’s said that people display no more than a portion of the power they hold.
Conscious, magic power, power, in all regards, it’s an active skill that pulls that out for a moment.
Discharging a magic power that the body can’t entirely control, silver light pierces the heavens like a flash.
It became a wind that burned the air and blew away the clouds, causing the twilit sky to show its face.

「……………………Fu~n, exceedingly close to a lightning fairy.
High elf, is it.」

Est-san’s eye narrowed and, cold sweat flowed down those cheeks.

「It’s my 2nd time including practice but, I’m not used to it am I.」

Just as I confirmed before, it seemed that there were a few physical changes.
As far as what’s visible, my hair turned to a golden color.
Also the ears that are the special characteristic of elves, sharpened to the same degree as Till’s.
This is a simple elf transformation――I suppose it’s a form close to a high elf.

「Est-san……more than anyone else, I won’t forgive myself.
Saying something like that Till was weak is……I definitely won’t allow it.
That is why I won’t lose you see.
Whether it’s to you, or to anyone.
The fact that the me who is weaker than Till doesn’t lose to anyone will, become the proof that that person was the strongest.」

It’s fine even if I’m called an idiot, I believe as such.
Est-san rubbed her hair, throwing it into disarray, as she looked up to the heavens.

「……You really do seem like, her prided daughter.」

She mumbled to herself, as if making conversation with the sky.
And then as if she’d set her resolve, she turned back to me with an unbeatable face.

「……Fufu, shall we reach the conclusion? A chill runs through my spine, Alice-chan.
There aren’t more than a few times when I’ve reached this feeling.」

As the lack of a sense of tension has reached the point of acting like we were chatting, it conversely displays that Est-san’s experience isn’t just for show, and creates a sense of unease as well.

「That’s as I desire it.
When I decided to succeed this name, I made one promise.
Buy all fights that are sold.
At the least, until I make it understood that I am the strongest.」

I suppose it isn’t something commendable but, I’d be glad to fight for the time being.
The new strongest seems, somewhat weak……Till’s face will be covered in mud if that sort of thing is said.
Such a thing, Est-san doesn’t even need to say it.

「Somehow, the one to underestimate her opponent was me then……」

A~ah, I was done in wassn’t I――Like that, Est-san agonized to a degree that made it easy to understand.
I get that she’s an entertaining person as I look at her.

「Then, that that isn’t just an appearance, shall I have you provide me the confirmation of the strongest! Now then, face me――!」

It came――!
Burning away me alone, the 5 unrelenting black suns.
There’s no meaning to regular evasion.
With the area of a slight insight into this quantity of heat, it’s truly water on a burning stone.
Then there are 2 methods.
Complete defense――like Till――show it be blocked is it.
――Or show it be evaded, with a special method is it.
There’s no need to think on it, the decision within my capability is the latter.
The evasion that renders everything ineffective, what comes to mind is――mist transformation!
Heard often in fantasy, the special prerogative of vampires.
But if it can be done by vampires, the current me who’s close to a lightning fairy shouldn’t be unable to do it.
……I believe as such.
Maa, speaking of my knowledge rather than mist it’d be better as――――quantum transformation perhaps.
I run magic power through my body, as I confront the advancing volume of heat.
I am within the atmosphere……such that I become one body with the magic powermana……!


Facing the black suns coming toward me, I plunge in without an act of evasion.

「!!? She, threw the match? No――」

I plunged into, magma that melts all materials――
Within the black sun, without feeling the heat, I passed through.
One, two――five, all of them!
Having passed through the black flame, I caught, the Est-san who became defenseless after finishing her chant.

「Hhaha! Cheap……!! That’s beyond what I could imagine!!」

I entered close range while still in my quantum transformation, as Est-san showed a somehow pleased seeming look.
――That also, served no purpose though.

「How far! Mou, Alice-chan you!!」

――Now, it’s this side’s turn!
Having closed the distance, I immediately turned around and, relied on my power to grab the back of her head.

「Kuu! You materialized!? No, more importantly this power!?」
「Please prostrate yourself!」

And as such, I struck her into the ground while relying on my power.
I forced her to the ground with my power, as she tried to get out of the exceptional technique I caught her with.

「――Kahaa! Setting the speed aside……this power……! Really, cheap……!」

As the price for having her mouth forced into the stone laid ground, Est-san’s――Eclair’s lips had painful blood running from them.
Ignoring that, I restrain her arms on the side of her back with power like that of a clamp’s.

「Ku――u! Ow, owowow! Alice-chan wait! It’s breaking it’s breaking!」

I have no intention of going along with her easy going attitude.

「――Do you surrender?」
「Uuu……! Such a thing as forcing a maiden to the ground and demanding her surrender, Alice-chan you――Owowowow!」

Maa, as if to say it’s fine if it sticks together afterwards, I give one more twist.
Probably, if I add just a little more power――

「Wait wait! Since I~ understand! Surrender, surr~ender! ……Really, since I won’t be able to excuse it, if I cause injury to this body.」

It’s rather late.
Eclair’s body has already used the demon eye and, she’s rather hurt from my current attack.

「……Do you surrender?」
「I surrender I surrender, mo~ since the opponents I’ve said such a thing to, were only my shishou and the elder.
It isn’t something I’ve said to Till you know~?」

Being forced to the ground, it was my defeat when it reached that point was it~, she was murmuring that while staying carefree to the end.
Yare yare, this person, I suppose it wasn’t the case that she was holding back but, she wasn’t serious either was she.
Ma, since it would be troubling if she went overboard with Eclair’s body.
In any case, this battle is over.
I release her a moment later.
I also, release latent ability and return to my original silver hair.
Fuhee? And Est-san stood up while rolling her shoulders, as she admired me.

「Really seriously, just what was that? It’s against the rules.」
「You’re not tired are you.」

And she’s acting like she just did a warm up exercise.

「That’s not it either you know, strongest.
Since oneesan, was impressed?」

My nose was poked by that admiring oneesan.

「In conclusion, it means I have no role to play doesn’t it.
Makes me feel like an old lady doesn’t it, I’ve become something that isn’t needed.」

But, what’s called the experience of fighting a person of Est-san’s level has become my confidence.
This fight was, my touchstone as the strongest.
……Could it possibly be that that was its purpose then.
No……Considering Till and Est-san’s relationship, it’s more complicated isn’t it.
Est-san came to give my nose one more poke, while smiling abashedly with Eclair’s face, as I looked in at her.

「Then, I leave the rest to you okay, 7th generation.
Since I’ll cheer you on, given the matter of being Till’s daughter.
There’s no mistake, Alice-chan is the strongest.」
「……I can have confidence, since it’s none other than Est-san saying that.」
「Fufu~, it’s fine to have a lot, junior.」

Est-san made a satisfied seeming wink and――was about to vanish as such.
I frantically grabbed Est-san’s arm.

「Nn? You’re angry? Do you want, one more shot?」
「No no that’s completely wrong.」

So please stop presenting your right cheek, furthermore that body is Eclair’s……

「That’s not it……ano, the demon eye of past sight……could it be.」
「Aah……it’s that sort of thing.
It’s regrettable but, it’s impossible isn’t it.」

Pat, and while patting my head, Est-san made a sad seeming look.

「Past sight isn’t omnipotent.
It’s not the case that it can do anything and everything as expected of it.
Furthermore I and Eclair have good affinity.」

Then, Till is……

「People’s lives, aren’t so simple you know.
Because, we can’t cheat……though it’s strange, for this me to say this isn’t it.」
「That’s so, isn’t it……」

As much as I had just a bit of expectation, the backlash came again.
My heart tightened.

「Since I will also do my best, for Alice-chan’s sake……don’t cry don’t cry.」
「Mou……I’m not crying so.」
「Fufu……Then……it’s near the limit is it.
Get along together with Eclair, okay?」
「I’m, going to give her a punch.」
「Buu, roーger, do it gently! Bye then?」

Est-san’s presence vanished.
In short that means, she returned to her original personality.


I firmly, rubbed my forehead into Eclair.

「Wha, what is it.
Do you have a complaint?」
「To the contrary, I’m surprised at the matter of feeling like I don’t have a complaint.」

That rather good feeling, went and made me smile.

「Hii, wha, what is this, for an Alice, you were incredible.」
「Were you not saying things like, please go die then?」
「……I didn’t say that.」

Eclair averted her eyes, as her sweat trickled out.

「I’m, raather hurt.
That it became like I’d be killed by Eclair, it hurts doessn’t it.
I wonder just how many times this makes it.」

I made a dumb face, implying that I didn’t know and, tried putting my finger on my chin.

「Fu, funn.
Even if you do round about things, I’ve done as much as making my resolve you know!」
「Hohou? To be boiled or baked?」
「Is, is it not fine to do as you please.」

Her eyes are tearing up a little but, is she okay?

「I understand, Eclair……Then, please lend me your ears for a bit.」

I confirmed the Ilya standing by with a bright smile and, switched to a soft voice.
Fleurety is afraid of Ilya and won’t come near.

「Waa, such things, stop it already.」
「Are you trembling?」
「That’s wrong you know.」
「Maa, it’s fine.」

The doubtful Eclair, comes and turns her ear.
They’re adorable ears that make me want to munch on them, without intending to.

「Kyaaa!? Wha, what are you doing, idiot Alice!」
「Why are you making a spaced out face, like your body did it on its own!」

Because it is in fact exactly that, it can’t be helped.

「So, the request is.」
「Kuu……you’re being shameless because you’re the winner, aren’t you.」
「Maa maa.」

This time for sure, I borrow her ear.

「This is now, a request I want as an absolute promise but.」
「Ma, maa.
It’s reached this point, so it can’t be helped.」
「Please, give birth to my child.」
「Also, I’ve already thought of her name.」

Eclair’s face is turning red enough, to make me wonder a little, is she alright.

「Ko, koko, kodo, ko?」
「E~tto, in short, no matter what, I won’t fight with Eclair anymore.
Since, I wouldn’t like it if your womb was affected okay?」
「……You……ano, sono……」

Our foreheads were thrust together once more and, I tried chasing Eclair’s gaze as it went around like a merry go round.


Eclair was murmuring, with a voice like a mosquito’s cry.
Twisting her head, the Eclair that had turned pure red was going no no while shaking her head.

「Beecaause! With you, anymore, that is……you said you wouldn’t fight, idiot Aliiice!!!」

I smiled.
Holding her firmly, I also apply Heal.
I rub away the blood on her lips and, her tears of blood.

「Then, I’ll be relying on you for that sort of thing, my beloved Eclair.」
「……Fun, you as well, please do your best.」

Perhaps she was a little frustrated, Eclair murmured something in the end, with a voice like she was sulking.

――Strongest magician-san, that is.

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