Directly after meeting Fleurety-chan, we hurry toward Principality Capital Myleus.

On the way there.
Having switched from riding a carriage onto a horse, I’m absent mindedly gazing at the scenery~ within the reins that Shion-san is holding.

「Fufu, are you somewhat depressed?」
「……I don’t know.」
「This sort of thing is a common event, when acting as someone like an adventurer.」
「That the enemy yesterday, is today’s friend?」

I gaze at the carriage, by turning around as the horse continues going forward.
Till is holding the reins with a sleepy seeming face, kurozukume, Eclair and Fleurety-chan are riding inside.
That child has grown fond of Eclair so, for me to go in there would be how to say it, laying out a carpet of needles……

「I understand that avoiding things like this is, not good but……」
「Is that so?」
「Running away seems wrong.」
「Haha, what is that? Will divine punishment or something come down if you run away?」

Shion-san ruffled my hair while laughing loudly.
It broke my bad mood and felt good.
Taking her actions in while narrowing my eyes like a cat, I entrust my body weight to her as such.
I secretly enjoy being given a ride on Shion-san’s horse.
Perhaps it’s called being embraced, perhaps it’s called being held, in any case my heart became warm.

「But Alice? There are things that are solved in time even if you don’t particularly confront them head on.
The current situation is, rather like that isn’t it? In order to accept something, you need time to find a reason to convince yourself with.」
「Is this that sort of thing then?」

Going really~ I tried rubbing my body up to her in a playful manner.
My sides were tickled in response and I raised my voice with a「Wahyaa!」as it became like I’d fall from the horse.

「That child is still a child.
Ma, you are too okay?」

While I protested with inflated cheeks, I do feel like Shion-san really is more mentally mature than me.
Perhaps this could be called the gap between men and women.
No well lately, I get the feeling that the things that make me aware that I was a male and such have already become quite rare though……
My habits or use of words or such, it seems they’ve become like that even if I don’t mind them……
Heart creates form, form governs heart, I think there were words such as that.
In short, can it truly be said that the heart of I whose form has become female is male, it’s become that sort of thing.

「……By the way oneechan, as expected, I occasionally display a manliness that seems to overflow out don’t I.」
「I don’t know the meaning behind as expected but……Nn~, perhaps it unexpectedly does happen.」
「Eh!? In what way!?」

It’s a little surprising but I’m happy!

「When you’re being fidgety because Eclair is acting coldly for instance, where you’re flustered from Ilya’s teasing for instance, where you’re moved to tears by Kran’s bullying for instance? Ahaha, basically it’s kind of like the sensation when father is being ordered around by mother-san though.」

……Just what is manliness?
After spending a moment fleeing from reality I turned my conscious toward the scenery once again with cloudy eyes.
A vast grassland that hasn’t been touched by people’s hands spreads out as far as I can see, small scale gatherings of trees that aren’t sufficient to be called forests stand here and there.
A grand mountain range strings across the western edge.
Beyond that is this incident’s commonwealth.
The mountain itself naturally became a national border.
There might already be a march being conducted there at this moment.
I wonder, what’s become of the national border now?

「……Do you intend to involve yourself, Alice?」

As if considering my intentions, Shion-san gave me a question with a tone like she was testing me.
Certainly, it’s absurd for me to go out onto that battlefield that reeks of blood again, while worrying about my relationship with Fleurety-chan.

「I won’t know without seeing it when the time comes.」

Before my purpose was entirely that I wanted to save Kran.
Then how is it this time?

「I really have……made a lot of things that I want to protect.」

This isn’t a situation that can be resolved by running away anymore.
Furthermore since I can’t say only pretty things at this point can I.
I tried gazing fixedly at my own hand.

I’ve already gotten used to it, this pure white delicate palm that can’t swing even a sword.
But it’s an adventurer’s hand, that’s slaughtered numerous lives.

「Don’t mind it, because I’ll be with you.

She was too reliable so, I felt like tears would come out.

「I’d be troubled if……I didn’t always receive oneechan’s support.
Since it’s oneechan after all.」
「Acting all high and mighty with an illegible selfish reason, you.」
「Wawaa, please don’t grind my head~~」

The thread of tension was unraveled to a good degree.
It can’t be helped even if I have to prepare myself from here and, I’ve decided what needs to be done.
I’ll protect the things I want to protect.

「With things to worry about, there’s no end to them when you think them up is there.」
「Aah, that’s why having the same airheaded Alice as always here, is more relieving to everyone around us.」
「……You’re not complimenting me are you?」
「What are you saying, these are the ultimate words of compliment you know.」

that bit of time speaking nonsense with such an ane was, shredded by a thunderous noise.
The source of the noise was behind us――the carriage.
I turned around and there was a blue dragon manifesting there.



Destroying the carriage, the form of a giant body sufficient to be mistaken for a small mountain when looking at it from up close appeared.
Kurozukume and Eclair jumped out and readied themselves while seeming panicked.
What happened――? Before asking that, I saw her appearance.


In the sky above Fleurety, a golden colored elf――Carmel is floating there while deploying a teleportation system.
Her special characteristic is her scornful eyes that seem to look upon others with contempt.

「Uufufu, ahahaha! How do you do Alice.
Surely it’s not possible that you had such a thought as that things would be settled with that much?」
「You came here after escaping did you……」
「Escaping? That’s wrong you know, I don’t know someone like that useless person.
I am me you know, I’m different from that good for nothing.」

Self loathing……?
Perhaps her head is way out there like always but I don’t understand what she’s saying.
Furthermore this person, should not have be able to use magic……?

「Waait! What did you do to Retty! Does this mean you want to be burnt once again!?」
「Please be quiet you inferior race.
I came to collect a discarded cat in the place of her owner.
That is my just right.
It would even be fine to call it my duty wouldn’t it.」

Carmel collected some sort of magic power in her palm.
Momentarily, Fleurety howled to an extent that ripped the air.

「Muu……the path made with Libra as her summoner still remains does it.
For the most part it is that she inherited that path.」

Till landed on frozen footholds directly beside those of us on horseback.
She’s groaning while making a displeased face.
She’s been enduring endless worries hasn’t she……

「This is that you really do have a relationship with Libra then……is it possible that it’s close?」
「I suppose that’s not so.
I conveyed that there won’t be a 3rd time.
The next time she shows herself in front of me will be the time where we settle this.」

Mown down by Fleurety’s strong arms, the trees standing in the grassland were flung away.
As expected……she isn’t in her right mind.

「Don’t mess with me! Let go of Retty already! Can you not fight fairly you coward!」
「You say strange things don’t you inferior race? Battle is fine if you win, something like the means is secondary.
Something like the process is fine either way if results are shown.」

This is bad, it seems like Eclair is about to snap.
More importantly what sort of thing is this, Carmel certainly was under house arrest in the elf village of the Forest of Ash.
I wouldn’t think she’d be released in one or two days.
The family head-san who I received the diamond from was exclusive but, since she was a proper person……

「……Is this, an illusion or something?」
「I suppose that’s not so, she’s the real thing.」

Till is also making a face like, her guts won’t settle down.
That’s the real thing, this is also the real thing……
Makina and Rin-chan?
No, I get the feeling that that’s also wrong.

「What will you do Alice?」

Shion-san has drawn her sword.
It’s no good, with Senbonzakura Fleurety-chan, the dragon’s true form will end up being cut……

「Please wait, that child is……」
「I understand.
We’ll pull Retty so, it’ll be fine if something is done about what’s above us.」
「――There’s nothing but that is there.」

Nodding together, we dispersed.
I jumped into the air and, ice footholds appeared on their own where I felt I wanted to land.
It’s the usual ability of my shishou.

「Ara Alice, beautiful as always aren’t you? You’re coming to my place?」
「There’s no way she’d go is there! To speak of this time you’ve gotten to my head this time, I’ll give you a slightly harsh punishment!」

The Eclair who flew to my side replied before I could reply.
She’s floating freely on wings of crimson flame.

「Eclair, incredible……」
「Since, since that sort of thing is fine for now.」

Funn, and Eclair is glaring at Carmel coldly but, her cheeks are a little red.
In contrast Carmel is standing on a magic system.
It’s the sort thing that’s the teleportation system Libra frequently uses.

「Ahhahaha! Let me teach you something good, the national border has already fallen you know? Don’t you not have the time to be selling oil in a place like this? You should hurriedly roll up your tail, run away and make preparations or something.」
「You can’t swallow information whole when you can’t obtain proof can you.」

Wilmington’s soldiers are strong.
They’re probably superior to the kingdom’s.
It’s not a country that yields easily.
And Maria-san is also there.

「It’s always a new invention that overturns the state of war you know? Alice, Libra-sama is fearsome you know.
She’s a personage who can do the act of remaking this world.」

Fleurety is rampaging on the surface but, kurozukume and Shion-san are pulling her attention well.
This side wants to pull out information over here but Eclair seems like she could jump out even now……

「I have a bit of a question but, did you escape from that village’s prison?」
「Uffufu, that’s wrong you know? My ability is different from that idiot’s.
And I can also use magic you see.」

There’s the reaction from magic power on her fingertip――Blizzard is it!
I dodged by instantly jumping to the side.
As before there was a foothold of ice the moment after I dodged.
Eclair is evading while circling freely in the sky.

「That’s quite the greeting isn’t it.」
「Ufufu, magic is great isn’t it, you suddenly find yourself enjoying yourself don’t you?」

In short that Carmel and this Carmel are different and, it’s not a relationship like Makina and Rin-chan’s either.
And furthermore whatever this invention may be, keeping the matter of what my environmental information may be in mind――is it that sort of thing?

「A clone is it.」

She has no intention of hiding it either.
It was of course a severe problem in my world but, is it not a taboo of alchemy or something in this world?
Producing human bodies……
I suppose this goes to show that Libra also has screws flying from her head.

「Alice you, keep your head flexible don’t you~? Ufufu, it makes me want you all the more.」

Looking to my side, Eclair has lost her facial color.
As expected this isn’t normal is it.
However, thinking as such ends up making various things connect together.
The chimera, we found in the forest that connects to the commonwealth.
Their treatment of Leymia.
And then Carmel.
It’s the case that when science――what’s called alchemy in this world lacks morals it becomes this.

Maa speaking of morals and scientists they might be conflicting beings though……


The magic I suddenly released into a stab was, blocked by a blue field and dispersed.
Fleurety’s field is it……furthermore it’s far stronger than it was at that time.

「Mou~Alice you do vulgar things, while making a cute face don’t you? I’m not neglecting anything or leaving gaps.」
「I’ve decided that having you make your exit here would be to everyone’s benefit so, there won’t be any mercy or the like.」

We’re doing it Alice?
Eclair gaze came to ask as such so, I nodded strongly.
As if I could put up with Fleurety-chan being used as you see fit!

「Ma~my objective is already complete so, I’m pulling out here~.
And there’s also the scary one here?」

Making a glance toward the Till standing silently, Carmel smiled darkly.
Fleurety and Carmel’s bodies became faint within the shining magic system.
Shit, that’s really convenient when running away isn’t it……!

「――Running are you!! Alice!!」

I understood her intention.
As you please, Eclair!!

「Remove the lynchpin bearing my name! Seal release!」

Eclair’s right eye is dyed in crimson magic power.
That girl instantly『looked』at the magic system and understood its structure.


With the magic system being canceled, Fleurety-chan substantiated and fell to the ground.
A thunderous noise rang out.
……I see.

「tChi, well it’s fine! Such a useless dragon was a secondary concern so, let’s meet on the battlefield, Alice!」

Carmel teleported as such and vanished.
This means you chose not Carmel but Fleurety-chan, Eclair you.
That Fleurety-chan is raising a roar while still in her dragon form even now.
It seems that what’s called a summoner’s contract is rather strong, she’s still lost her right mind.

「Nee! O-shishou-san!」
「What, do you have business with me? Demon girl.」
「That, there’s a way to return her sanity, right!」
「Yare yare what youthful vigor.
It’s fine if you overwrite the summoner’s contract with a superior contract.
That’s all that needs to be said.」

That is……

「Okay! Fufun, you should feel honored Retty! Starting just now this Eclair will become your master for you!」
「Eclair wait!」
「Ahーmoーbe quiet okay! The logic is fine already! This sort of thing is instinctual right? There was that sort of feeling, when Eclair met that child.
Alice, you didn’t feel anything when you met Ilya?」

Eh, at that time besides that child is beautiful issn’t she……that my actual ability was lacking?

「Not that, it’s dangerous, Eclair hasn’t even done her job change yet!」
「Retty certainly might be special but, it’s better than with Ilya right? Furthermore since I’ll borrow the power of the demon eye as well.」

Eclair turned around and came toward me with a serious expression, as I argued vehemently.
I was taken aback and swallowed my words.

「――Are you jealous?」

She pierced my core too deeply so, I knew I’d unintentionally become pure red from embarrassment.

「Puu! What, that was correct? Alice you really are cute aren’t you~」
「No, that’s wrong, etto……!」

I share the feeling of wanting to save Fleurety-chan and, my feeling that worries for Eclair is also certain.
But, the hazy feeling that is as I was told is also……!!

「What is thiss……I……」

Eclair drew close, to the me who had begun to loath my self.

「Stupid aren’t you, someone like Retty is something like getting an imouto isn’t it? She’s different from you you know.
So don’t look so derisively okay, Alice.」
「……You won’t come to dislike, that which is me will you?」
「Why does it become that……I, I love you.
Don’t make me say it idiot!」

――No no no, am I a maiden!!

「I, I’ve returned to my right mind Eclair.
Please forget that just now……! Forget itt!」
「Owowoww, wait don’t press my face to hide your embarrassment okay.」

I ended up reflexively pushing Eclair’s face away as she’d come close.
Ah~~~~, I want to throw water on my head!

「Mouu……well it’s fine.
Our conversation is finished so, let’s do this!」

Eclair’s demon eye shined out.
It could be called a short time but, I feel like the recent Eclair really has become used to controlling her demon eye.

「Retty, hey Retty! You should stop rampaging and look over here!」

The Retty that was rampaging having lost her clear command groaned as she looked over the Eclair floating in the sky.
She seems like she could emit her breath even now so, I’m honestly shaking……

「Why are you cowardly rampaging about Retty, do you see everyone around you as enemies? Since you really are timid.」

Eclair certainly is reaching out to talk with Retty-chan.
Those aren’t the words to speak to a mindless dragon rampaging madly.

「What is it? If you were trying to be intimidating or the like, it’s not scary you know.
Open your heart further Retty.
The world won’t change but, the scenery you see will change if you change.
It’s that sort of thing you know!」

Eclair’s words have heat.
They have weight.
They made me sense the life Eclair has lived in them.
Retty-chan seemed to become small from fear, I saw her as such.
Having lost her intensity I couldn’t see the dragon’s massive body in the same way anymore.
What was there was a single girl, seeking rescue.

「The people who hurt you aren’t here.
You’ll see even the world more differently, if you’re with Eclair’s group okay.」


I certainly, noticed that I heard such a voice.

「Obviously! Saa, please come over here Retty! Under the name of Eclair・Sacrament, pledge to the dragon contract here――! Becoming your master, walk the world together――」

――Master-sama, has been acknowledged.

A blue light flashed along with an acquiescent voice.
An explosive magic power was emitted from Eclair’s right eye and, enveloped Fleurety-chan.

「――U, ku……what is this, such a thing! If you have unlimited magic power, please show you can cover for this much demon eye!」

Eclair is a person who acts through spirit issn’t she, and as I watched over her while strangely both admiring and worrying for her, Retty-chan was finally overtaken by the light and returned to her girl form.
Shion-san caught, Retty-chan’s naked body that had returned from dragon to girl.

「Fufun……it might be, impossible already.」

When Eclair was also about to end up falling, I caught her in my arms.

「I leave the rest to you, Alice……」

I sealed the demon eye for now with Eclair seeming fully satisfied while having reached the limits of exhaustion.

「Mou, Eclair you’ve been accomplishing too much lately……fufu.」

I poke at the puffy cheeks of the Eclair expressing a somehow tranquil sleeping face and, she groaned like it tickled.
Now then, the carriage has been blown away but how do we return?

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