had repeatedly endangered the lives of the residents of the surrounding area, but had not received a proper response when they appealed to their lords.
They were extremely grateful to me for throwing myself into danger without compensation, telling me that「God had guided me to do so.」

This was a former settlement, the first inhabitants, now old, were petty criminals who had been pardoned in exchange for settling the area.
This is probably why the lords were not willing to move aggressively.
I know that once the demons wiped out the former criminals and their families, the inhabitants, they were going to accept resettlement to the land that had been cultivated and the dwellings that were no longer inhabited.

Having ingratiated myself with them, I declined the money they were about to give me as a「thank you.」It would be to my advantage if they thanked「Remilia」rather than accepting such a small amount of money.
Besides, Emi wouldn’t accept money at a time like this, she would help people in need.

They do not think as I do, that they are「dirty beings with the blood of criminals on their hands.」She is the kind girl who would serve dried fruit, a precious sweet, to scrawny children like this.
Emi would have done the same.

Then people start calling me a「Saint.」Oh my, what a sight to behold.
Yes, Emi’s「Remilia」is a lovely girl, kind and pure and deserving of her saintly name, as she is.
I got caught up in the good mood and gave too much charity.


The demons I defeated were brought back to the village to be funded, and in return, I headed to appease the harsh water dragons in the neighboring country, which was suffering from drought.
Of course, the prayers of the water nymphs who live in the oasis in front of them, which are necessary for the attack, have been calculated so that everything can be done in the shortest possible time after I get them on the road.

The water dragon was originally supposed to provide water blessings to the surrounding area.
This long dry season brought about by the fury of their Lord.
To appease them, I would have to ask permission to enter the temple, and I would have to make a loan to the chief priest of that desert country, which would solve the water shortage in his homeland.
This will also be resolved on the way through.

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In the story, they had to travel back and forth many times between the center of the desert country and the villages and oases suffering from the sun, to gather information, but I don’t need to do that because I know it all.
If someone asks me why I know, I just say,「I had a revelation from God,」and then show them the rest of my actions, and it’ll be fine.

A former noble girl who received an oracle travels around saving people without compensation.
When I learned that such a reputation was quietly because to circulate, I showed a hint of annoyance by saying,「I’m just doing what God wants me to do.」

Yes, if it was God’s will that brought me and Emi together, it is surely God’s will that I take revenge for her.


There is a lot of work to be done.
I don’t think there is, but if I don’t get everything done before Pina, it won’t matter.
Besides, I can’t keep stigmatized「Remilia」by false accusations for a long time.

When I think about it, I am truly glad that I have the gift of transition magic.
Otherwise, I would not have been able to go back and forth so often, advancing the board in the country and simultaneously attacking the dungeons that came up in the story.


In the story, the villainess Remilia lost because of the…… turn-based system, which is as well behaved as a card game, but if I were to fight in the real world today, I would not use swordplay while unleashing offensive magic or put up a wall while recovering.
It was impossible.
Perhaps if I were a pawn of the Demon Lord, I could defeat the Star Maiden, even if it means one against more than one.
Of course, I would not choose such a future.

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It was hard to handle scouting, scouting, and combat all by myself, but it was not a problem because neither「The Villainess Remilia,」 whom Emi loved, was described as having minions even after she was placed under the control of the Demon Lord.
In fact, with a little effort, I was able to do everything on my own.


Although I had taken a larger safety margin and honed my own skills, I was still able to follow the same path as the story at a faster pace than planned.
It is probably significant that I visited at an earlier point than in the story, so the problems that might have worsened over time were in a relatively mild state.
Above all, though, it is simply that I was more competent than the Star Maiden in the story.

When they thanked me, they tearfully apologized for their initial attitudes, saying,「We are the ones who are grateful to Remilia-sama, we never thought we would be able to live in the village in this way.」

I showed shyness in response to the appreciation, saying that I was just doing what I feel like doing.
I’m just doing what Emi would have done, and I’m sure that it’s my sincere wish to fulfill her wish, to make her「The Villainess Remilia」happy, and to solve trivial problems to make it happen.


The materials for this next step were successfully collected by visiting dungeons in various locations.
Feeling a bit tired as expected, I took a day off in the village that serves as my territory.

The next day I traveled to the land of the dwarves using transfer magic, and knocked on the door of the royal palace with a letter from the chief of a small tribe that was suffering from fire dragon attacks in a remote part of this country.
Once I was turned away, but this was the same as from the story.
After this, I give up and return to the castle, where I met a princess who is strolling the streets as a ninja.
After getting to know her, she would ask me why I came to this country, and when I told that was I there to have「the sacred armor struck by the fire god who protects this country,」she would keep the letter for me to give directly to her sister, the princess-miko.

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