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I made a proposal that Emi would have said, which was not in the story, and the fire god liked it so much that he gave me the blessing of the fire god.
This is unexpected, but this makes it easier to do.
The sacred flame is something that has the power to purify.

The armor of the brave, handed down from the ancestors of the Williards, is kept in the treasury as a national treasure, but by the looks of it, Emi would probably think it would be better to return it to the Divine Realm.
When I was done with my revenge, I’m going to make a proposal.


I am wearing the elegant holy armor made for me with a blue crest on a gold background, and I am going around the ruins without any danger.
After collecting the keys that could be obtained there one at a time, I opened the gates of the heavenly world and headed for the chalk castle beyond.
The youngest daughter of the god of creation is trapped as a lotus flower in a large pond in that garden.
She is a pitiful goddess who was bewitched by the Lord of the Heavens and was transformed into the form of a lotus flower as punishment for rejecting him.
He appears in the last chapter of the story and is asked by the protagonist to help prevent the destruction of the world.

The field here is so caustically obstructed by that Lord of the Heavens that it is impossible to proceed without the holy armor given by the God of Fire.
It was necessary to prepare materials for the number of people in the story, and it took a reasonable amount of time to make them all.
The fact that I was the only one who could do it, and that it was done in a short period of time, was probably an advantage of the small number of people involved.


To rescue her, it was necessary to bring down the Lord of this heavenly realm.
In the story,「The Goddess of Purification does not respond to my wishes because she is saddened by the dirtiness of this world,」and he is trying to destroy the human civilization with the annoying idea of「picking only those whom he deemed with beautiful hearts before the world becomes dirty and wash away everything else with water and reset the world to nothing, she will surely be grateful to him for making the world clean again and will respond to his wishes.」Even in the story, the destruction didn’t affect the world in any way.

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With me, who had increased her power with room to spare, the Lord of the Heavenly Realm was to have his existence erased against only one person.
The selfish god who cried out his love for the goddess of purification to the end was destroyed by my hand.
So when that god perishes, there are no bodies left.
Existence disappears from this world and that’s the end of it.


I gently shook the goddess from her confinement in the fountain, and while she was trapped, I told the goddess of purification’s father, the goddess of creation, what had happened to her and what she now looked like, and asked for her cooperation.
The goddess graciously promised to help me and gave me a catalyst to unload myself.


Now all that remains is the cleansing of the creator god.
There’s more to do as「Remilia,」but tracing the journey taken by the Star Maiden in the story has come to an end.

The stagnation in the world that accumulates whenever the father, the god of creation, wields his power, and his youngest daughter, who had the role of dispelling it, has disappeared, causing the former god of creation to overflow with stagnation and fall into an evil god.
She was probably turned into a lotus flower because in Emi’s world the lotus flower was a mystical flower that was closely associated with purification.

With the cooperation of「Renge,」who had regained her power as a goddess, I left the heavenly realm as if my business was now done.
I can get equipment by stepping through the cave of trials behind the castle, but I’m not interested in that one, as it is an exclusive outfit for the Star Maiden.
I had no intention of letting「Remilia」wear such a thing.

I don’t think I could fit into it because my body shape is too different from that woman’s.
I don’t like the way her breasts are cramped.

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