Chapter 6: I Think Background Music is Essential

 “First of all, I would like to apologize to His Majesty the King and all the guests for causing such a problem at a public graduation party.
 Normally, I would have left the party immediately and resolved the matter between the relevant people, but when someone expresses a one-sided opinion about a completely false accusation, I have no choice but to respond.
 Since Baroness Silva has neither retracted her words nor apologized, I would like to ask for your time to prove my innocence here.”

 The King himself gave me his approval when I asked for permission from those sitting above me with the politeness of a noblewoman.

“Thank you.”

Now, it’s time for the counterattack.

 In the dance hall where no one was dancing, the famous song that reminded me of the calm before the storm was echoing solemnly.
The orchestra's professionalism in keeping the volume low enough not to interfere with the unfolding development of the story.

 Now that I've come this far, I'll be able to play the role of the villainess for Miss Charlotte.

“First of all, the “harassment” that Baroness Silva mentioned … I only pointed out the most common etiquette known to all nobles.
 I'm sure you're aware of that.
 Being friendly is a virtue, but only with the permission of those of higher status.
Does this statement sound out of line?

 Please consider the feelings of a woman forced to watch her fiancé … cuddle with another young lady.
This is a natural human consideration, isn't it?
 It is only with the promise of the future that you can dance continuously.
I merely approached you because you did not seem to know that common sense”

“Bullying is bullying when the recipient feels that it is!”

I ignore Miss Charlotte’s remarks and continue.

“Next was the matter of your personal belongings.
 You said that I broke or stole your things, but I had nothing to do with it.
That's a terrible accusation.
 Let me ask you this in return.
How many times did you complain to His Highness Garrett about having damaged or stolen items, and how much did you ask for?
 For the record, I'm sure His Highness Garrett would be very disappointed to learn that the items were sold.”

“You … don't bullshit! What proof do you have!?”

 Miss Charlotte, who has suddenly become suspicious in her behavior, is now held by Lord Brandon—not that she is clinging to him, but rather she’s being held tightly so that she cannot escape.

“I am the fiancée of His Highness Garrett, Prince of the Kingdom of Lendor.
 My actions are constantly monitored by my bodyguards, and I am sure they will testify to my innocence.
I am also keenly aware of the situation around His Highness Garrett, my fiancé.
As for your absentmindedness … oh, you didn't know about the guards, did you?”

 Some of the items for sale were purchased by Amber and the other Shadows, and the receipts were kept.
I've got all the physical evidence I need.

“As for the dress, are you referring to that horrible, exposed back piece of cloth?
 I can't imagine an unmarried lady attending a party in such a disgraceful dress.
It seems that you modified the dress yourself … I'm baffled by your eccentric sensibilities.
 I'll admit that I stained the hem of your dress with my drink before entering the venue.
However, if you had attended the party as you did, it was you who would have been embarrassed.
You can thank me for that, but you can't blame me.”

“It was I who consulted Lady Rebecca—Marquess Howard about the dress.
 Baroness Silva and I are next to each other in the dormitory … I couldn't believe my eyes.
But I couldn't decide what to do, so I left it to the head of the dormitory, Marquess Howard, to handle it.”

 The one who testified to this was Lady Sophie.
I didn't mean to involve my friend, but she couldn't stand it.

“I was present at the scene where the drink was poured.
It's true what Marquess Howard said.”

 Lady Samantha, standing next to me, also gave me a supporting hand.
I smiled and expressed my gratitude to my friends for their precise support.

 Meanwhile, the upper seats were becoming noisier and noisier.
They seemed to be bewildered by the unbelievable facts that were being revealed one after another.
 Even though the stares at Miss Charlotte were getting colder and colder, she was still not going to say, “I apologize, please stop.”

“And you said that your dress was ripped, but I have testimony that you put scissors in the seams yourself.
 Do you think that servants do not have a heart? If they're blamed for every little mistake on a daily basis, they'll lose the desire to protect their Lord.”

“A maid is a commoner! I wouldn't take the testimony of someone like that ……”

“You have no right to say that, as you have no regard for the hierarchy of aristocratic society.
 In addition, after damaging the dress yourself, you accused someone of harassing you to the man … and forced him to buy you a new dress.”

 I cut her off with a snap.

“Finally, about the thugs …
 If you wander out of the girls' dormitory at night, it is only natural that the guards will spot you and arrest you.
 I was shocked when I saw the scene … and through my window!
 I hurriedly sent my maid to keep the guards quiet, and I thought I had made sure that the matter would not become public knowledge.
I didn't think you’d take that as an attack from me.”

 I shook my head sadly, and the audience’s sympathy fell in my favor.
 The conductor, who continued to play, was also excellent, and played a somber melody.

“But still, I cannot say that I am worthy of being a princess.
I could not lead the underclassmen on the right path, I could not maintain order in the dormitory as the head, and I even ruined such a public event, a once-in-a-lifetime day for the graduates.
 His Royal Highness Garrett, is very wise, and saw it coming … It is very important to note that he did not deny the engagement annulment.
 I will accept the annulment with modesty and live quietly in my father's estate.”

「「「「「 What? 」」」」」

 As I gracefully lowered myself to my knees and bowed my head in a ladylike manner, I was met with cries of surprise from all around.

 This is the reason I can use to break off the engagement without getting it too complicated.
However, as long as I am in aristocratic circles, it will be difficult to hold back blame without cutting off the tail of the lizard. (i.e struggling)
 As for me, if I can break off the engagement without any damage to our family's name, and if I can discourage Miss Charlotte so that His Highness Garrett, who has become somewhat sympathetic to her, will not be blamed, then I can say that I have achieved something good.
 If His Highness Garrett is willing to re-educate Miss Charlotte and love her enough to raise her into a worthy princess candidate, then I wish him luck.

 As for the evidence for the false accusations, I had them delivered to my father yesterday, and naturally he was originally reluctant to allow me to join the royal family.
 As a vassal, I just couldn't refuse the royal family's offer, and I believe that if I want to wield my influence over the territory, I can use all the power and logic I have to get the engagement dissolved at any cost.

” … Let's set up another meeting to discuss the matter.
 Since we need to confirm the facts, we will end this discussion here.
 In addition, until we decide what to do in the future, this matter should not be spoken of.
This is a royal decree.”

「「「「 By your will! 」」」」

 Following His Majesty the King's decision, words of obedience and the sound of a salute filled the hall.

 I was very pleased with my work, but I still kept my mouth tight and a sad expression on my face, so I asked permission to leave and left the hall in a huff.
 In the dance hall, there was rather lively music playing as I left.

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