Chapter 3: The Condemnation Event Seems to have Failed …?

 The day of the graduation ceremony.
 On this day, the entrance to the women's dormitory was allowed to be left open.
This is because the man is to pick them up in front of their room.

 Naturally, my escort is my fiancé, His Highness Prince Garrett.
 … He’s supposed to anyway.

“Due to various reasons, his highness is unable to pick you up.
That is why I’ve — No, I will escort you, sister.”

 Standing in front of my room was the 15-year old David Howard.
He is, of course, the son of Marquis Howard and my younger brother.

  Due to our deep connection with the royal family, many of the Howards have magic, so my younger brother is also enrolled in this school.
 However, even siblings have completely different systems of magic.
My specialty is water attributes and healing magic.
David, on the other hand, has a talent for fire-type attack magic and is currently in training.

 Why my brother? I put my hand gently on David's arm, easily concluding that it was a game correction.

“Good morning, David.
I will humbly take your hand.
It's good to see you.”

 I smiled at David's somewhat stiff expression.
 David, who seems to be in the midst of puberty these days, is so blunt that it's a surprise that he used to be a big softie, and is hard to read.
Even now, his lips are pursed as he turns his head to the side.

 Seeing my brother like this, I secretly said to myself, “It's standard practice for my family members to be on the side of condemnation.
But if he did, he would be objecting to the betrothal approved by the king.
I don't want to think that my brother is such a fool, but I don't want to underestimate the power of the game.
I wonder if he would be okay.

 After that, the graduation ceremony was successfully completed.
His Highness Garrett escorted me to the venue of the dance party, and we entered without incident.

 My fiancée, with his stunning blond hair and blue eyes, has the status and appearance of a character you'd expect from an otome game.
His formal attire added a touch of fearlessness to his innate beauty, you could hear the sighs of admiration from the surrounding crowd.

 ”I'm sorry I couldn't escort you earlier.” His Highness Garrett apologized in a whisper.
 I couldn't give him a detailed response while everyone was watching.
Then again, I didn't care from the beginning, so I laughed softly and accepted the apology.

 The dance party held after the graduation ceremony is like a small social gathering.
 Not only graduates but all students belonging to the school participate, and it’s also an important place to brush up on your socialization.

 When His Majesty King Lendor gave the signal from the high gallery, the music performance began in a relaxed tone.
The highest-ranking couple among them — that is, His Highness Garrett and I, take the first dance and are then followed by the remaining couples.
 The student’s parents, who’ve been watching over their children, smiled as guests of honor.

 Engaged couples are allowed to continue to the second song, but it is not often that one gets the chance to dance with a prince.
After I finished the first song, I gave my place to the next young lady.

 ――― Nothing else happened.

 After a few dances with different partners, I decided that I was a bit tired and left the dance circle, enjoying a glass of a cool drink.

 Huh? I was about to ponder in my head, and then I realized that this was a kind of correction.
 The condemnation is a standard event in many otome games (and online novels based on otome games), but the forced scenario that would be acceptable in a story would end in self-destruction rather than a happy ending in the real world.
 Even if this is a game world, it is an undeniable reality for those of us living in the present.
Maybe there is a correction for avoiding self-destruction.

 In fact, in this Kingdom of Lendor, where there are many romantic marriages, an engagement being formally canceled wouldn’t stir any sort of problems.
 In the first place, the hurdles for breaking the engagement are low in this country, and if it’s the second prince, the other party's status is not so important—although, if you are a baroness, you will have a hard time as the prince’s fiancee, unless you adopt a child from a Count, then the situation can be repaired.
There is no need to dig a grave.

 In fact, if it is a grave, there is a use for it after death, but the destination of the so-called “condemnation event at the graduation party” is a living hell.

 An engagement is a contract, and an aristocratic engagement is approved by His Majesty the King.
 If we were to break the contract, we would have to follow the procedures and settle the money according to the contract cancellation agreement, and most importantly, we would have to ask His Majesty the King to approve the annulment of the decree.
 Needless to say, it is outrageous to raise objections to the King's decision in public.
If it was a love affair, he would be slandered as a fool who could not distinguish between public and private matters.
 Such a thing was common knowledge for a royal prince or nobleman, much less one who had studied hard at this school.

 In my heart, I deeply regretted that I had overreacted to the word “condemnation event” and had underestimated His Highness Garrett and Miss Charlotte too much.
 Perhaps there will be a formal procedure, or if it is essential as a game event, there will be a small conviction with the involved parties after the graduation party.

 It's a little disappointing, but the point is that I don't want to worry about “getting even” as long as the engagement can be dissolved without damaging my family name and my reputation.
In fact, if I actively cooperate, everyone can turn out happy.

 I decided that the public condemnation event at the party was a failure and decided to enjoy chatting with the friends I had spent the last three years in a cheerful mood.

 Countess Samantha Lotte of the same age is gentle, graceful, and good at listening, and many junior students come to her for counseling.
She may seem like a quiet person who only listens, but in fact, she is a woman with a strong core and is loved by everyone because she gives the right advice at the right moment.

“Will Rebecca receive her queen education at the royal palace after graduation?
 I don't think Rebecca needs any further education after she was approved by Mrs.Comins to teach others proper etiquette.”

 Smiling softly, Lady Samantha suddenly turned serious and stared into my eyes.

“We understand the situation.
Of course, the education at Remus Academy is of the highest standard.
However, Mrs.Comins is one of the best etiquette instructors in the royal court.
It was only because Rebecca, who is to become the princess, was at the school that she agreed to teach us here.
 Thanks to her, we will be able to make our debut in the social world with confidence.
Thank you very much.”

 Samantha is engaged to Evan Hawke, the heir to the second-in-command of the Magic Order.
After her debut in society, she will join the Hawke family and train as a bride, so she was very grateful for the strict etiquette training at the academy.
 Although the engagement was decided by her parents, she is actually quite fond of her future husband.

“Well, that's not true-“
“Rebecca sister!” (read note at end)

 When I tried to refute, I heard a voice calling me from behind.
 When I turned around, the owner of the urgent voice, Baroness Sophie Cross, approached us on the brink of her lady-like limit. (she fast-walked to not seem improper)

 Sophie, who is a year younger than us, is a bright and cheerful girl with an impressive smile and eyes that reflect her intelligence.
 At the moment, she was trembling with unconcealed rage.

“Please calm down.
If Mrs.Comins were to see you she will have a very serious complaint, won't she?”

“I don't care about that.
That doesn't matter right now, sister …!

“Indeed … this is a great problem.”

 I sighed and squinted at the impossible sight over Sophie's shoulder.

(Rebecca and Sophie aren’t related, she’s calling her sister as a sort of nickname since she’s older and they’re close.)

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