Chapter 2: I was Reading an Online Novel, and it was a Great Decision.

  In the Kingdom of Lendor, those with magical abilities are given preferential treatment, and at the same time, are educated to use their powers for the good of the world.
That educational institution was the Royal Remus Academy and in the temples around the country.

 According to the Kingdom’s history, those who possess magical power have been the ones to help the country become prosperous as royalty and nobility.
On the contrary, most of the population in the kingdom do not have magical power, and they do not struggle in their lives due to the lack of magic.
 It can be said that those with this magic, who are in the absolute minority despite their great power, escape the danger of persecution by being useful to others.

 So, if you think you are being used for good, you are not.
Even for magicians, what they learn at the academy and the temple has an important meaning in their lives.

 Insufficient control of their magic causes their body to be unable to withstand the raging energy inside of them, and most people die in their teens.
Moreover, proper training is required to master their magic, and it is essential to either practice to the brink of death alone or to request for a good teacher to train you.

 For those born with magic, the school and the temple are their lifelines, it’s a give-and-take relationship.

 Aside from such magical circumstances, sending children to the Royal Remus Academy is a kind of status symbol for the nobility.
It is said that some families even go into debt just to send their children there.
 If you have a financial problem, you can study in the temple along with the magicians who are born to ordinary citizens in very rare cases, but if you are a nobleman, you almost always choose to borrow money.

As long as you go to the temple, you can receive a proper education under the protection of the government, which is a win-win system, not only for your future, but also for the government to secure valuable human resources.
 So, why do they insist on the school?
 It was because, for the aristocrats, vanity and pride are important items that they could not get rid of.

“My Son/Daughter is attending the Royal Remus Academy.”

 This one word hides an unconcealed pride, a sort of bragging.

 The qualification for admission to the Royal Remus Academy is simply, “a child of a nobleman with magic abilities”.
In other words, a baron or higher-ranking family is required.

 It could be called a sense of privilege, but it seems that when the school was set up, the conservatives refused to budge and this restriction was put in place.
Thanks to this, our sensitive sons and daughters don't have to worry about falling in love with the wrong person, and the school has become a good place for marriage hunting.
 Moreover, at the school, students can receive the highest level of education.
If you are a man, you will be placed on the elite path, and if you are a woman, you will be on the winning side.
Once you graduate, you will be able to make the best start in the social world as a first-class lady and gentleman, and the benefits are immeasurable.

 The government pays for the tuition, but you have to pay for the dormitory, clothing, room furnishings, maids, and servants.
Showcasing these arrangements is a way to show the outside world that your family has money.
 Some of the rooms were furnished with furniture left behind by the graduates, so families who were concerned about their financial situation only had to pay for the dormitory.
The fact that the children themselves have the ability to repay the debt after graduation may be one of the reasons why they don't hesitate to borrow money.

 In a well-furnished room at the Royal Remus Academy, I was in a state of confusion after receiving a report from Amber, one of my “shadows” who is more like family than a subordinate, and is in charge of covert operations.

 I wonder if it's the condemnation event set in the graduation ceremony.
Where the heroine's doting or reverse harem life begins and the villainess’ downfall marks the end of the otome game.

 A world of magic.
 A school in the royal capital.
 A beautiful girl with holy magic, Baroness Charlotte Silva, the candidate for the position of Saintess, attends there.

 The heroine's school life and the romantic elements.
 I've never played an otome game before, but as a fan of online novels, I knew about the tendencies of otome games.
The more I thought about the situation, the more it fit perfectly.

 Furthermore, it seems that Miss Charlotte shouted with gusto in her room, “Tomorrow is finally the condemnation event.”
It can be assumed that Miss Charlotte is the heroine of an otome game, a reincarnated person with memories of her previous life, and is in the middle of a love game with her capture target.
And it was also obvious that I was in the villainess role.

 In the Kingdom of Raindorf, there is a surprisingly common amount of intimate marriages, there are many people who find their future spouses during their time at the academy.
 If there is not too much of a difference in status or parental ambition getting in the way, they often end up getting married according to their own wishes.

 Of course, I, the daughter of the Marquis, also have a fiance.
His Royal Highness Prince Garrett of Lendor.

 His Highness Garrett, who is the same age as me, will be graduating with me tomorrow.
 As the graduation ceremony draws nearer, His Highness Garrett has become more distant, which has been bothering me a little.
Recently, he hasn't been inviting me to the student council room, and I've only been inviting him to tea.

 Instead, Miss Charlotte often came in and out of the student council room.
It seems as though she’s progressed through the prince’s route smoothly.

“Condemnation … have I done something to condemn myself?”

“You're very confident to think that the target is you, my lady.”

 Amber was quick to respond to my spilling thoughts.
 I stroked her brown hair thoughtfully as I thanked Amber for bringing me an important keyword.
This amber-eyed cat will always be a sweetheart.

“I'm not confident.
It was you who decided that it was related to me because of the situation, so you came to report it, am I right?
 But still, the matter I approached her about is a natural component of being a nobleman.
 I don't know how she intends to break off the engagement.”

 Miss Charlotte's behavior was problematic for a lady, and I often gave her guidance as a senior student, but I remember that His Highness Garrett refused to get involved, saying in a rather curt manner, “You don't need to get involved.”
 In addition, I have it on good authority that His Highness Garrett gave her a dress for the party.
 Is this what they call game compensation? All I can say is, “Amazing.”

 According to the template of Otome games (online novels based on Otome games), the condemnation event is supposed to mean the end of the engagement.
I'm not sure, but I've heard that it can lead to exile, life in a monastery, or even execution if you're unlucky.

 As I remembered my previous life, many things came to mind.
 Even though he was my fiancé, the feelings I had for His Highness Garrett were akin to the friendship I felt for a childhood friend.
 I used to be okay with marriage as a nobleman's duty, or political marriage, but now I can't do it anymore.
 I don't want to give my body to a man I don't like … or to anyone other than my husband.

 In the online novel, there was also the development of what is known as the “Suck it back”, so let me successfully use the event of absolution to break the engagement, retreat to my domain and enjoy the life of a spinster.
 I'm not the kind of saint who would turn my right cheek and offer my left.
I'm the kind of person who would rather shake off the embers of a fire and scorch the opponent. (kind of like: instead of taking it lying down she will strike while the iron is hot)

“Do you miss your position as a royal couple? You're surprisingly snobbish.”

 Amber added with a grin.
I allow him to talk out of turn because I know that this is the part of this cat that is tsundere.

“Of course not, you know that.
 Well, now we need to lay the groundwork.
I have a few things to tell Father.
Amber, would you mind running an errand to the townhouse for me?”

“If you insist … I can get right to it.”

“I insist.”

 After sending Amber off, I had a meeting with Emma to make sure I was ready for the upcoming condemnation event.
 The thought of a future outside of being the Prince’s fiancee naturally brought a smile to my face.
 I went to bed and fell asleep in a satisfied mood.

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