ting covert operations- before the graduation ceremony tomorrow.

The “shadows” were a part of my exclusive organization and currently included four people.

 Amber is a superb subordinate, trained by “Onyx”, who was pulled from my father’s intelligence organization “Darkness” when I was 7 years old.

 A slender but supple physique and amber eyes.
The lightness of his body is just like a cat’s, and he has a very troublesome … but cute personality that makes you want to tie him down against his will. (yes this is what’s originally written)

 Perhaps because Amber grew up as an orphan, he had a lot of dislikes.
He made this demand of me when I first signed his contract.

“Become my owner.
Never throw me away.
And I will do anything.”

 I became his employer and owner after that.
Yes, Amber is a man, but what of it? The code name is based on their eye color, their gender isn’t important.
Besides, since he has the kind of good looks that would make a woman run away barefoot, I think it's a surprisingly good fit.

 I was shocked by the contents of Amber’s report.

” ‘Tomorrow is finally the condemnation event,’  that’s what she said?”

 By daring to recite it, I firmly chewed on the fact that this information wrought forth.

 My hand trembled as I held the cup of tea, the fragrant liquid rippling in the cup.
Then Emma, the maid immediately took the cup away.
Emma is also a member of the “Shadows” and has the code name “Peridot”.

 I'm glad that Mrs.
Comins, an etiquette instructor, wasn’t present.

 I'm still lacking in training for me to show my displeasure.

 Those present are all my subordinates, so I don't need to worry about them, but my daily training will still come in handy.
You can never be too careful.

 Emma turned her worried gaze at me as I rubbed the furrow in my brow.
Her beautiful, clear, light green eyes swayed, living up to the name Peridot.

“It's rare to see the young lady so shaken up.
Has the tea been poisoned?”

” … I wouldn't be hurt by any numbing medicine.
It would be instantly detoxified by my self-healing magic.

 No, this is a big deal — “

“Is that delusional remark from the crazy saint candidate so important?”

“It's important for me.”

 My name is Rebecca Howard.
The first-born daughter of Marquis Howard; I’m about to graduate from the Royal Remus Academy tomorrow, and … I am a reincarnated soul who, in addition to the 17 years of this life, have lived a total of 60 years from my previous life

 Now that I remember my previous life, I can understand why I was a strange child who surprised those around me.
The memories that were locked away in the back of my mind — the memories of living in Japan probably influenced me when I was younger.

 What is a “relaxed education” and do you know the word “cramming education”? I spent my childhood in the “old days,” enduring entrance exam wars and surviving the ice age of employment, and it seems that my “corporate slave” spirit is still alive and well even after being reborn. (idk what she means by “ice age employment”)

 I was an ordinary, average person.
I had a loving husband and a good job.
When I saw my only son come of age, my husband and I went on a trip abroad as a celebration.
My last memory of him was us getting into an accident, so I can only assume that he’s died.
What happened to my husband, my other half, is the only thing that worries me, but now I have no way of knowing.

 And now.

 I’ve been reincarnated into another world as the eldest daughter of the historic House of Howard in the Kingdom of Lendor, a large country on the continent of Grani that would be equivalent to another world from the perspective of Earth.

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