Chapter 11: Saint Candidate's Perspective (Charlotte POV)

This is a monologue from Fushigi-chan* (with her own added prejudices and interpretations).

If you wish to skip, read past the parts that says “In my previous life I was ugly with a twisted personality, but I was reborn into a beautiful body and got excited…”.

 Pinkish-blonde hair, soft and wavy.
 Smooth, white skin without a single blemish.
 Eyes that sparkle an aquamarine and lips the color of plump cherries.

“No matter how often I look at you, you're such a beautiful girl …
 After all, a human's happiness solely depends on their face.
Being loved just for being there is a big difference from my previous life.”

 That's why, getting rid of Prince Garrett's fiancée, Marquis Howard's daughter, and becoming a princess would’ve been an easy victory–yes, that’s what I thought but…

 How did this happen? It's funny, I should be the winner, right?



 I, Charlotte Silva, was born into the Baron Silva family at the southern end of the Landor Kingdom.
 My parents married for love, but my mother was physically weak and could not conceive a child.
Excited at my birth, she would spoil me at every chance she could. 

 That's as it should be.
This is a world where I can start my life over.

 I realized this when I was 13.
 I was picking berries with my mom, I fell flat like in a cartoon and hit the back of my head.
 When my mother found me unconscious, she became very upset and made a big fuss.
 In the end, it was just a bruise, and I wasn't injured, but this accident reminded me of my previous life.

 In my previous life, I was the second daughter of a very common middle-class Japanese family of four: my parents and an older sister two years older than me.

 Having inherited my parents' blood, I suffered from unfortunate looks, by the standard beauty in modern japan, an ugly face.
 However, my older sister, who resembled my maternal grandmother due to some kind of maternal heredity, was a beauty with glowing eyes and a distinct nose, and a gifted mind.

 Being compared to her was a constant.
 I can't help what I look like, and I don't think it's fair to compare my grades with someone whose hobby is studying.
 Besides, my sister is two years older than me, so it is only natural that she is better in many things.

 Yet no one appreciated me.
Teachers, neighbors, and relatives.
Even my parents favored my sister and never gave me anything new.
 My sister herself would say things like, “Everyone has their own good qualities,” as if she felt sorry for me, which made me even more annoyed.

 She didn't take me seriously just because I was ugly.
Being around my sister made me realize that the world is all about looks.
 That's why I hated my sister.

 The main character in the Otome game that my sister was into was a beautiful pink-gold-haired girl named Charlotte Silva—just like me now.
When I saw the package, I thought to myself, “There's no way she is one (Silva) with this hair color (laughs),” so I'm sure that's why.

 I realized that the world setting is the same.
 Something like medieval Europe? That's the ambiance I feel.
 With kings, nobles, and a class system.

 If this were all, I wouldn’t think much of the location.
But I was convinced that this was a game world.
 Because magic exists in this world.

 Actually, a while ago, I found out that I have a light magic attribution.
 The holy magic power of the light is rare and respected attribute.
So, when I awaken and my magic power takes root, I will be called a “Saint,” but until then, I am still called a “Saint Candidate”.

 As a candidate, it was decided that I would be sent to the temple when I turned 15.
 To be honest, I wasn't too keen on studying, but my mother and father told me that if I didn't learn to control my magic, it would kill me, so I had no choice.

 My parents said they wanted to spoil me until we were separated, and began to love me more than ever.

 At that time, I remembered the memories I regained in exchange for that bump.

 In my previous life, I had so many things I didn't have that it was hard for me to remember.
 I wasn't smart.
 I wasn't pretty, and I had the unfortunate constitution to gain double the weight of what I ate.
 I had no luck.
Even when I died, I was on my way home crying when I found out that my first date with a high school classmate … was the result of a punishment game, and I was involved in an accident that ended my life.

 But I was born again.
Reincarnation into another world.
 A beautiful girl that everyone looks up to.
She is a candidate for Sainthood with holy power.
Since she has knowledge of her previous life, she also knows that she is the protagonist of an otome game.

 I'm sure God gave me a happy life full of cheats this time because my previous life was too cruel.
 Now, I can think that my previous life of abysmal unhappiness was for the sake of being unmatched in this world.
If all the conditions are met, I’m sure I can reach a happy ending.

 Well … if there's something that bothers me a bit, it's that the otome game my sister was playing was school themed.
 It’ll be two years before I head to the temple, so I hope the bugs are fixed by then.

 After that, the matter of going to the temple was corrected for the game.
They decided to accept the saint candidates at the school as well.
 When I heard this news, I was convinced that I would experience a reverse harem in school.

 The problem was that the Kingdom of Lendor had a monogamous system, so I had to make the final decision to settle on one person.
 I tried not to get involved with my sister too much, so I actually don't know who the target of the game is.
 However, since these targets are usually the sons of high-ranking nobles or knights, I'm sure I'm going to get the best of both worlds.
Mhmmm, the best!

 Moreover, since a saint is extremely rare, it was said that the second prince, who belongs to the royal family, would take care of me.
 A game fix, amazing.
I realized that the world would adapt itself to me without me doing anything.
 Now I have to go after the prince!
 I don't know anything about princes, but I've never heard of a capture target being a normie*, so the super-darling is def the one to go for.
 No matter how high my status, my family isn’t that wealthy.
 Of course, I’m now wealthier than the average person, but my standard of living is…
 Because I lived in Japan, you know? I was used to a comfortable life.
For me, a Japanese high school girl**, this world was quite inconvenient and boring.

 If you want to eat delicious food, wear beautiful dresses, and have fun with a lot of people, it’s natural to aim for the prince.
 Also, the fact that he is the second prince is a much more realistic aim.
If I were to go for, let’s say, the “Crown Princess” role, I'm sure I wouldn't be able to live comfortably because of etiquette lessons and all the responsibilities as a royal.

 A fiance? I can just kick that person out of my way.
Because I am the heroine of this world.

 However, there was a small problem.
 I heard that if I went to the royal academy, the dormitory fee would be very expensive.
 Even though I have the title of baron, this family is not that rich.
 In fact, we can only afford to live a reasonable life.
Such a large sum of money would not come out even if you shook us upside down.

“Father and mother will be sad to see Charlotte living in a dormitory so far away.
How about you enter Kirua's temple, they’re much closer to here…”

 I firmly refuted my father and told him that I just had to enter the dormitories.

“Father, I am destined to meet the second prince at the Royal Remus Academy and become a Saint Princess.”

 I have holy magic.
My parents believed that I had foreseen the future, so they found the money to send me to the academy.

 I knew it.
This is a world where I am supposed to be happy, so all I have to do is do what I want and beg cutely.
The game will take care of the rest.

 I'm looking forward to school life.

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