Chapter 1: Is This Really Reincarnation Into Another World?

  The House of Marquis Howard: a long-standing aristocratic family, with a history dating back to the founding of the Kingdom of Lendor.
They had the status, money, and connections to do most of the things they wanted.

 Furthermore, my father, the head of the family, was a shrewd man, who managed the estate well, and the happiness of the people in the estate- including the servants- is one of the highest in the country.

 I grew up in such a blessed environment, surrounded by the love and affection of my family.

 Looking back, I was always a strange child.

 I think the first strange feeling I had was when I was two years old.
There were many servants in the house, and I couldn't help but wonder why all the adults were bowing down to a two-year-old.

“Rebecca is one of the most powerful aristocrats in the Kingdom of Lendor and the firstborn daughter of Marquis Howard, who has close ties to the royal family.
It's only natural.”

 When I asked Martha, my nanny, about it, she gave me this reply.

 When I asked my parents the same question, they told me about the privileges and duties of the nobility.

 From my parents' teaching, I understood that I was expected to be a respectable lady.

 I had a lot to learn about behavior, manners, and culture.

 I was surrounded by adults, and aside from my status as an advantage, my abilities were naturally at the bottom.

 —It was then when my competitive spirit was ignited.

 Speaking of weird kids, I think the ones that begged me to celebrate my birthday were also out of the ordinary.

 On my fifth birthday, I got tired of reading books in the library at home, so I requested a more specialized one, and my father arranged for a special tutor.

“If I get a better score in my weakest subject from the piano teacher, will father reward me by allowing me to follow you in your diplomatic visits?”

I asked him at the age of six.

 I will never forget, when at the age of seven I was given the right to negotiate for the extraction of “Onyx”, one of the “Four Shadows” currently working as my limbs.

 My father laughed and my mother let out a sigh, but she did not blame me for the strange requests that followed.

 In addition to my aspirations, the generosity and financial resources of my parents have led to an education that would not be possible for a normal child.

 If my older brother, who had become ephemeral shortly after birth, was alive, the results would be different …

 I, Rebecca Howard, have such an unusual mind and background and am now 17 years old.
A student at the Royal Remus Academy, I've maintained top grades since entering.

 When young people of impressionable age gather in the closed space of a school, they’re sometimes given somewhat embarrassing nicknames.

 My nickname is “Princess of the Moon”.

 In addition to silver hair, amethyst eyes, and a calm demeanor unusual for my age, it seems that the name is combined with my status as fiancée to His Highness Prince Garrett of Lendor, but of course, I myself dislike the name.
So I don't use it.

 The Royal Remus Academy is a school for aristocratic children with magical abilities, with dormitories separated by gender on either side of the school.
It is the best educational institution in the Kingdom of Lendor; the students spend three years from the ages of 15-17, becoming resources to support the royal family and kingdom as aristocrats, not only in magic but also in general education, etiquette, and socialization.

 In a room in the school's girls' dormitory, I was fighting a constant headache as I received reports from “Amber”- one of the “shadows,” who was good at conduc

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