The moment Jin Siming saw Yao Jin, she panicked and then quickly tried to cover her face and leave before the other party saw her. 

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However, she was one step too late as Yao Jin had already seen her. 

“Jin Siming?” 

Jin Siming stiffened at the sound of her name and stood awkwardly frozen to the spot.
She watched in the mirror as the other person made their way towards her, one step at a time. 

“It really is you, Classmate Jin~ What a coincidence.” 

Since she can’t avoid the problem, then she can only face it straightforwardly.
She must show a strong front, at the very least, she can not show her weak side!

Jin Siming took a deep breath and shook off the hand of the other party that was on her shoulder.
She snorted coldy, “Yes, what a coincidence.
If I knew you would be here, I wouldn’t have come today.” 

Yao Jin hooked her lips upward and then pretended to be surprised as she looked at Jin Siming’s dress, “Ah, does Classmate Jin like this dress too? We’re both wearing the same style, but…I didn’t know that this dress had an XL size.
I thought they only sold it in one size.
Although fortunately the one size they do have fits me perfectly. 


Haha (monotone). She knew that Yao Jin wouldn’t let go of this opportunity to mock her! 

She had screwed herself over this time.
This dress is indeed not suitable for her and it looks much better on Yao Jin.
However, from her experience of playing this game with the other party many times before, she knows she must not get angered by her opponent’s words.
If she gets angry, then she automatically loses!

With these thoughts in mind, Jin Siming crossed her arms, narrowed her eyes, and stared condescendingly down at Yao Jin. 

Suddenly, she realized that she was now half a head taller than Yao Jin! When she lowered her head, she could easily see the top of Yao Jin’s head! A refreshed feeling rose from the bottom of her heart.
In the future, she can suppress her opponent in terms of height.
At the very least, the taller side would appear to be the stronger side, right? 

Then in the next second she remembered the comments on the school forum last night about how her body can cover Yao Jin’s entire body and her heart choked with emotion.
She unconsciously looked down and started studying Yao Jin’s figure. 

Perhaps it was because of some kind of omega filter, but Yao Jin’s figure seemed to be much slimmer than before.
A pair of long legs and a slender waist, her curves were much more nicely shaped than before her differentiation.
Her skin is paler, tender, and smoother, especially on her face.
It made the red lips look even more delicate and beautiful than they already were. 

Compared to Yao Jin’s flawless complexion, there were dark circles underneath her eyes and her skin was a sickly pale color due to her staying up all night.
Just the thought of it made her even more angry. 

“Classmate Jin? Are you okay?” Yao Jin saw that the other party hadn’t responded for a while and was seemingly distracted by other thoughts.
She couldn’t help but curiously stretch out a hand and wave it in front of Jin Siming’s eyes. 

Yao Jin stood up on her tiptoes and leaned in, blinking her low and narrow phoenix eyes as she closed the distance between them.
Jin Siming backed up several steps in fright and shouted, “What are you doing?! Why are you so close to me?!” 

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“Classmate Jin is so fierce.
You should remember not to be so absent-minded when talking to others in the future.
It is impolite.” Yao Jin shrank back in an exaggerated manner, as if she was frightened by Jin Simingi’s shout. 


“Now, Classmate Jin, if you’ll please stand to the side.
You are blocking my view of the mirror.” 

Jin Siming opened her mouth to talk, but Yao Jin lightly pushed her to the side and away from the dressing room’s mirror. 

She rolled her eyes when she saw Yao Jin stroking her hair and posing in a narcissistic manner in front of the mirror. 

“Does it look good on me?” 

Jin Siming would of course never say anything good when Yao Jin asks her a question, “Want to hear the truth? It’s average, even a bit ugly.” 

“Ah… that so, that’s rather disappointing.
But I think Classmate Jin wears it pretty well, a type of neutral beauty that transcends gender.” 


Jin Siming was dumbfounded for a moment, Yao Jin would never praise her so generously, so if one takes a closer look at her words—

Damn it! This dress is obviously designed to be overly girly with its princess style.
What ‘neutral beauty and gender’, Yao Jin was simply saying that she looks like a male crossdressing in women’s clothing! 

“Yao Jin, you little-!” 

Jin Siming exploded in anger and rushed forward to rip off the girl’s face, but was held back by Su Xiaohang and Xie Weiwei who suddenly appeared out of nowhere.
Apparently they had hurried over here when they heard the commotion. 

“Aiya, Ming-bao, why didn’t you call us over when you finished changing? Oh, look the light’s better over there, let’s go over there for a better angle~” 

Su Xiaohang and Xie Weiwei knew from experiences that these two would fight whenever they met, so they hurriedly tried to smooth things over by ‘gently’ coaxing Jin Siming to leave. 

Before they left, they both received a sweet and polite goodbye from Yao Jin. 

After they left, Gao Mei, who had been standing to the side and watching the show, stood beside Yao Jin, “You shouldn’t keep teasing her like that.
She is an alpha now.
What if she gets angry enough that she’ll hurt you?”

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“Don’t worry, she doesn’t have the guts for that and with her IQ, do you think she’ll be able to hurt me?” Yao Jin said casually before she continued trying on some clothes in a happy mood. 

Meanwhile, Jin Siming looked like a pufferfish as she sat on a soft cushioned seat in the middle of the store.

“Have they still not left yet?” 

“Uh, yeah, just waiting for the sales staff to finish wrapping up some clothes.
They should be done soon.” 

Su Xiaohang sneakily stood behind a pillar as she peeked into the store and looked in Yao Jin and Gao Mei’s direction.
After they finally paid and left with their bags, she breathed a sigh of relief, “They’re gone now, you can go back in and change your clothes now.” 

Jin Siming immediately got up from her seat when she heard these words and walked back into the dressing rooms to change her clothes. 

She was so angry from quarreling with Yao Jin just now that she walked out of the dressing rooms without changing her clothes.
However, she didn’t want to see Yao Jin again, so she could only wait for them to leave before going back in to change.
However, she never expected that the two of them would take forever trying on clothes, so she had to wait for quite a while. 

After changing back to her own clothes, Jin Siming suggested they go to the ground floor and grab some food. 


At the moment, the three of them were chewing on taro balls at a dessert shop.
The sound just now was the third sigh Jin Siming had made since entering the shop. 

“Hey, you almost got into a fight with Yao Jin again just now, don’t tell me you were provoked by her again?” Xie Weiwei asked casually in a teasing tone. 

“…..Tell me the truth, did she really look better than me in that dress just now?” Jin Siming said in a grudging tone. 

Xie Weiwei and Su Xiaohang looked at each other and said in unison: “Yes.” 


Jin Siming dropped her head and poked the taro balls around in her bowl in a melancholic manner. 

“Aiya, Ming-bao, you shouldn’t use your previous standards to compare with Yao Jin anymore.
You two aren’t even on the same starting line if you’re going to compare with an omega over who’s more cute or sweet.
As an alpha, you have your own advantages!” 

Jin Siming raised her head, “I have advantages she doesn’t have? Like what?” 

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Su Xiaohang sighed in an annoyed and impatient manner, “You are an alpha, of course you have advantages that an omega doesn’t! For example, you’re taller than her, have longer legs than her, much stronger than her, and you can give people a sense of security!” 

Jin Siming’s lips  twitched, “If it’s just more strength, then forget it….” 

“Ahem, what I mean to say is that you now have that aggressive and domineering aura that she doesn’t have! Do you remember all those beautiful and imposing female alphas in those magazines we’ve read? You can try imitating their style of dressing!” 

Jin Siming admits that she used to also drool over those aggressive and powerful female alphas, but back then she was lusting after their bodies.
She didn’t actually want to be like them and become one! And…..

“I have never tried that style before, do you really think it will suit me?” 

“It will definitely suit you more than the ‘sweet and cute’ style you’re obsessed with now.”  

Twack! Jin Siming felt like she just took an arrow through her chest. 

However, after that defeat just now, with Yao Jin wearing the same clothes but looking better in them than her, she had no choice but to accept reality. 

She gritted her teeth, “Fine, I’ll….try it.” 

“That’s the right attitude! Let’s go to the clothing stores on the third floor!” Su Xiaohang stood up excitedly.

“Huh? Now? Wait, I haven’t finished eating my dessert yet.” 

“It’s seven already and my dad told me to go home before nine.
Also, don’t tell me you’re…..afraid you’ll bump into Yao Jin again if you go now?” 

“W-Who said I’m afraid? Let’s go, we’ll go up now!” 

Of course, Jin Siming would not admit that she really was afraid of bumping into her enemy.
She immediately stood up and followed the two of them up the third floor. 

The three of them vigorously, and by the time Jin Siming came home with a pile of clothes, it was already nine in the evening. 

When she opened the door, she only saw Jin Tong in the living room with the sounds of video games blaring on the TV. 

“Why are you by yourself? Where are mom and dad?” 

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“They had something to do and said they won’t be back tonight.
Why are you back so late? If they hadn’t asked me to keep the door open for you, I would’ve gone to sleep already.” Jin Tong complained. 

“Isn’t it only nine? I haven’t ever seen you fall asleep before eleven.” Jin Siming rolled her eyes at her brother and realized that this guy was looking for trouble again. 

“This time it’s a special situation.
I asked Mr.
Tony to do my hair tomorrow morning, so I have to go to bed early in order to get up on time.” Jin Tong arrogantly stroked his hair and said. 

Jin Siming looked at him with a face full of disgust: “What kind of special haircut does a stinky high school brat like you even need? And why do you have to go so early in the morning? What are you really going to do? Are you going to confess to someone tomorrow? Mom has clearly forbidden any type of puppy love before the age of 18! If you try anything, I will definitely tell on you! And the school prohibits any type of hair dyeing anyways, so you better consider the consequences carefully!” 

“STOP! Sister, what are you thinking? I’m just going to a birthday party tomorrow and the host is my goddess! So I wanted to clean up a bit, and I never said anything about dyeing my hair! Oh, by the way, she’s in your class! Go with me tomorrow afternoon and help me pick out a gift for her!” 

“My class?” Jin Siming froze for a second, she was not familiar with most of the people in ehr class, and then she said, “I never agreed to celebrate anyone’s birthday tomorrow.
If you want to go, go by yourself.” 

“Aren’t you going? They are your classmate, yet you’re not going?” Jin Tong said in surprise. 

“Does everyone in your class come to your birthday?” Jin Siming gave him an ‘you are weird’ look, “and, you have a goddess? Do you have a crush on her?”

Jin Tong regarded with her disdain: “You don’t understand.
I told you she is a goddess in my heart, therefore she is beyond the realms of such vulgar love.
Not only is she so beautiful that she can fascinate anyone, she also has excellent grades, and is a sensitive, gentle, and beautiful soul.
Everyone likes her, to me, she is the beacon of light in my heart that shows me the way in this dark life….

“Stop, stop, stop! You aren’t being PUA* are you?” Jin Siming stared wide-eyed at her little brother. (*T/N: PUA is slang short for “pick-up artistry” and usually refers to a con artist who uses manipulative techniques to trick women/men into doing things for them.
In China, this slang is usually used to refer to a man who tricks a woman into sleeping with them by gaslighting them.
It’s actually really bad in China, as it is a specific set of tricks/tactics that destroys the victim’s self-esteem completely.)

“You’re the one being PUA! Don’t use new words you’ve learned if you don’t know how to use them! I am simply like those girls who are chasing their star or idol.” 

“Wait a second, you said she’s beautiful, smart, and in my class? What’s her…name?” Jin Siming suddenly had a bad premonition. 

“Yao Jin.” 


Please, can someone please just take the two words ‘Yao Jin’ out of her life?


I do love my slow-burn novels, in this one the two main leads will be rivals for a long time before they become anything.
A rivals to friends to lovers type of story~

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