Jin Siming tried to imagine a dependent and helpless Yao Jin.
However, she could only think of those mocking fox-like eyes and the Yao Jin who would mock her upon seeing her.
Her mind really couldn’t conjure up the image of a dependent and clingy Yao Jin. 

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She shook her head to clear out those thoughts.
Anyhow, that’s Yao Jin’s problem now it has nothing to do with her.
Speaking of, Yao Jin was the one who forcibly bit her without her consent so she should be the one apologizing to her. 

However, rather than asking Yao Jin to apologize to her, Jin Siming would rather they let the matter rot into forgiveness for the sake of her own reputation. 

Furthermore, she left Yao Jin in the infirmary before she woke up so no one should know about this matter except for her.
Although, one could say she suffered a loss in vain if she let this matter go. 

She gritted her teeth in frustration as she rubbed the back of her neck.
Although she had already reapplied the suppressant sticker, whenever she touched it, even lightly, her neck would feel a clear, numbing, and slightly tingling feeling that immediately spread through her body to her nerve endings.
Her legs softened and she lost all of her strength, causing her to almost slip out of her seat! 

She quickly grabbed onto her desk to steady her body. 

…..Isn’t she supposed to be an S-rank Alpha? Then why does she feel so weak from a simple bite? 

It seems she needs to add some strength training into her exercises for the future. 

Jin Siming thought deeply and didn’t listen much to the math lecture.
In a blink of an eye, the class ended and the class got noisy again. 

“Siming~ I didn’t quite understand that last concept the teacher talked about in class.
Can you help explain it to me a little?” 

Jin Siming, who was still in her own daydreams, shook herself out of her daze when she heard someone calling her name.
She looked up only to see Chen Mianmian standing prettily in front of her with a notebook.  

In this class, save for Su Xiaohang and Yao Jin, Jin Siming has had little communication with the other girls.
Due to some bad incidents in the past, in her opinion, most of the girls in her class didn’t like her very much and since she is also someone who still does not flatter those who didn’t like her, she also treated the other girls like air. 

Chen Mianmian and her have never interacted much and they hardly ever spoke a word to each other.
So she never expected the other party to take the initiative to ask her a question.
To say she was surprised was a bit of an understatement. 

Remembering her plan to revive her pre-differentiation popularity, Jin Siming calmed her emotions and flashed a less cold than usual smile as she accepted the notebook. 

In the past, in order to compete with Yao Jin in all aspects of life, she also worked hard to do well in her studies.
Her grades are among the top of the class in all subjects, but she is still a bit below Yao Jin’s level. 

So although she hadn’t listened to a single word during the math lecture, she was still able to recall a few facts and figures she had learned before and quickly solve the problems in front of her. 

While she explained the steps to the problem, Chen Mianmian happily nodded and said she understood and then gave her a piece of chocolate in gratitude. 

Jin Siming glanced at the chocolate wrapped in golden aluminum foil and smiled at her. 

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After packing up her back, Chen Mianmian still stood in front of her and made no move to leave, so she couldn’t help but ask, “Is there anything else?” 

Chen Mianmian hesitated for a moment, then took out her mobile phone and said sweetly, “I added you as a friend through our class’s WeChat, can you accept my request~”

Jin Siming froze at Chen Mianmian’s words.
There used to be many shady people who tried to add her as a friend through various different ways so Jin Siming has long since developed a habit of ignoring every friend request sent her way. 

However, since the other party had asked her to her face she could only take out her phone and directly accept her friend request. 

Che Mianmian jumped up with a quick “yay!” after seeing her friend’s request was approved and left with a delighted expression on her face. 

Su Xiaohang leaned forward on her desk after Chen Mianmian left, a hand propping up her chin as she glanced at Jin Siming, “Not bad, not bad.
After you’ve made quite an impression during gym class, your popularity among the girls in our class seemed to have rapidly reversed in the other direction.
It’s simply at a speed visible to even the naked eye! They’re even giving you chocolates! When have you ever gotten such treatment from them before?” 

Jin Siming snatched up the chocolate and threw it at her, “I don’t like such sweet and oily things, you can have it instead.” 

After saying this sentence, she stretched her long limbs and lifted her chin slightly, her long hair falling down her back to reveal a fair, graceful, and swan-like neck. 

“I’m tired.
Wake me up before the next class starts.” 

Jin Siming said sleepily as she laid her head back down on her desk. 

As Chen Mianmian happily returned to her seat, her deskmate immediately leaned forward to ask, “How did it go? Did you get it?” 

She raised her phone and smiled smugly, “Of course.
Since I’ve personally stepped forward, how could I fail?”

Her deskmate snorted, “Mianmian is so awesome.
Everyone else can only keep watching from the sidelines.” 

“It actually isn’t very difficult to get along with Jin Siming.
She was very patient when explaining the math concepts to me.
And when I lean close enough to her, I can smell this faint yet amazing scent, ahhh! She really is the most beautiful alpha I have ever seen! Really makes one’s heart skip a beat.” 

Chen Mianmian bit her lower lip, a coy expression blooming on her face. 

“Ahem…Mianmian, please act a little more reserved.
Ah, all high school girls are so fickle.
If she had differentiated into an omega like Jin-Jin, would your attitude towards her change so much like now?”

Chen Minamina raised an eyebrow, “Jin-Jin and her have two completely different personalities.
And everything is according to Heaven’s will, so it doesn’t matter what happened in the past, she is now the most attractive female alpha I have ever met! If only her personality can be a little bit more gentle ….no, no, as long as she looks good then it doesn’t matter what kind of personality she has she can still make people fall for her! As long as her looks are good, she can do whatever she wants!” 

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Her deskmate watched as Che Minamian grew more and more excited and looked very much like a dog drooling over a treat.
She could only shake her head helplessly, “You really are worthy of being a face-con.
Ai, in other news, I’ve heard from the class president that Jin-Jin is on leave.
Who knows how her current situation is.” 

Chen Mianmian also sighed at the mention of Yao Jin, “Yeah, we were originally going to do hot pot after school together.” 

The deskmate thought about it and then said, “Since Jin-Jin is not here, then the rest of us can only go without her.” 

Chen Mianmian looked at her with a teasing smile, “With just a few of us? Are you going to treat us then?” 

The deskmate pouted, “Then let’s wait for Jin-Jin instead.” 

As they were talking, Li Yong, a male student, came in through the door and pointed at Yao Jin’s seat, and asked, “Is Yao Jin not back yet? I just passed the infirmary but she wasn’t there either.” 

Chen Mianmian, “Did the class prez not tell you? Our homeroom teacher let Jin-Jin go home to rest and recuperate.” 

Li Yong scratched his head and sighed in disappointment before returning to his own desk. 

He originally thought that Yao Jin had simply fainted due to a normal heat stroke and that she only needed to rest for a little bit.
However, he didn’t expect that it would be so serious that she would go home.
It would’ve been nice to have been the person who carried her to the infirmary, that way he could have known more about her situation. 

Thinking of this, he glanced sideways at Jin Siming with a bit of jealousy in his gaze. 

Jin Siming, who was resting her head on her desk, didn’t know that because of one gym class, she has become the center of a brewing storm.

Yoa Jin only stayed at home for half a day before coming to school the next morning. 

After all, resting at home is not something enjoyable to her and she prefers going to school instead. 

After passing the school gates, she met many familiar classmates along the way who came up to greet her.
A boy from the same class bumped into her halfway and they arrived at the classroom together. 

Along the way, the boy talked animatedly and while Yao Jin did not act as enthusiastically she still responded at the right moments so as to not make the conversation awkward. 

When she was a child,  there was a period of time when she relied on the kindness of others.
At the time, Yao Wei didn’t have enough money to hire someone to take care of her so sometimes it was a familiar relative or a friend of Yao Wei’s whom Yao Jin had never met.
The situation in each household was different, some were warm, some were overbearing, and some were coldly indifferent.
During that time, Yao Jin learned how to carefully observe other people’s words and expressions and then disguise her personality to suit the tastes of different adults.
This was because when Yao Wei came to pick her up, the caretaker would praise her for her obedient and good personality.
Yao Wei would then show her a loving smile that was only ever directed at her. 

Then Yao Wei’s career improved and she no longer needed to rely on others, but the habit stayed.
As long as the person wasn’t overly hateful, she would habitually cater to their whims and it didn’t matter if they were the same or the opposite sex. 

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Her habit of accommodating to other people’s whims was also partly because she was afraid of being alone.
She liked the feeling of being surrounded by people, but at the same time she didn’t want to be crowded to the point of being overwhelmed.
She didn’t stop the crowds from forming, but this was only because she no longer knew how to refuse others after accommodating others for so long. 

When they approached the entrance of the school’s convenience store, Yao Jin stopped. 

“Jin-Jin, did you need to buy something?” The boy asked curiously. 

I’m going in for a minute, you can wait for me outside.” Yao Jin walked into the convenience store. 

The boy hurriedly caught up to her, “I’ll go with you.” 

The convenience store was crowded with students rushing in to buy food for breakfast.
The aisles were so packed that there were people blocking the entrance.

Yao Jin stood near the door, frowning slightly.

The boy squeezed forward first after seeing her hesitation, “Jin-Jin, what do you want to buy? I’ll help you buy it!” 

Yao Jin bit her rosy lips and refused him: “Forget it, there are too many people right now.
Let’s go to class first.” 

“No worries, I just remembered that I have something I wanted to buy.
Hurry up a little or else I’m going in first~” 

Seeing that the boy was about to completely disappear into the crowd, Yao Jin thought about it and called out, “I want some milk.” 

“Alright, how many bottles?” 

“Two…three bottles.” 


The boy moved forward vigorously and it didn’t take him long to finish buying their stuff. 

After purchasing their things, the two continued to walk together toward the classroom. 

As they walked up the stairs they bumped into Jin Siming who didn’t look fully awake yet as she carried her bag over her shoulder. 

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Jin Siming obviously noticed Yao Jin as well.
She didn’t expect Yao Jin would return to school so soon while looking perfectly healthy and holding three bottles of milk in her arms. 

However, when she thought about what happened in the infirmary again, her expression froze and she abruptly turned her head around and pretended not to have seen the other party as she walked up the stairs with her long legs. 

But then she heard Yao Jin’s coquettish voice greet her first, “Classmate Jin, good morning~” 

Jin Siming paused, but directly ignored her as she continued to climb up the stairs. 

“Thank you for carrying me to the infirmary yesterday.” 

Jin Siming’s foot slipped and she almost fell. 

“Y-You, how do you know it was I who carried you to the infirmary?” 

Her heartbeat sped up and her face flipped through many expressions quite dramatically.
Yao Jin…couldn’t have possibly remembered what happened in the infirmary, right?

Yao Jin’s raised eyes narrowed at her expression and the corners of her lips raised up with a hint of playfulness, “Gao Mei told me.
Didn’t many classmates see what happened at the time?” 

Hearing her words, Jin Siming breathed a sigh of relief and then she pursed her lips in annoyance, “No need to thank me.
If it weren’t for the teacher asking me personally to carry you, I wouldn’t have done it.” 

After saying these words, she turned back around and headed upstairs. 

“Jin Siming’s temper really is to…Jin-Jin, don’t be angry.” 

The boy standing next to her said in a displeased tone as he glared at Jin Siming’s back. 

Yao Jin smiled and slowly made her way up the stairs with the bottles of milk in her arms. 

Author’s notes: 

Our Jin-Jin has no choice but to use milk as a replacement as she doesn’t know what happened in the infirmary. 

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