The bell rang for the first period just as Jin Siming walked in, so her plans to find Yao Jin to settle accounts with could only be suppressed for the moment. 

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She walked over to Yao Jin’s desk with a sullen expression and slammed her hands onto the desk.
After Yao Jin raised her head to look at her, she gave her a fierce and cold glare before leaving without saying a word. 

Yao Jin blinked, a bewildered look on her face. 

Jiang Lin, the girl sitting in front of her, had turned around when she heard movements around her and her round little face was flushed with surprise, “Tch, doesn’t Jin Siming usually try to avoid you whenever she sees you? Yet she took the initiative to approach today, did you annoy her somehow?” 

Yao Jin curled her lips up into a smirk, “It’s Monday and I’ve only just arrived at school.
Even if I wanted to annoy her, I couldn’t have done it that fast.” 

Hé Màn-màn*, her deskmate, raised her eyebrows at Yao Jin’s words, “This Jin Siming is quite annoying, she always seems to be glaring at you.” (*T/N: the name may look like the English words for “He” and “Man”, but the name is pronounced like “huh men men” where “He” is a surname and “Màn-màn” means “handsome/long”)

“But, she can also be kinda cute sometimes.” 

Xia Yin who was sitting next to Jiang Lin turned her head and joined the conversation.

Hearing her words, Hé Màn-màn’s eyes widened slightly, “Did I hear that right? Yanyan, you’re actually speaking up for her?” 

Jiang Lin twirled a pen in her fingers as she teased lightly, “Shouldn’t you know her habits by now? She’s the type who is easily swayed, like those people who base their world view on good looks, she bases her world view on gender.
After all, when has she spoken well of Jin Siming before?” 

The sudden clacking of high heels in the hallway outside interrupted their conversation as everyone moved into their seats and sat upright. 

A few moments later, the “Little Princess” walked in with a stack of papers. 

“Apologies everyone, I was getting the last of the test papers and ran a few minutes late.
Anyhow, let’s take the test for today….” 

Low groans sounded out throughout the entire room. 

The “Little Princess” is the nickname for their English teacher, a woman formally known as Tian Li.
Due to her petite figure, sweet appearance, and the fact that she is the youngest of the entire teaching staff, many students became her fans and called her “Little Princess” in private.
Unfortunately, the “Little Princess” may be sweet but she is a strict teacher and especially loves giving out tests. 

There is always a big test every three days and a small quiz every two days.
Every time the class sees her enter the door with a stack of papers in hand, the entire class would start groaning. 

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But the groans and complaints can only last for so long and in the end, the tests were orderly distributed, and soon the only sounds left in the classroom were that of pencils writing away. 

It wasn’t until the bell rang that everyone breathed out a sigh of relief. 

After Su Xiaohang copied down one last word from her friend’s test, she handed her own paper in.
Then she grabbed Jin Siming’s arm as she dramatically wiped away a tear, “Ming-bao! I’m so lucky to have you, otherwise, I would’ve long been squeezed dry by these exams written by our great princess~” 

In the past, Jin Siming would flick Su Xiaohang’s forehead in annoyance, but instead, she was currently staring at Yao Jin’s back while paying no mind to her deskmate. 

As soon as the bell had rung, the “Little Princess” had walked over to Yao Jin’s desk and offered a cup of water to Yao Jin.
The two were currently chatting and laughing like they were friends, who knew what they were talking about. 

Yao Jin is the “Little Princess’s” favorite and everyone knows this open secret.
There were reports of others seeing the two sharing snacks in the teacher’s lounge! Who knows how Yao Jin established this kind of friendship with the teacher….

To think, in the beginning, Jin Siming was jealous of their relationship and competed to the death for the position of Class Rep for English class.
Yet, the “Little Princess” still chose Yao Jin in the end….

Seeing that Jin Siming was ignoring her, Su Xiaohang stretched out a hand and shook in front of Jin Siming’s face, “What are you looking at? What has gotten you so captivated?” 

Jin Siming withdrew her gaze and her expression became coldly indifferent, “I’m not looking at anything.” 

Seeing the indifferent look on her face, Su Xiaohang didn’t continue the conversation and instead searched for Bean Sprout to argue with.

From the first period to the last class in the morning, Jin Siming waited for the right time to engage.
She watched every one of Yao Jin’s movements, waiting for a time when the people around her was the fewest before going up. 

However, whenever there was a break, Yao Jin would get called outside or surrounded by a bunch of people and she even went to the bathroom with a group of girls. 

Jin Siming felt like she was going to go crazy.
Doesn’t this person have even a second where she is alone? 

Eventually, the last class before noon was over and everyone left for lunch one after another.
However, only Yao Jin was left in her seat, finally, Jin Siming’s chance had arrived.

She stood up abruptly, but before she could even take more than two steps, Lu Yi came through the door and walked straight to Yao Jin.
After exchanging a few words, the two went out of the classroom together. 

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Jin Siming stood frozen, her eyes lowered in thought before she quickly walked through the back door of the classroom.
The moment she stopped in her tracks, Lu Yi and Yao Jin walked into her. 

Lu Yi greeted her on sight, “Siming, you haven’t gone to lunch yet? Do you…want to join us?” 

Jin Siming looked at the smiling but not actually smiling Yao Jin beside him and the corners of her mouth twitched stiffly, “Ahem, no thank you.” 

Upon her refusal, the two passed her, but Yao Jin deliberately turned her head to look at her and gave her a deep smirk as she passed. 

Jin Siming’s eyes trembled.
From this one look, she can read many different meanings. 

It didn’t take long for Su Xiaohang to catch up to her.
Seeing her blocking the door with her motionless body, she pushed her back lightly as she urged, “Why are you standing here so still? When I hurried you earlier you said to wait a bit and then you stood up so suddenly.
Ah, if you don’t go to the cafeteria now, you won’t be able to get anything.” 

Jin Siming turned to the side and leaned against the doorframe with a dark expression: “Do you know who Yao Jin usually eats with 

“Ah? This…she usually eats with her friends, why are you asking me this?” Su Xiaohang gave her a strange look. 

“I just saw her go to lunch with Senior Lu.” 


Jin Siming frowned, “Oh? That’s all you’re going to say? One ‘Oh’?”

Su Xiaohang blinked, not understanding why Jin Siming was raising such a big fuss, “Yao Jin’s social circle is quite big, so it’s no big deal for her to eat lunch with Senior Lu, right?” 

“But it is different this time!” Jin Siming quickly gave her a recap of Lu Yi’s flower delivery on Friday. 

After Su Xiaohang listened to her words, she became even more indifferent to the matter, “Well, isn’t this just more sensible evidence? Senior Lu is pursuing Yao Jin, so he took the initiative to ask her out for a meal and the two agreed to eat together.” 

“So she’ll agree to anyone who just asks her?” Jin Siming stood up straight. 

“This….” Su Xiaohang scratched the back of her head, “You’ve been competing with her for so long, you can become a Yao Jin Expert yourself, so shouldn’t you know her best?” 

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“Bah, who would want to be a Yao Jin Expert!” Jin Si ming snorted angrily, “No, this won’t do, I need to take a closer look.
Let’s follow after them.” 

So the two of them followed Yao Jin to the cafeteria.
They got their food and found some seats not too far away from Yao Jin. 

“Ai, the last serving of braised pork was bought by Senior Lu.
I didn’t get to eat my precious pork again today.
I’m so sad, Ming-bao~” 

Su Xiaohang put down her bowl and grabbed Jin Siming’s hand to complain endlessly.
Seeing the still dark and stern face in front of her, she clicked her tongue, “They’re just having a meal together, why are you getting so angry all of a sudden? Ah, wait, could it be that you’re in love with Yao Jin?” 

Jin Siming, who was already angry before, snapped her head around and her pupils trembled like an earthquake with wrath. 

Su Xiaohang quickly waved her arms, “I know, I know that’s not the case, don’t get so worked up! I was just joking~” 

“Don’t tell me…you like Senior Lu instead?” This time Su Xiaohang’s eyes widened, “Although it’s not uncommon for a female alpha to be with an undifferentiated man, the power gap is a bit too big…Senior Lu is pretty good, relatively speaking, but there are plenty more fish in the sea! No matter how rare they are, you can still easily snag hot male omegas by the handful! Cheer up, okay? Let’s not get hung up over this one guy!” 

Jin Siming listened to her words and returned them with an angry glare, “Don’t spew such nonsense, I don’t like anyone! I just see Senior Lu as a good friend and don’t want to see him being harmed by Yoa Jin.” 

She lowered her head and stared at the thin bracelet hanging on her wrist.
She got nightmares just from remembering the pain of those electric shocks.

Jin Siming gritted his teeth and said angrily: “Yao Jin’s rotten admirers dared to threaten even me.
If Senior Lu gets involved with her, he will definitely be targeted and he is only an undifferentiated human and…”

She remembered the gaze Yao Jin gave her at the door of the classroom.
She always felt that Yao Jin was deliberately trying to rile her up. 

“What! Did someone try to threaten you? When did this happen? Why didn’t I know anything about this? They didn’t hurt you, did they?” Su Xiaohang held her arm nervously and looked her up and down.

“Of course I’m fine.
That group of small shrimps and fishes can’t hurt me.” 

Unfortunately, she was punished by her own bracelet.
How hateful. 

Su Xioahang breathed a sigh of relief after hearing she was fine, “As long as you’re okay, then everything else is okay~ But, with your rank, the average student at this school can’t do a thing to you.” 

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Jin Siming ignored her, biting her lip as her gaze stayed on Yao Jin and Lu Yi not too far away from them.
Su Xiaohang looked at her friend and sighed, patting her friend’s shoulder with a trace of pity in her eyes, “Ming-bao, why don’t we avoid Yao Jin next time we see her.
Seeing you get worked up but unable to vent it out, and then seeing you get beaten by her every time, my heart hurts just watching it.
You shouldn’t bottle up your anger for so long, it’ll be bad if you get an internal injury.” 

Those words only added fuel to the fire, and Jin Siming raised her eyebrows as she glared down at her, “When did I get beaten every time?” 

Su Xiaohang pouted and muttered in a low voice, “You’re only so fierce to me*.” (T/N: The phrase used here is 窝里横, which directly means someone who acts like a wuss/really politely in public but is bold/bossy/arrogant with their friends/family/in private) 

“Su Xiaohang, is your skin itching for a beating?” 

When has she ever not glared at Yao Jin just as fiercely? But Yao Jin is simply a fox incarnated and delivers words heavier than a thousand pounds with a smile.
Those few words can cut her half to death. 

Seeing the stubborn yet pitiful expression on her face, Su Xiaohang reached out and patted her head, “Alright, alright, let’s get back to business.
This Senior Lu, you’re going to have to take the initiative to attack.” 

“What do you mean?” 

Su Xiaohang leaned close to her ears and whispered something that caused Jin Siming’s eyes to light up. 

“I never expected you to be so clever~” 

Su Xiaohang straightened up proudly at Jin Siming’s praise. 

Meanwhile, on the other side of things, Yao Jin and Lu Yi faced each other. 

Yao Jin had her head lowered, her long and beautiful hair hooked behind her ears as her slender fingers moved her chopsticks.
Her movements were focused and gentle as she picked at her vegetables. 

Lu Yi, who was sitting across from her, hesitated a few times before he took a deep breath and picked up a piece of braised pork, “This cafeteria’s braised pork is very popular and there was only one bowl left when the line got to me.
Would you like to try one?” 

Yao Jin raised her eyes to look at the oily and fat piece of meat that had been placed on her plate without her permission.
Her slender eyebrows furrowed slightly. 

“A beauty must maintain her figure carefully.
Such a greasy and fat piece of meat is best left forgotten.’ 

Jin Siming suddenly set her tray beside Yao Jin and sat down, picking up the piece of fat meat with her own chopsticks. 

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