“You say your mouth goes dudu, dudududu…” (T/N: Lyrics from this song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fpZO_bIlKEY & Eng Translation) 

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The sounds of someone singing loudly woke Jin Siming up early in the morning. 

She squinted her bleary eyes and then stuck a hand out of her thin blanket with difficulty, fumbling around her bedside table before she finally found her phone.
When she unlocked it, she saw it was only 7 in the morning! 

It’s the weekend, what kind of wicked person wouldn’t be asleep at this hour and play their music so loudly too! 

She covered her ears in irritation but the music was so loud that it assaulted her from all sides and it was useless to try and block it. 

After tossing and turning around for a few more minutes, the sounds still didn’t stop and she couldn’t take it anymore.
She sat up and rushed out her bed with bare feet before angrily pulling open the door. 

“You say your mouth goes dudu, dudududu…” 

On the floor outside her door was a bunch of colorful bluetooth speakers placed strategically so they were facing the gap underneath her door.
The noisy singing was coming from these speakers. 

She knew who was exactly behind this.
Even if she wasn’t thinking, she would know who it is! Jin Siming took a deep breath, suppressing her urge to punch someone as she shouted loudly, “Jin Tong! Get your butt over here!” 

As soon as her roar sounded out, she saw Jin Tong slowly walking towards her from the living room.
With a cocky smile on his face, an apron on his body and a glass of water in one hand, he said: “Oh, sister, you’re awake? Come and eat breakfast~” 

Jin Siming pointed at the pile of mini speakers on the ground, and said furiously, “Are you going crazy? When have I ever eaten breakfast on the weekends? Hurry up and get your stupid things away from me!” 

Jin Tong wiped the drops of water on the glass with his apron and put on a ‘you’re making things difficult for me’ expression, “But this is a task mother dearest has given me.
That is, I must wake you up for breakfast every weekend from now on.” 

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The speakers on the floor kept singing and the noise was just making Jin Siming even more irritated.
She was already angry at having to wake up so early, but now hearing Jin Siming say he would do this every weekend she reached forward with the intention of flicking him in the forehead. 

Seeing Jin Siming rush at him with gritted teeth, Jin Tong dodged agily to the side and immediately called for backup: “Mom! Hurry over and see this! Sis is angry and she wants to hit me!”

At this moment, Mother Jin who was changing her shoes at the entrance and about to leave, turned back around. 

“Enough! How old are you two to be still fighting like this? What Tong Tong said is true, I had asked him to wake you up for breakfast.
From now on, you are not allowed to stay in till noon.
It’s for the best that you also go out with Tong Tong after meals and exercise more instead of staying home all day to play games on your phone.
You are about to enter your Third Year.
ABO colleges all have physical fitness tests for Alphas.
Your father and I have hopes for you to be admitted into the top colleges.
So you must do more to prepare before then, do you understand?” 

“But Mom, I….” 

Jin Siming pouted and wanted to argue but was quickly interrupted by Mother Jin, “If you don’t want to, then say goodbye to the rest of your allowance this semester.” 


Now she was completely left dumbfounded.
Once the great mother-daren* left, she glared fiercely at Jin Tong. (T/N: Daren = chinese equivalent of the japanese honorific -sama) 

“Hurry up and turn off these stupid things on the floor!” 

Jin Tong took out his phone and tapped on it a few times and the music that made one’s brain ache finally stopped. 

“Sis, don’t hate me, this is all Mom’s idea~~” 

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Now it was simply impossible for her to go back to sleep even if she wanted to, Jin Siming held her aching head in her hands and didn’t bother with the Jin Tong who was gloating at her misfortune.
She turned around and went into the bathroom to wash up. 

She had fallen asleep at 2 am in the morning and deliberately made sure her alarm clock was turned off, her curtains drawn tightly, and planned to sleep until she naturally woke up.
However, she never expected her brother would do something like this to her so early in the morning. 

After splashing her face with some cold water a few more times, she finally managed to drive away her exhaustion and came downstairs to the dining room and sat down at the table. 

In front of her is a plate of toast, fried eggs, bacon, ham and a glass of cold milk.
Jin Tong sat across from her and happily dug into his meal, “Today, the great chef has deigned to cook, so it is your great fortune to even taste this meal!”

Having gotten used to her brother’s weird antics long ago, Jin Siming ignored him and took a bite out of the toast.
Surprisingly, the toast was not burnt and the fried eggs were edible and not at all unpleasant to swallow. 

“Not bad, you can barely qualify as a stay at home Omega in the future.” 

“Pfff—cough, cough–” 

The milk almost spurted out of Jin Tong’s mouth at her words and he quickly wiped his mouth with a napkin, “What nonsense are you saying?!! I haven’t differentiated yet, and even if I do, I will be an Alpha for sure, okay!?!” 

Seeing his flushed face, Jin Siming’s heart was soothed.
That’s right, she riled him up on purpose.
That’ll show him for ruining her sleep with such disgusting tricks. 

Speaking of, she and her brother are on two extremes on the opposite side of the spectrum.
One of them dreams about being an Omega and the other desperately wants to differentiate into an Alpha, but….

“Didn’t your hospital tests say you will differentiate into an Omega?” 

Jin Tong’s face turned ugly and she raised her eyebrows happily at him as she took a sip of milk. 

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“Those tests are not completely accurate.
After all, didn’t you also have Omega written in your tests but differentiated into an Alpha in the end?” 

The hand holding her glass of milk froze and the smile on Jin Siming’s lips disappeared. 

Jin Tong hammered home his victory, “By the way, Mom asked you to go out with me after dinner.
I asked a few friends to play basketball with me today.
You can come along.” 

At the words “play basketball”, Jin Siming frowned, her brows wrinkled together and her entire face screamed her refusal, “No, I won’t go to those stinky, sweaty, intense, and full of contact sport events.” 

“But if you don’t go, your allowance will be….” 

Jin Siming glared at him and Jin Tong shrank back in fright, but continued his threat: “Allowance~” 


Suddenly a thunderbolt flashed into the sky and interrupted their conversation. 

Jin Siming got up and looked outside the window.
With a “hulaaaa” she opened the curtains and looked up at the sky that was covered in dark clouds.
This was clearly a sign that it was going to rain. 

She grinned, “Tsk, it seems the Heavens are not cooperating today.
It looks like we’re staying at home today.” 

Jin Tong narrowed his eyes slyly, “It’s ok, sis.
We made a reservation at an indoor gym so it doesn’t matter how hard it rains, we can still play.” 

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Jin Siming: “….” 

The dark clouds came suddenly and the bright blue sky was instantly overwhelmed by the dark clouds.
It was only 7 or eight in the morning, but the sky outside was as dark as the evening night. 

Yao Jin sat in front of the long dining table, looking at the eerie scene through the floor-to-ceiling windows, her light-colored eyes still and quiet, just like the sky outside. 

On the table in front of her, there were several delicious looking dishes both big and small, all of which were delivered by a housekeeper a few minutes ago.
After the food was delivered, the housekeeper had left and there was only Yao Jin inside this big empty house. 


A few more thunderbolts flashed in the sky before the raindrops hidden in the clouds finally poured down and shrouded the entire city in a hazy curtain of rain. 

Yao Jin immersed herself in her thoughts in that dimly-lit room, an almost inaudible sigh sounding out in the room as she turned on the chandelier above her. 

In a flash, light filled the room. 

She only took a single bite out of the food on the table before pushing her plate away.
No one cares anyways.
No matter how little or how much she eats, someone will come to dispose of the leftovers and then send a completely new meal the next day. 

No one cares if she likes or doesn’t like the food as they will only deliver according to Yao Wei’s orders.
As for Yao Wei, that person only knows how to send as many things as possible.
After all, there is a higher chance that one will be to her likely. 

Yao Jin stared silently at the lightning outside her window, a hint of coldness entering her eyes. 

Sometimes she feels as lonely as that lightning, but at least the lighting disappears quickly in a flash while she still has a long time left. 

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