Shen Gudao grinned and exposed a jagged row of dense, uneven pointed teeth.

They watched him slowly approach them step by step, and a braying, frightening laugh escaped from his mouth.
Wrinkled skin hung precariously from his body, as if he were a skeleton frame covered with human skin.

He seemed to be walking slowly, but his steps were strangely fast.
Before the crowd could react, the monster was almost in front of the crowd.

There was no rule that a monster could not kill in the middle of the game! As long as the game was not over, it could continue to do whatever it wanted!

His sharp teeth were half the size of his face, and he was about to pounce on the nearest Liang Xi.

In a flash of lightning, a slender bony finger suddenly strangled the monster’s neck!

Bai Lixin, who was lazy and idle a moment ago, now had a burning gaze and his body exuded an aura that was impossible to look at.

He easily lifted the monster into mid-air with one hand.

The monster had long since lost its arrogance, and it roared and struggled frantically, but seemed unable to break free.

Fear gradually replaced the fierceness, and the monster looked at this gorgeous man in panic, growling hoarsely, “What the hell are you?”

Bai Lixin pulled back the corners of his mouth and gave a nuclear smile, “I am your ancestor!”

A golden light suddenly sliced through the window, tearing through the darkening sky and wrapping a thick layer of light that would not recede behind Bai Lixin.

The crowd stared dumbfounded at what was happening before them, their eyes greedily stuck to Bai Lixin’s body.

The laziness had completely faded away, and Bai Lixin was wrapped in a brilliant yellow glow.
The arrogance in his eyes was like a sharp blade that struck everyone’s reason and heart.

Blast the atmosphere, brother! Awesome!

Just when the crowd was immersed in it, Bai Lixin slowly turned back, “Why don’t you write your answers?”

It was only then that the crowd reacted, and everyone finished writing the two words “Shen Gudao” at the same time.

In the next second, the cold electronic voice of the system appeared in everyone’s mind again.

[Ding! Congratulations to all players who have answered correctly.
Each of you has been awarded 100 points.

A white light fell, and the stiff body suddenly fell to the ground.
The irregularly shaped corpse rolled on the ground, unwilling to be blocked by the rattan box.

All of a sudden, Li Cancan slumped to the ground and found that her back had long been soaked with sweat.

She looked around, and Bai Lixin had regained his languid expression.

Zhou Guang and Liang Xi were also terrified and held onto the backs of their chairs to keep from falling over.

On the contrary, Xia Chi, the youngest, was very calm.
His back was straight and his body stiff like a steel plate, but his face did not show any timidity.


[Congratulations to all the remaining players who have successfully cleared the level.]

The electronic tone once again rang out unexpectedly.
Li Cancan took a deep breath and sat back in her seat with her hands on her knees.

After everything that had just happened, hearing this voice was not as frightening as it had been at first, although it was still disgusting to the bone.

As the electronic voice fell, a huge blue screen was projected on the blank wall.

The image was still the same hotel, but it did not look as old and desolate as it was now.

The young girl in a red dress and the middle-aged Shen Gudao confronted each other in a very serious atmosphere.

“Teacher, why did you abandon me?! You said you would marry me before I gave my body to you.
I aborted for you and even went crazy for you, but you turned around and wanted to marry another woman just because she’s the dean’s daughter?!”

“I hate you! Just wait, I will expose your true colors in front of that woman!”

Just when the young girl was about to run outside, Shen Gudao quickly held her to the ground.
The girl fought hard, and she cursed, “I want everyone to see your true face.
I want you to lose your reputation!”

During the scuffle, Shen Gudao’s face was fierce as he strangled the girl’s slender neck with both hands, “Bitch, I won’t let you ruin my future!”

The blue translucent screen then disappeared into a line.
The rain outside the window had stopped at some point.
The brilliant sunlight broke through the dark clouds and came in, falling right on the face of the girl in red in the rattan box and illuminating the silent hotel.

Liang Xi looked fearfully at the mess on the ground and looked at Bai Lixin in shame.
His face was burning with shame, and he wanted to find a hole to burrow into.

All of them could have died if it wasn’t for Bai Lixin just now, but he had questioned Bai Lixin, mistaking the big boss for a rookie!

[Congratulations to all players who have successfully passed the warm-up game.]

[The next copy is a role-playing copy.
You will be randomly selected to play a role based on your luck value, and different characters have different buff bonuses.]

As soon as the system’s words fell, a golden glow appeared above everyone’s heads.

The light was like a marshmallow, soft and fluffy, twisting and distorting above their heads before slowly gathering into clear letters.

Li Cancan tried to reach out and touch it.
Her fingers passed through the light and brought away dots of stars, which promptly disappeared.

The first person to have the light take shape was Xia Chi.
The light jumped above his head for less than two seconds before a letter popped out: A.

[Congratulations to Player Xia Chi.
The luck value is A, which is super lucky.
Even God will be on your side].

Then came Li Cancan and Liang Xi, who had the letter B appear above their heads.

[Congratulations to players Li Cancan and Liang Xi, their luck value is B which is very lucky.
There is a high probability of picking up money when walking.]

The letter above Zhou Guang’s head also appeared soon: C.

[Congratulations to Player Zhou Guang, the luck value is C which is so-so, he can occasionally get lucky.]

All eyes were placed on the top of Bai Lixin’s head.

Bai Lixin was so powerful, so his luck value must be high too, right? Maybe it’s an S?

The light above Bai Lixin’s head didn’t stop, and everyone waited for another ten seconds or so before the letters above Bai Lixin’s head faintly took shape.


The crowd: “….”

The light distorted for a little longer, yanking out a small dot of light and slowly drawing a horizontal line after the F before stopping.


Four faces were confused: “???”


System, can’t you be human?

It’s not enough to get an F, but you have to add a “-” to it?

[Congratulations to Player Bai Lixin, whose luck value is F-.
Unbeatable unlucky bastard, even dogs have better luck than you.]

[Congratulations to player Bai Lixin, whose luck value is too low, triggering the world’s hidden title – God of Misfortune (Unique).]

[A friendly reminder: Cherish life and stay away from the God of Evil.]

Bai Lixin: “…”

Crowd: “…”

[All luck values have been tested.]

Before the crowd had a chance to react, a huge black vortex suddenly appeared in front of them.

When Bai Lixin came to his senses again, an electric tone immediately appeared in his head.

[Ding! Congratulations to Player Bai Lixin, who has acquired the status of “Saint”.]

Bai Lixin’s movements to get up stalled slightly.

Saint? That doesn’t sound too bad.

[Sick bed.]

[Congratulations to the player who has obtained the buff “Lingering Sickbed”, which is exclusive to the Saint.
A friendly reminder: The “Lingering Sickbed” buff is a negative buff that reduces the player’s force value by 95%.]

Bai Lixin: “…”


Where’s the joy in that?

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