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The store manager standing next to him was not surprised by the situation.
Ji Ran was tightly wrapped when he first arrived at the store to foster a dog.
He was still discovered by a female clerk in the store, but because of their pet owners privacy, the store also has confidentiality measures in place, so not many people know that Ji Ran’s dog was fostered in their store, and the female clerks in their store are also rational fans.

Who doesn’t like Ji Yan from the Scorching Sun group these days? “Scorching Sun” is a Chinese group that debuted six years ago.
Ji Ran debuted when he was only 16 years old, and he became popular almost instantly because of his good looks.
He is only 20 years old now.
With 60 million Weibo followers, he is already a superstar in the entertainment industry.

He raised a husky named Caesar, a male dog, in the pet shop.

Gu Yingying had no idea her brother would be a celebrity.
She’s only been here a couple of days.
Although she has this body’s memory, this body does not chase stars, so she is oblivious to Ji Ran’s identity.
Gu Yingying realized this after hearing about the album and the autograph.
She didn’t expect this brother to be a big star when she first saw the radiant boy in the magic mirror!

“Okay! “

She smiled and nodded, her eyes twinkling.
Such joy pleased Ji Ran.
Although the company had recently put pressure on him, the black fans had also scolded him harshly, but Ji Ran was cured when he saw the little fan girl, who was so cute.
He smiled through the mask, and his peach blossom eyes squinted and smiled movingly.

“Can you find a pen and paper for me, Brother Meng? I’ll sign her name.”

At the time, Ji Ran was in a good mood.
Brother Meng nodded as well, pleased to assist this kind-hearted young lady.
He took out the colored paper cards and pens used in the store and handed them to Ji Ran.

“There are many people here.
I’m afraid you will be recognized by others.
Let’s go over to Caesar’s to sign it.

Ji Ran invited Gu Yingying with a pen and paper, thinking that this little fan was adorable.
The sense of intimacy is increased because this girl is not like other little fans; they scream when they see him, forcing him to run.

“Mmmm.” Gu Yingying nodded, then followed Ji Ran like a valet to the room where Caesar was fostered.

Caesar is a full-grown husky.
This year marks his fourth birthday.
Ji Ran bought it when he was 18 years old to relieve stress from work pressure.
He is kept in the villa when there is nothing for Ji Ran to do.
Ji Yan recently completed a concert tour.
This explains Caesar’s visit to the pet store.
Ji Ran only comes to see him every now and then.

The room where Caesar was raised was quite large.
There were other dogs, in addition to Caesar.
Caesar was playing with a pure white Samoyed.
He ran over frantically when he saw Ji Ran and threw himself on Ji Ran’s body.
Ji Ran happily hugged his big dog.

Bastet, who was perched on Gu Yingying’s shoulder, cast a curious glance at the husky.
He looked puzzled.
He had never seen a spirit beast like this before in the Anlan Continent.
Why did it look so stupid?

Gu Yingying adores animals with long hair.
She looked at Caesar with sparkling eyes, then noticed Ji Ran, who was hugging and stroking Caesar, while removing his mask, revealing that exquisite face that made people scream.

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It is fit to be the face of an idol group.
Ji Ran has cold white skin that is clean and translucent, as well as a tall nose bridge that, according to fans, makes people want to slide on his nose; his beautiful blue eyes, as well as thick and slender eyelashes, seem to make people excited in the blink of an eye.
He had thin lips, which were a normal pink and tender without lipstick, almost identical to Gu Yingying’s lips.

Gu Yingying, who had seen many beautiful men on the Anlan Continent, was taken aback by her brother’s beauty and stunned for a moment.

Ji Ran remembered his little fan after playing with Caesar for a while.
He noticed the dull appearance of his little fan when he turned his head.
He smiled softly, and his peach-blossom eyes softened even more.

“I’m signing your autograph now.
What is your name? Is there anything I should wish for?”

He stood up, while Caesar crouched down at his feet, holding a pink card and a pen in his clean and beautiful fingers.

“My name is Gu Yingying.
I hope to find my brother.”

Gu Yingying also reflected at this time that if she told the other party directly that he was her own brother, the other party would not believe her, right? She intends to approach her brother gradually and tell him about her.

“Then, bless you, and I hope you find your brother as soon as possible.”

Ji Ran bowed his head, scribbled his blessings for Gu Yingying on the card, and then signed his name solemnly.
To be honest, Gu Yingying looked at the name for a long time but couldn’t figure out what the flower-like words meant.

“Here, do you want to take a picture? “

It’s fine to take a photo together now that the autographs have been given.
Ji Ran noticed that he was in an unusual state today.
He didn’t usually offer to take photos with fans, but when he saw this little girl, he couldn’t help but say those words.

“Can you?” Gu Yingying became ecstatic right away, knowing that as long as she had a photo, she would be able to know her brother’s name.

“Of course.”

They quickly snapped a group photo.
Ji Ran, who stood next to Gu Yingying, was quite tall.
He stood at 5’8″.
His body leaned forward slightly, his hat was already off, and he placed it on the side of Gu Yingying.
A photo was saved on Gu Yingying’s’s cell phone after the click.
There’s also Bastet squatting on Gu Yingying’s shoulder.

“Your cat is so obedient.
It’s the first time I saw a black cat, and its eyes are very similar to mine.

Ji Yan only noticed the cat on Gu Yingying after seeing the photo.
He is the standard dog lover.
He had no intention of raising a cat, but now he realizes that his blue eyes and the black cat’s blue eyes are identical.

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“Yes, it’s called Bastet.
He is very smart.
” Gu Yingying nodded, noticing the resemblance between her brother and Bastet, only to realize that fate is a strange thing, or that Bastet was lucky.
She found her own brother as soon as he appeared!

Gu Xiao, who had been working hard in the company, actually got off work early, just as Gu Yingying was trying hard to get close to her own brother.
It was already seven o’clock when he arrived home, and Gu Yingying had been out of school for an hour and a half.

Gu Xiao, who is dressed in a suit and leather shoes, has never smiled.
He has received an elite education since childhood as the Gu family’s future heir.
He was far too precocious and matured far too quickly.
He began working at the headquarters when he was eighteen years old.
He is only twenty-four years old this year, and he is the Gu family’s future heir.
It is entirely different from Father Gu, who only takes dividends.

In Gu’s family, Gu Xiao’s ability is stronger than that of his father and mother, and he has a greater right to speak.

When he came back, the Gu couple were having dinner with their daughter, Gu Xuezhen.
At the dinner table, the husband and wife cared for the biological daughter who was found, but Gu Xiao frowned when he saw that there was one person missing at the dinner table.

Gu Xuezhen suppressed her smile as well.
She was terrified of this older brother, who remained calm in all situations.
This elder brother was nothing like the silly and sweet Gu Yingying.
In comparison to her parents’ delight at her return, this elder brother appeared a little unwelcome to herself.

“Where’s Yingying?”

Gu Xiao said as he expressed his displeasure, and the displeasure in his voice caused Gu’s father and mother to frown, and Gu’s mother complained directly.

“Who knows where she went to play; it’s late, it’s getting dark, and she has no idea how to return home.
I believe it’s because she’s aware that she isn’t biologically our own, and she doesn’t even want a home.

Though thinking of her daughter’s situation at Yu’s house for so many years made it difficult for Mother Gu to have a positive impression of Gu Yingying, especially when she thought of her daughter being abused by her adoptive parents in every way possible, while she doted on Gu Yingying, treating her like a little princess.
It’s just disgusting.

“She didn’t come back?” Gu Xiao’s voice instantly cooled down.
His dark eyes fell on Gu Xuezhen’s face, as cold as a knife.

Gu Xuezhen just felt like she was on pins and needles, and finally managed to squeeze out a smile.

“I hadn’t seen her since school, and we weren’t in the same class.
Xiao Wang waited at the door for 30 minutes and could not pick up Yingying.
Brother, Yingying may be going to play with her friends.

Gu Xiao fixed his gaze.
His cold eyes fell on Gu Xuezhen’s face, and he didn’t say anything.
Gu’s mother, on the other hand, felt that her daughter had been wronged, so she slapped her hand on the table when the atmosphere at the dinner table became dull.
She locked her gaze on her son.

“Gu Xiao! Don’t look at your biological sister with such eyes! You must know that Xuezhen is your biological sister from the same parents, and Gu Yingying is an outsider who has occupied your sister’s position for many years! What are you doing now? Are you questioning your biological sister for an outsider? I tell you, I have already discussed it with your father.
Now that the family already knows the truth and your biological sister has returned home, the fake one shouldn’t be staying in our Gu family.
Why should our family raise a daughter for outsiders? The couple from the Yu family will come to pick up Yingying in the next two days.
She can take away the things we bought her before.
Our family has done our best for her.
This matter has been reported to your grandfather, and your grandfather also approves.

While hugging and comforting her terrified daughter, Gu’s mother couldn’t understand why her son liked that fake so much.
Obviously, their Xuezhen is more distressing, having been bullied by the Yu family since she was a child.
The girl cooked and worked part-time to support the Yu family, which is pitiful.

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Gu’s father and mother made this decision behind their son’s back.
They were all aware that Gu Xiao preferred the fake product, but they couldn’t let their own daughter be wronged, so they decided to take drastic measures to deal with the situation and move the old man out ahead of time, suppressing Gu Xiao.

“Yes, your mother and I have already made a decision on this, Gu Xiao.
You and Xuezhen are blood relatives.”

Gu Father also opened his mouth, hoping to correct his son and not always turn his elbow out [1].

Gu Xiao stood there, looking at Gu Father, Mother and Gu Xuezhen, who were truly a family at the time, with such communication and mutual understanding, and then left without saying anything.
Even though Gu Father and Gu Mother yelled behind him, he did not linger and left the Family Villa.

Gu Yingying was happily chatting with Ji Ran in the Aimeng pet store at the time.
Despite the fact that they were talking about pets, they didn’t stop talking until Gu Yingying’s phone rang.
Gu Yingying stood up, picked up the phone, and saw the name above, “brother.”

Of course, this is not her real brother, but Gu Xiao, the elder brother of the Gu family.

The man who took care of the original owner at the end of the novel is a big pervert!!!

Originally, she wanted to hang up the call, but Gu’s family still needed to be dealt with.
Gu Yingying showed an apologetic smile at Ji Ran, and then went to a quiet place to answer the phone.

“Hello?” The call was connected.
Gu Yingying spoke first, and then she heard Gu Xiao’s cold  hard voice on the other end of the phone.

“Where are you? I’ll pick you up.

He appears to be unconcerned about anyone.
That’s why, after reading the novel and discovering that the unsmiling man had actually liked his own sister, with whom he had grown up for more than fifteen years, Gu Yingying left the pit in rage.

Even if they are no longer biological brother and sister but have been for the past 16 years, how can they claim to be in love with each other?

Gu Yingying couldn’t accept it.

“I’ll go back by myself.

Gu Yingying abruptly hung up the phone without even addressing him brother.

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She doesn’t like perverts.
Is it appropriate to keep someone hidden if you like her? It’s just poisonous!

Gu Xiao, who was sitting in the car, looked at the hung up phone, his expression darkened, and the veins in his hand holding the phone burst out, making the driver in front of him hardly dare to breathe, and a gloomy atmosphere spread in the car.

When Gu Yingying went back after hanging up the phone, she received Ji Ran’s album.

“I’m going back; this album is for you.
Thank you for speaking with me today; I was very unhappy at first, but I am very happy to meet you.

Ji Yan smiled and handed Gu Yingying the album he had just asked his assistant to send, and though he was in a bad mood when he came over today, it was much more comfortable at this time.

“I’m also very happy.
Can I have your contact information? If you’re not happy, you can call me.

Gu Yingying felt it was difficult to obtain the other party’s contact information after learning that the other party was a celebrity.
She had no idea when they would meet again, but for the time being, she could only make requests nervously, and her light brown eyes were full of nervousness.

Ji Yan was also taken aback by such a request.
The distance between stars and fans is more than just words.
They will ask themselves to be far away from their idols’ lives, especially rational fans.
For Ji Ran,  this is still the first time he has encountered fans who want his contact information.

However, when he looked at the nervous little girl in front of him, he couldn’t find a reason to refuse.

In the end, the little assistant on the side just watched Ji Ran, who was “bad-tempered” in everyone’s eyes, giving his personal phone number to a little girl, and adding WeChat! Is this the rhythm of picking up girls?

“Okay, I’m going.
Let’s talk on WeChat if you have anything.
If I don’t respond, it’s because I’m busy with work.
” Ji Ran couldn’t help but rub Gu Yingying’s head before leaving, just like Caesar.
It was the first time he had ever been so close to a girl.

“Yeah.” Gu Yingying nodded, believing that as long as she has her brother’s contact information, she will be able to tell him who she is in the future.

The two said their goodbyes, and Ji Ran put on his mask and cap before leaving under the cover of his assistant.
Gu Yingying got into the Gu family’s car at the intersection as well.



[1] “Turn the elbows out” is a derogatory term in Chinese.
The meaning is “selflessness” that is not close to people and cannot distinguish between right and wrong.

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