Ji Ran

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Gu Yingying stood up when she saw a guest approaching the door and looked at the handsome man and beautiful woman in front of her.

The girl who was speaking was beautiful, with a pair of peach eyes that showed a smile, but she was stunning, where as the man was gentle and jade-like. He looked at his girlfriend with a tolerant smile on his face.

“I’m sorry, but I won’t count on marriage.”

Gu Yingying, who had never done fortune-telling before, was nervous, but she paid close attention to her brother’s words.
He stated that love between a man and a woman is the most elusive thing in the world.
Fate is even more enigmatic, and for this reason, the final outcome can’t be known.

She had never considered counting people’s marriages.
She was too afraid to do so.

It’s a shame that the couple heard this and seemed to lose interest in Gu Yingying in an instant.
Gu Yingying, who was standing there, became decadent as the woman hugged the man and left.
She felt that it was too difficult to make money.

Gu Yingying sat on the chair again and hugged Bastet, who was sitting on the bench.
“Bastet, am I so useless? If it was the senior brother, he would undoubtedly make money, right?”

Gu Yingying had always lived under the protection of her senior brother and was now thrust into an unfamiliar world, which made her a little overwhelmed.
She just felt extremely uncomfortable, a little wronged, and wanted to cry while holding Bastet.

Gu Yingying’s appearance irritates Bastet the most.
It’s been 500 years since he was adopted by Gu Yingying.
This woman is still so frail that she can only be spoiled by that man.
Bastet was so enraged by this that he scratched her with his paw, but Gu Yingying didn’t respond, so she was scratched again, resulting in a red scratch mark on her hand.

Gu Yingying’s grievances vanished instantly because of the pain.
When she returned her gaze to Bastet, who was in her arms, she noticed that his blue eyes were filled with displeasure, as if he was accusing her of her weakness.

“Bastet, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t be so weak, don’t get angry, okay?”

She rubbed Bastet’s little black paws quietly, knowing that Bastet would only treat her this way when he was angry.
The light brown pupils were filled with genuine apologies.
Clearly, before she met her senior brother, she could do things on her own.

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Bastet had no choice but to extend his paws and be touched by Gu Yingying in order to express his forgiveness.

But it’s absolutely impossible for Gu Yingying to make money like this, right?


Bastet let out a sound that was very soft to human ears, just like this in Gu Yingying’s arms, and some passers-by casually glanced at him, while at the same time, the wild cats within one kilometer of the commercial street heard the call from the cat spirit.

This is a unique ability of cat spirits.
As long as Bastet is willing, his summons will bring countless stray cats to his side.

After a while, a chubby and silly orange cat ran over to Gu Yingying’s feet and rubbed against her legs.
It looked very cute.

Gu Yingying immediately liked the new and hated the old.
She let go of Bastet and reached out to pet the big chubby orange cat, remembering how she had read on Weibo that nine out of ten orange cats were fat, and one was extremely fat! It’s really a pleasure to touch.

The appearance of an orange cat was nothing out of the ordinary, until the guests of a cafe just across from the bench where Gu Yingying was sitting, witnessed the miracle.

Within ten minutes, a swarm of stray cats had gathered beside the bench.
Cats came in all shapes and sizes, including cute fat orange cats, clean white mandarin duck eye cats, and tortoiseshell cats with complicated patterns.
These cats, along with some hybrid tabbys and the like, all came to Gu Yingying’s side and sat in a row, which was so adorable that people couldn’t believe it.

People on the side of the road gradually gathered, and Gu Yingying realized that Bastet was assisting her in making money, so she wrote four words on her hardcover book- ‘cat talent’ at Bastet’s request.

“These cats are so clever, little girl.
Do you keep all of them? They appear to be stray cats.”

“Wow! These cats are so cute, look at them sitting in a row, Mom!”

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In modern city, everyone is always drawn to cute little animals like cats, especially when there are more than 20 cats sitting there obediently, which draws a large number of people to come and watch.

Bastet watched as there were more and more humans, then raised his head, arrogantly jumped out of Gu Yingying’s arms, stood among the cats, and was surrounded by many wild cats.
The large black cat stood as if he were the king of the cats.
Everyone was taken aback and took out their phones to take pictures.

“I brought my cats today to show you some talent.
I hope you enjoy it.

Gu Yingying also recalled that, in comparison to the trick-or-treating industry, such as fortune-telling, cat cafes appear to be more popular.
She hurriedly stood up, introduced Bastet, and then motioned with her fingers for a gun.

“Bastet! ”

Bastet heard his name and looked over impatiently when he noticed Gu Yingying’s gun gesture with her fingers pointing at him.

Bastet heard his name and looked over impatiently as he noticed Gu Yingying’s gun gesture with her fingers pointing at him.


She made the sound of simulated gunshots, and then an incredible thing happened in front of all the onlookers.
The black cat immediately fell to the ground after hearing the sound, and the cats surrounding the black cat also fell to the ground.
The other cats fell to the ground one after the other, as if they had been hit.
Everyone laughed as all the cats fell to the ground and turned into a pile of cat cakes in a matter of seconds.

Such a scene is simply unfathomable.
A little girl withdrew ten yuan.
She had intended to give it to Gu Yingying directly, but she appeared embarrassed.
She slumped on the ground after becoming entangled.
Bastet, who pretended to be dead, rose from the ground, approached the little girl, and meowed at her.

This time, the little girl was moved so much that she squatted down and handed Bastet the money, taking advantage of the opportunity to touch it.

Those stray cats followed Bastet to do the same thing.
It would be strange for two cats to do the same thing, but what about a group of cats? It was just shocking! Many people took out their mobile phones to take pictures, and even gave Gu Yingying money for the cat.

Gu Yingying made a lot of money in half an hour.
Anyway, it’s too late to count, a large number is enough.

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“Thank you for your love for the cats.
I’m taking them to buy some cat food now.
I’m sorry, I’m going to leave .”

She smiled and apologized to everyone, and the people who liked the cats asked when Gu Yingying would return.
Gu Yingying did not dare make a promise.
She could only promise that she would return in the future and that she would open an account for Bastet on the Internet.
So she finally walked out of the crowd and took away more than 20 stray cats, by the way.

In her memory, there was a pet shop on this commercial street, so when Gu Yingying brought more than 20 stray cats to the pet shop with vigour, the manager and staff of the pet shop were startled.

It should be known that stray cats have no owners, and the pet store manager discovered that some of these stray cats are the ones he usually feeds.
They are the ones who flee after eating.
The pet store manager was perplexed when he saw the cats behind Yingying.

“Are these cats neutered? It’s not a good idea to leave them outside.
Why not leave these cats in the store to be neutered?”

The store manager brought cat food, took notes on each stray cat’s situation, and asked Gu Yingying.

Gu Yingying made over 2,000 yuan with the help of these stray cats.
She only kept 100 yuan for herself, and the rest was placed on the table.

“Yeah however, I don’t appear to have enough money… ”

More than two thousand yuan is a lot of money, but neutering one cat costs at least five or six hundred yuan, which is insufficient.

“It’s not a big deal.
We used to sterilize these cats for free.
I recognize all of the cats in this area, but I can’t seem to catch them.
They actually bumped into my hands this time.
You don’t have to be concerned about the sterilization money.
If you truly want to give it to them, then you can feed these stray cats cat food and look for someone to adopt them.”

Typically, in a pet store, they will subsidize some money for stray cats and dogs.
The manager is a rich second-generation and doesn’t care at all about the money.

“Well, then I’ll listen to the store manager,” Gu Yingying nodded.
She actually felt that it was pitiful for those stray cats to be wandering all the time, but she had no money and couldn’t afford to raise those cute cats.

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A man wearing a black mask entered the store through the door just as the store manager was speaking with Gu Yingying.
In addition to the black mask, he wore a black peaked cap on his head, revealing his dazzling blue hair.
He entered the store and went straight to the store manager.

“Brother Meng, how is my Caesar?”

His voice was very magnetic, with a strange sense of youthfulness.
While Gu Yingying felt the heat of the magic mirror for a moment, she immediately took it out and looked at it.
In the mirror, she saw the boy.

He has stunning azure blue hair, an arrogant and unruly style, and slightly raised peach eyes that are also blue.
It appears to be due to the mixed blood.
To be honest, it looks a bit similar to Gu Yingying.

Gu Yingying raised her head and looked at the boy with the mask so tightly wrapped around his face, taking another look in the mirror.
She was certain that the magical mirror was telling her that the boy in front of her was her biological brother!

Ji Ran has long suspected that something is wrong with the little girl around him.
As a popular idol, even if he wraps his body in a towel, fans will recognize him.
When the girl saw him walk in, she immediately took out a mirror and took a look at herself.
She paid so much attention to her own image that she must be his fan.

“Brother!” Gu Yingying looked at Ji Ran excitedly, her eyes full of stars.

For the first time, she had blood relatives.
She was so excited that she wanted to scream.

Ji Ran looked at Gu Yingying’s excited eyes, and was even more sure that this was his fan girl.
His slender and clean fingers made a shush gesture.

“Don’t tell anyone that I’m here, you know?” he said, lowering his voice.
“Do you prefer an autograph or a photograph? My assistant is here today, and I can send you a copy of my most recent album.”


Tortoiseshell refers to the fur of a three-colored cat.
It is always white with black and yellow spots.

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