in Senior Class 3 discreetly observed Gu Yingying and her beloved cat, and eventually a boy couldn’t resist approaching her with a box of dried fish in his hand to chat with her.

“It’s really lovely.
Is it fond of dried fish?”

This young man is a member of the class’s study committee as well as a cat lover.
Every day, he brings a large amount of dried fish and canned cat food in his bag and feeds it to the school’s stray cats.
He couldn’t stand Bastet’s temptation any longer and came over with dried fish.

There was a second person in addition to the first.
Gu Yingying and Bastet were immediately surrounded in the center.
The majority of the students were curious about seeing Bastet and wanted to touch it.

“I’m not sure if he’ll eat this.”

Bastet’s favorite thing to eat is the meat of spirit beasts.
Gu Yingying is unsure if Bastet will eat this type of ordinary dried fish.

Fortunately, Bastet still gave this male classmate a lot of face and ate a few bites of dried fish, causing the other students to bleed from cuteness[1].
Gu Yingying also used this opportunity to get to know her classmates in the class, and she discovered that they were very nice people to get along with.

After that, even though the teachers saw Bastet, they didn’t say much.
The teachers didn’t mind as long as the cat didn’t disrupt the class.

It wasn’t until the end of the afternoon class that Gu Yingying packed her schoolbag and planned to take Bastet to a place where no one was present to ask about her senior brother.
Because when she arrived in this world, Bastet also arrived, proving that the senior brother also must be here.

Gu Yingying was overjoyed when she realized her brother was in the same world as her.

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Gu Yingying walked out of the classroom carrying a school bag.
Bastet sat steadily on her right shoulder all the way to the school gate, attracting the attention of many students.
Some even held the phone while secretly taking photos, but Gu Yingying didn’t mind.

As she walked to the school gate, she remembered being picked up by the Gu family’s driver, and as the eldest daughter, she had no money at all.

Despite the fact that the school gate was crowded at the time, the Gu family’s car was not present.

According to the novel’s plot, after Gu Xuezhen returned to Gu’s house, she purposefully prevented the driver from picking her up in order to let Gu Yingying recognize her identity, and the couple of the Gu family also turned a blind eye.

The most important thing is that since Gu Xuezhen returned to Gu’s home, Gu Yingying’s previous secondary card has been given to Gu Xuezhen, which means she no longer has a dime on her.

Gu Yingying is dressed in Chanel’s latest long skirt, and even the crystal hairpin on her head is from the world’s most popular luxury brand, and the bracelet on her hand is also $10,000.
Gu Yingying wondered, who can see that she doesn’t have a single dollar on her body right now?

Thinking of this, Gu Yingying had no intention of returning home and walked along the route in her memory towards the side of the commercial street.
She had no money on her, so what was she afraid of? She’s going to make money!

One person and one cat took more than 20 minutes to get to the commercial street.
Gu Yingying, to be precise, carried Bastet to the commercial street.
Bastet jumped onto a bench after she found it and knelt down.
Gu Yingying took a seat as well.

“Bastet, I believe you should lose weight; otherwise, I won’t be able to carry you.”

She complained, stretched out her hand, and shook Bastet fiercely.
Bastet shook his head and threw her hand away, and his blue eyes turned into vertical pupils, glaring at her with a clear line written inside.

【You are too weak! 】

Gu Yingying dislikes being overly intelligent at times.
At a glance, she can see the meaning in Bastet’s eyes.
It’s fine if she doesn’t understand it.
Furthermore, they are all human, so how come senior brother can understand Bastet’s speech? Was brother hearing meow meow?

With thoughts like this, it’s another day to miss Senior Brother!

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Gu Yingying removed her schoolbag, took out her hardcover book, then a colored pencil from the stationery box, and drew four large characters—fortune-telling.

That’s correct! Gu Yingying, who possesses a magical mirror, believes that she can only make money in this manner.
How much should she charge each client? Is it fifty or a hundred?

Gu Yingying, who was sitting there, raised her sign after making one for herself.
It appeared to be very unreliable in the commercial street where people came and went.

There are lovers passing by who are secretly looking over.
After all, Gu Yingying’s beauty is still there, such a lovely young lady who is well-dressed and looks good.
How could they not consider it if she was a liar?

With the passage of time, fortune-telling has become the exclusive focus of scammers.

Gu Yingying was also nervous.
She’d never done anything like this before.
She sat up straight, her hands trembling as she held the sign.

Bastet, who was standing on the side, looked at Gu Yingying’s sign.
His azure blue eyes widened, and the next second, he was sitting on the bench like Gu Yingying, waiting for the customer.

There is only one person and one pet sitting there.
It’s actually quite cute.

After a while, a girl exiting the store with her boyfriend’s arm around her recognized Gu Yingying’s Chanel skirt at a glance.
She became intrigued and immediately pulled her boyfriend over.

“Are you engaged in fortune telling, little sister? Then let’s see if my boyfriend and I can be together forever.



[1] 萌出血是 / 孟氏出血- (Bleeding from cuteness)-means that something is so cute that it is rare

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