The second time transmigrating

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The summertime makes people slightly dizzy, the dappled leaves swaying, reflecting the dry heat of this summer day, the cicadas chirping in a burst of sound, making people’s moods inexplicably a little cranky.

Under the locust tree next to the playground of No.
1 Experimental High School, a long-haired girl was sitting with her eyes closed, her mouth chanting something, holding a bronze mirror in her hand.

“Mirror mirror, please tell me, does this body have any other family members?”

After praying, she finished her sentence, and finally squinted her eyes and opened a slit, carefully looking at the “magic mirror” in her hand.

She saw that the bronze mirror had a man’s appearance in a phantom, which was a little blurry.
When Gu Yingying hurried over to look at it, she found that the man’s appearance was constantly changing.
One moment he was a young man, the next he was a teenager.
In short, she couldn’t tell who this man was!

“Magic mirror, are you playing with me? I can’t see any of them clearly.

Gu Yingying stretched out her hand and wiped her Horcrux (soul weapon) earnestly, only seeing her current appearance from the inside.

Seaweed-like beautiful black curly hair, delicate skin like porcelain, pale brown eyes, a small nose, and pink lips like cherry blossoms.
It all looks too good to be bullied, right?

“Hey, Senior Brother, where are you?”

With a sigh, Gu Yingying put the bronze mirror in her arms.
She still couldn’t accept the fact that she had actually transmigrated over again.

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That’s right, she transmigrated again! This is the second time- transmigrating.

Before the first transmigration, Gu Yingying was just an ordinary girl.
She was hit by a car while saving a child crossing the road, and transmigrated over to the Anlan Continent, where she met her senior brother, who loved her deeply.
As a result, on the day when the senior brother ascended and experienced the ninth heavenly tribulation, the tribulation thunder happened to split on her head and hacked her into this world.

In this world, her name hasn’t changed; she’s still Gu Yingying, but her identity has, because Gu Yingying can find it in her memory with her small brain that she has cultivated for 800 years, this world is the world of the novel she liked to read in her previous life.

She, Gu Yingying, the daughter of the Gu family, oh no, she is no longer the Gu family’s daughter.

Because after a lapse of more than 800 years, Gu Yingying has long forgotten the plot of the novel.
She only remembers that Miss Gu Yingying of the Gu family is a fake, and the real daughter is her classmate, that is, the heroine.
Later, the heroine recognized her relatives and returned to Gu’s house.
Of course, she, the fake daughter, could only give way to the real daughter.

Unlike those stories of exchanging daughters, the Gu family didn’t despise their biological daughter because she grew up with someone else’s parents, but they loved her in every possible way after the heroine returned home, which made the fake daughter, Gu Yingying feel like an outsider.
In less than two months, the Gu couple learned from their own daughter how she was abused at her adoptive parents’ house, and then, in a fit of anger, they sent the fake daughter to the heroine’s adoptive parents’ house.

Gu Yingying has no recollection of the later plot, but she is certain that the original owner was not the biological daughter of the heroine’s adoptive parents.
Surprisingly, after being exiled to that home and subjected to a lot of abuse, she was adopted by her former brother, Gu Xiao.
Despite the fact that they were not biologically related, they lived together for many years.

That is, after seeing the plot’s development, Gu Yingying abandoned the pit, and nothing else is known about it after that.

Now that it’s been a month since the heroine, Yu Xuezhen, changed her name to Gu Xuezhen and returned home, Gu Yingying will soon be forcibly sent to the Yu family by the Gu family.
Gu Yingying will absolutely not allow such a thing to happen.

So the best way is to find other family members of this body.

Gu Yingying was just now using her magic mirror to calculate the other blood relatives of this body.
As long as her blood dripped into the magical mirror, it would heat up when the blood relatives of this body were within a kilometer of her, and then guide her to the other party.

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This magic mirror is Gu Yingying’s soul weapon.
It appears to have no effect other than checking makeup and hairstyles, but it can see through people’s good and bad luck, making it a must-have item for travelling.

Her senior brother said that she was favored by heaven.
Her blood relatives were not fated, and she could not meet them by fate, but if she had the opportunity to meet relatives, it would be a fate to support each other and cherish each other.
Gu Yingying has never had a blood relative in her previous lives, so she is looking forward to it very much in this life.

“Gu Yingying! Why are you hiding here alone?”

Gu Yingying turned her head and saw Shi Yating, who was standing there with mockery in her gaze, and the female lead beside her-Gu Xuezhen.

Just a month ago, the life experiences of the two of them were exposed.
Yu Xuezhen changed her name to Gu Xuezhen and was even brought to school by the Gu couple themselves for the classmates to take better care of, and now everyone knows that Gu Yingying is just a fake daughter who has taken up residence in the Gu family.
Gu Xuezhen is the real daughter of the Gu family.

Seeing the person coming, Gu Yingying stood up from the ground and patted the leaves on her white skirt, frowning slightly.<

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