Chapter 1: How She Died

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There were a lot of people at the Imperial Palace just to see a person die.
Even though there were a lot of people, no one spoke up.
Even though it was very quiet, the Emperor’s calm, high-pressure voice could be heard all over the room.

“We will start the execution of Empress Killianerisa Sei Rispontia right away.”

He said so in a dry voice that didn’t sound like he was telling everyone that her ex wife was about to be killed.
He said it like she’s just another stranger in the death row.

“I’m gonna ask you Empress Killianerisa Sei Rispontia… Did you try to kill Queen Larian Ariena Rispontia with potion?”

Killianerisa, who had kept her head down the whole time, laughed in a sad way when she heard those words.

“Keuk… Kukukuku—”

People in the audience just looked at her and said that she was crazy.

What a crazy woman.

Before she died, it was clear that she was going crazy.

She is a notorious villain, Killianerisa.
Despite the fact that there are a lot of people here, no one looked at her in a friendly way.
It could have been normal to know who she is: The bad woman who was jealous of the beautiful Queen Lerian, caused trouble for her, and was always mean to other people.

“Why are you laughing?”

And this is the man most far away from her.
She heard the voice of the Emperor, who had been sitting on the chair and watching her.

When the Emperor asked her that question, she stopped laughing and stared at him… the man who was supposed to be her lifelong companion… her husband, and the person whose words will kill her.
But she looked at him, devoid of any ill feelings.

‘My love… My Husband.’


“Now you’re looking at me.”

Killianerisa had a big, happy smile.
It was a pure and clear smile, like a girl staring at something for the first time who just fell in love. 

But, unlike the bright colors that were painted on her face, her face was badly hurt.
Her fine blonde hair was all over the place, and her skin, which looked like pearls, was dry and flaky. 

It had been a long time since even the most beautiful dress she wore got torn and could no longer be recognized.

But the only things that were alive were the Emperor’s red eyes. 

Because of her strange smile, the emperor couldn’t help but bite his lips. You are talking nonsense even in this situation.
She really was a crazy person.

He got chills when he thought that someone like that had been made empress. 

Still, he felt relieved at the same time. 

Also, he didn’t make the wrong choice. 

The way he does it is right.
When he saw her smiling like that, even in this situation, the small doubts and unease he had been feeling were finally gone. 

She was crazy and sane at the same time.

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With that thought, the hard-to-describe feelings that had risen to the top of his head seemed to calm down.
That seemed to be enough to handle this awkward situation on its own.

It’s over anyway today.
You don’t have to feel this way any longer.
He opened his mouth and stepped on the bad feeling that had come back to the tip of his neck.

“Yes… I always saw your crimes and evil deeds.
But it’s now time to pay for your sins.”

As if she didn’t hear the angry tone of the Emperor, she suddenly said.

“I see.
What did I do wrong?”

She opened her eyes and cocked her head to the side.
The woman’s face, which didn’t even show fear, looked like she was pulling a joke.

When he saw her, who still didn’t know what she’s done, he clenched his teeth and felt something fly through him.

How can a person be so brazen about killing the Queen of the Empire and the beloved woman of the Emperor?

He really wanted to break Killianerisa apart with his own hands. ‘Can I do that?’

But from where he sat, he couldn’t even take revenge for the woman he loved.

‘You don’t have to get my hands dirty!’

His eyes, which had been filled with emotion, suddenly calmed down.

“It’s your fault that you went up to the place where my rain falls.”

What started as a sound turned into thousands of arrows in an instant and hit her right in the chest. 

Even though there was no damage, she jerked and shook as if she had really been hit by an arrow.

But even for a second, she looked at the Emperor with a face that showed she was not guilty. 

It’s a word that is used too often to be attacked. 

As usual, she didn’t care about her sad heart and said something in a soft voice.

“No, I didn’t do anything wrong.
As Empress, I was just trying to deal with that mean girl who got my husband to fall in love with her.
You should thank me, Your Maje—”

“Don’t speak! Do you want me to pull out your tongue before you shut up?! You’re insane… you’re a woman who was never sane.”

Her words stopped for a moment when the Emperor yelled in anger, but she stopped her lips from shaking.

It was at least curved.

She also said,

Sadly, I’m sober.
Even if this truth-tongue teller is pulled out, an eye is pulled out, a body bleeds out, or a limb is ripped apart, the truth cannot be called a lie—”

The backstory should have come out, but nothing did. 

As if hands that she couldn’t see or feel were holding her neck. 

She wants to laugh, but she can’t because of how she feels about herself.
But she quickly got used to the way he made her feel.

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I am Killianerisa Sei Rispontia, and I am the ruler of the Rispontian Empire.
I won’t be trampled on so easily…

Kilianerisa barely finished what she was saying before she was cut off.
She put on a big smile and tried to look like the happiest Empress, but her smile was never seen again.

“You won’t get the answers you’re looking for.
I don’t regret what I did.”

‘Yes… I never regretted it!’

In spite of what she thought, the clear tears in her eyes showed that she didn’t want to cry.
They ran

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