Chapter 41

Report meeting

Translated by Dawn
Edited by Dawn


Report meeting

We exchanged heat with each other through our lips and then what happened? I honestly didn’t remember anything about how we got home.
I felt like I met up with Natsuki and Raimon-san, and I think I was in another pool.
I think Natsuki called out to me a few times, but I didn’t even remember what I answered.

I found myself going home with Kazemiya.

…What did we talk about on the way home? I had no memory of it.
Maybe we didn’t talk about anything.
I think we were silent for a long time.
I even barely said “I’m home” and went back to my room.

Kazemiya was in an empty room…probably a guest room, or maybe Kotomi’s room.

Which one was she in? I forgot.
I can’t remember.
At least, I couldn’t calm down now.
If I calmed down even for a moment, I would vividly remember what happened at the pool.

The feeling of Kazemiya’s heat still lingered on my lips.

It happened not once or twice, but……


What were you doing? What was I doing?

And it wasn’t an accident, or a flow, or anything like that.

It was clearly something I did of my own volition.
I was being honest about my feelings, which I had turned away from until now.
I had no regrets about that, and I was relieved that Kazemiya did not reject it.

Thank God.
Somewhere inside of me, I had feared that I would no longer be friends with Kazemiya, that I would lose her.
I was able to protect the time we spent alone at the family restaurant, I didn’t lose Kazemiya, and I was able to be with her.
I was relieved more than anything to know that.

Although the form had changed from friend……


…Had the form changed from a friend?

So what were we now? What name would be given to our relationship?

Maybe the public would call us lovers, but…we just kissed.
That’s all.

It was not a verbal agreement like in dramas or comic books, like “I love you” or “Please go out with me”.

After the kiss, we didn’t talk much.
We just left it ambiguous and went home…

After all—what are we now, Kazemiya Kohaku?

We kissed.
That was certain.
So, did that make me a lover, or could I call myself Kazemiya Kohaku’s boyfriend? I……don’t think so.
So, if I was asked why I kissed her, it would be because I like her.

(Wait…if I think about it carefully……)

I still hadn’t heard about Kazemiya’s feelings.
Before that, I didn’t even tell Kazemiya how I feel, did I?

In this situation, if by any chance Kazemiya—

“Can you stop acting like you’re my boyfriend just because we kissed?”

—She might say that…


My head hurts.
Or rather, I was shocked by my own imagination…

What should I do? It would be a little…no, quite awkward.

“What kind of face am I supposed to make when I meet Kazemiya from now on…?”


I didn’t really remember what happened after that.
I think maybe Shiori talked to me or something.

To be honest, I wasn’t even sure how I got home.
My feet moved on their own and I found myself at Narumi’s house.
When I first came to myself, I was a bit surprised.

While I was surprised at the passage of time, I heard a knock on the door and someone entered the room…

“…Ah, Kotomi-chan.”

“Oh, thank God.
You’ve come to your senses.”

……What kind of state was I really in?

“Mother and I were worried about you two.
Both Brother and Kazemiya-senpai were acting strange…”

“I’m sorry.
It’s not that we’re sick or unwell or anything like that…”

……Not good.
I don’t know what kind of face I should be making when I talk to Kotomi-chan.

“…Umm.Did I do something that might have bothered you, Kazemiya-senpai?”

“Huh? It’s not like that…why?”

“You haven’t even made eye contact with me since a while ago…”

That’s right.
Because it was awkward.

I just kissed Narumi at the pool……Kotomi’s brother.

But how could I say that……

“……It’s as if you can’t look at me because you kissed my brother at the pool and you feel awkward.”

“How do you know!?”



Perhaps if a competition were held now to determine the world’s biggest moron, I would be the winner by a landslide.



“………….May I have a detailed report?”


Somehow, with all the momentum, I told her everything.

I told her that we had gone to the pool.
I was alone with Narumi there, and we kissed.

I felt like I had said things I didn’t need to say.
I wonder if I was weak against Kotomi…Maybe that was part of it, but…maybe I wanted someone to listen to me.

“I see…My brother took Kazemiya-senpai into the shadows to hide her from a classmate who happened to run into the two of you…then, his hands, unable to control his possessive desire, undid your swimsuit, exposing the white skin that was hidden by the enchanting fabric.”

“You’re half right, half fictional, so be careful what you say.”

To think, the fantasy that Kotomi-chan had this morning had become half a reality.

“I was surprised that my brother was so aggressive.
I can’t believe he was the one to approach Kazemiya-senpai.”

“It’s not that he approach me…but……well, it’s true that Narumi was the first one to approach me.”

“……’The first one’? Ehh? So it’s not just once?”

“I don’t know how many times.
I forgot…Narumi tried to stop, but halfway through, I started begging for him…I was getting more and more out of control…so please don’t look at Narumi…or your brother, too strangely, okay?”

“Rather, I think I’m going to change the way I look at Kazemiya-senpai.”


“Think back to what you said two seconds ago.”

“What, I said, I started begging for him………Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh…!!!”

Just then! Absolutely! Why did I say that! Why!!!

“That…everything I said before…it’s just a joke!”

I received your kindness in trying to cover up for my brother.”

“……Then, that’s good.”

Kotomi-chan’s lukewarm eyes were conversely painful.

“Thanks to you, I can make reference books faster (Scratch, Scratch, Scratch).”

Don’t take notes so fast.”

Kotomi-chan’s hand ran over the blank notebook at high speed, and the pages turned black at blinding speed.
…Kotomi-chan’s “reference book,” I should definitely not look at it.
But still, I wonder if Kotomi-chan felt okay, really.
To me, it looked like the best brain in the school year was dyed a peachy color.

“Then I would like to ask you a question for reference…”

“… you can ask me anything.”

It was already too late for me to reject her for asking any questions, so I’d better take it as a lodging fee since I felt indebted to Kotomi-chan for her hospitality.

“…Did you two do anything other than kissing?”

“? We didn’t.”

My brother is a very patient man.
I respect that.”

I didn’t quite understand what it was, but it seemed that Kotomi-chan’s opinion of Narumi had risen in her mind.

Kotomi then continued to take notes diligently, and after filling about half of the notebook, she closed it as if satisfied.
The page filled with letters was pitch black, but strangely enough, it looked pink to me, which I would like to think was my imagination.

“Phew…Anyway, congratulations.”

“Huh? Congratulations? On what?”

“So, you two are now lovers, right?”

“Ah, that’s right…I see.
I and Narumi are already… lovers…?”

For some reason, I got caught up, twisted my head, and unintentionally asked Kotomi-chan, this time, a question of my own.

“……Are me and Narumi dating now?”

“I’d rather ask the question myself…”

“Now that I think about it, I and NARUMI don’t remember ever confessing to each other.”

“To ask for a kiss even though you two are not even dating…isn’t that you two just another lewd people?”

Don’t say that.”

Sadly, nothing could be denied.

“But given the circumstances of the two of you, aren’t you…normal lovers already? Even though he hasn’t confessed to you, it would be almost like he has confessed to you.
Rather, it may be fashionable not to say the words.
Though you two are lewd.”

“Kotomi-chan? Can you do something with that ‘lewd’? Though it’s also my fault…Well, let’s just leave it at that…”

I felt like I was constantly self-destructing today.
Maybe I should change my name to “Jibaku (+)TLN: Self-destruct” instead of “Kohaku.”

“If Narumi says something like, ‘Can you stop acting like you’re my girlfriend just because we kissed?’…That would be bad.”

“In that case, even I would hit my brother in the face if he says that…though, It’s understandable that you would feel uneasy if you didn’t receive proper verbal assurances.”

Maybe that kiss was proof of our feelings for each other.

Even so, it makes me wonder…am I being selfish for thinking like that?

“What kind of face should I make when I meet Narumi from now on…?”

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