Chapter 2: Hungry Ghosts


Wu Rong didn’t think too much.

When the voice sounded, he had already thrown his mobile phone into the mouth of the starving ghost.

Within half a minute of the dark ghost coming, the surrounding light became dim, the temperature dropped suddenly and it was extremely cold.
The half person high trash can rotted and cracked, the wall was rolled and mottled, and the bottom was full of dirty mold.
It seemed that an extremely evil force had affected the surrounding environment, and Wu Rong, who was trapped in it, had no choice but to fight.

Anyway, they were all ghosts.
If they fight, he still had a chance!

“Ow – Gulu.”

The ghost swallowed the phone directly.
Its upper body had already reached Wu Rong’s back, and the black long and dirty arm had strangled his neck.
Wu Rong shuddered.
The place where he came into contact with the ghost was like ice cream.
It was so cold that he seemed to be in the freezer and could not move at all.
His skin was pale because of the cold, and his lips lost their color.
Even though he knew he had to fight hard, his gradually blurred mind could not control his frozen body.

The pus green and stinky saliva of the starving ghost dripped on Wu Rong’s shoulder, and he would be swallowed before he was frozen to death.

Time was like static, stretching infinitely, just at this moment—

“Ah ah ah ah!!!”

Wu Rong’s mind gradually recovered in the shrill and tragic wail.
The cold source suddenly left, making his body warm.
He stumbled a few steps.
After he could control his body, Wu Rong quickly walked a few steps away from this area before looking back to see what had happened.

The evil spirit was melting, and his bulging and hard abdomen became as soft as cream, from which little green fingerprints were printed.
The handprint was very small, about the size of the palm of a three or four year old child, accompanied by a child’s silver bell like giggling.
The more joyful the laughter was, the more miserable the evil spirit’s wail was.
It scratched its belly crazily.
When Wu Rong turns around, it screamed, and finally its belly, which was as thin as paper, was torn by itself.


A slight sound, like the sound of a balloon bursting, made the evil spirit wither quickly after the belly was torn open, but in two or three seconds it became a ball of ashes.
From the dregs rolled out a cell phone that was corroded off half.

Zizizizi, Zizizizi.

The noise of electric current was intermittent, and you could vaguely hear a full burp of contentment from the phone side.
With the childish laughter of children, with a naïve doubt: “King… Thank you for your hospitality……”

“When will you… die…?”

“Only when you die…”


The mobile phone, which had suffered numerous disasters, was finally completely abandoned.
The hustle and bustle of people gradually became normal.
The sun set and the warm sunshine fell on the alleys.
The trash cans returned to normal.
The wall was half new and hung on the wall.
Everything seemed like a world away.

Wu Rong took a deep breath, deadened, shook his hands, and lit a cigarette for himself.

People would be a little numb if they were stimulated too much.
At least when he went back to the cold and lonely shroud shop, no one could see anything from Wu Rong’s expressionless face.
Looking at his mother, who was somewhat unfamiliar, his tense nerves finally relaxed slightly.

Even if the world changed, the closest person was still the same.
Wu Rong’s lips moved and whispered:


“You still know how to come back? I thought you were dead outside and forgot that I was your mother!”

The old hag was surprised when she saw someone coming back.
Then she pushed Wu Rong in with a straight face, closed the door, and said impatiently, “You’re all covered in ghost qi, the little brat went to raise ghosts again, right.
I think you still expect me to be angry with that day and then raise your old mother, just be an ordinary person and don’t listen, hurry up, go to the back and wash the grapefruit leaves for me, unlucky star.”

The second floor of the sushi shop was a cramped home.
The old hag pushed Wu Rong into the bathroom, turned around and pulled a bunch of grapefruit leaves, put the water away, but stood at the bathroom door hesitating before leaving.
The witch mother kept silent for a long time before making up her mind.
She hesitated and said, “Little brat, the old man from the cottage called today, your grandmother is old, her body is not working, and I have something to tell you……”


The rhythmic knock on the door started from downstairs.
The witch mother who was interrupted didn’t want to pay attention to it, but she was stunned by the knock on the door several times.
Finally, she raised her eyebrows, rolled up her sleeves , pedaled, and walked down the stairs.
She rushed to the door and shouted: “Don’t you see that the door is closed? Get out of here.
Today, people and ghosts don’t open stores!”


A deformed and twisted little hand directly penetrated the door panel and reached in to open the lock.
The door was pushed open and two people, one old and one young, came in from outside.
They wore black windbreaker and carried a black leather bag in their hands.
The old man was short and bent, his face was full of wrinkles, and his eyes were cloudy.
The windbreaker on his back was bulging, like a baby.
The deformed little hand disappeared under his windbreaker, and Wu Rong, who followed her downstairs, saw it.

The young man, on the other hand, looked more normal, just wearing a mask, covering the lower half of his face tightly.

“Hello, Public Security Bureau, Section 7 office, I am special police officer Zhou Xun, ghost number 1682.”

Zhou Xun took out the police officer card with black leather and silver face, opened it in front of Wu Rong, the witch mother, and spoke softly.
The old man beside him did not say a word but stared at Wu Rong with a gloomy face and foggy eyes.

“At 6:15:32 this afternoon, the supernatural reaction of the residential building area in Yangjiaping Pedestrian Street, Wulongpo District exceeded the standard.
According to the monitoring, it was confirmed that a level D supernatural recovery event had occurred.
In order to prevent the spread of malignant events, the residents in this area should be investigated.
Please cooperate with us.”


The cold rain fell on his face, and Xun An, who was dragged to the back alley by a sack and beaten hard, woke up at night.
He was lying in the garbage heap, dirty and smelly, his white shirt was completely soil colored, and his body was full of injuries, which hurt him terribly.

Wu Rong’s younger brother knew how to behave.
They hurt him in places that were extremely painful but couldn’t be seen from the outside.
It’s no use even if Xun An went to the police station to complain.

Xun An, who seemed to be scattered, was suffocated to death.
He was completely at a loss, and he had no idea why Wu Rong suddenly turned his face today! [1]

“Did someone tell him something?”

Xun An was puzzled.
He shook the muddy water on his clothes and stood up with his hands on the wall.
“Wu Rong is now angry.
Wait a few days, wait a few days…”

Xun An was not very afraid, he felt that Wu Rong must still be attached to himself, that’s why he was so angry.
Once his head full of anger subsided and then coaxed, he will come back.
As for Lin Wenwen, who was not easy to speak, Xun An hesitated for a moment.

“Don’t worry.
Such a woman with a good family background is like a donkey.
If she doesn’t look at you, you must be cold sometimes to make her feel special.”

Xun An, who was confident, was not so angry.
Now it was too late to go back to the dormitory under curfew.
He had no money to stay in the hotel.
Xun An was reluctant to spend money.
After thinking about it, he limped out.

Yangjiaping was a small city.
You could see lots of old bungalows when you went beyond the more prosperous commercial streets.
Xun An walked for a long time until he came to a very remote and sparsely populated place.
Here was a small courtyard like a farmyard, which was dilapidated.
It was midnight, and there was also the sad barking of dogs.

Xun An frowned and knocked on the door.
When the warm yellow light came on, a young man wearing black T jeans and full of hostility.
He was carrying a steel tube, which was covered with blood.
Xun An said in a low voice, “Brother Tiger, I want to stay for one night.”

“Yo, isn’t this the top student? It was not your little girlfriend, right?”

Brother Tiger mocked and took the key out of his belt and opened the door lock rudely: “Come in, I’m a kind man.
I always like to take in homeless cats and dogs.”

Xun An went in silently, the door clanging behind him.
The yard was not big, but there were a lot of sundries.
There were several sacks lying around the exposed water pipes.
The ground was full of dark water, and it was unclear whether it was blood or water.
After Xun An came into the yard, he felt that there were many eyes staring at him in the dark.
Brother Hu cursed and threw the steel tube out of his hand.

“Bastards, what are you looking at? Get out of here!”

The steel pipe fell hard in the dark corner, something was hit, and a whine came out.
A group of dark shadows ran away in a panic.
They were all skinny stray cats and dogs in the dim light.
Xun An slept in the side room.
With an old and moldy quilt, cat and dog feces mixed with the stench of blood fermentation, the incessant wailing of animals, and the pain all over his body made him barely sleep until midnight.

‘I, Xun An, will surely go to the capital and the best Tianshi University, and become a Tianshi respected by thousands of people!’ [2]

‘Wu Rong… Lin Wenwen… Just wait for me…’

Xun An gritted his teeth and swore to fall asleep.
But soon, he began to twitch all over and rolled to the ground like a lunatic.
He knocked his head on the edge of the bed and suddenly opened his eyes.

“No, don’t kill me.
Wu Rong, don’t kill me.
I didn’t push you out on purpose.
I didn’t kill you! Wu Rong, please let me go! Ah ah ah pain, good pain , dog, don’t bite me, Wu Rong, Wu Rong, you let me go, you let me go!”

Xun An seemed to be haunted by some nightmare.
His eyes were straight and struggling, and his whole body was shaking like chaff.
He screamed in fear and despair, causing cats to jump and dogs to bark outside.
The awakened Tiger Brother angrily kicked the door open, picked up Xun An’s collar and slapped him hard: “Call your ancestor’s soul in the middle of the night.
If you want to die, I will help you!”

These two slaps woke Xun An up.
He was pale and panting like a dehydrated fish.
His face was dazed and frightened.
He muttered, “Liu, Liu Hu? Weren’t you bitten to death by Wu Rong’s dog, did I die too?”

“Woof woof.”

A crippled little dog stepped on the side of the bed and looked curiously at Xun An with its short black tail wagging like a flower.
Who knew what Xun An looked except terrified, rolling and crawling to move backwards, his noise was full of a fishy smell, his crotch all wet: “ah ah ah ah ah ah go away, go away! Don’t bite me, don’t eat me, Wu Rong, Wu Rong please don’t let it bite, let me go, let me go-!!!”

“F*ck your grandma!”

Liu Hu was furious and slapped Xun An’s mouth full of blood.
He opened his mouth and spat out several teeth.
Seeing that he was scared, he urinated and talked nonsense.
Brother Hu went out with a gloomy face, but later he came in with a bowl of blood and directly splashed at Xun An’s face.
The blood of the black dog trickled down, looking at Xun An’s bloody hands, his eyes went straight, and he fainted again.

The next morning, Xun An finally calmed down from extreme fear.
He was vaguely aware that he had been reborn.

Reborn back to a year ago.

The author has something to say:

The scum man is reborn from the ghost line~

TL note: [1] Wu Rong gave him no face (respect) and beat him

[2]Tianshi(天师): Celestial Master

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