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     This time, it was not the girl who responded, but the girl at the same table.
He heard the topic of the two and raised his head with interest.
His voice was especially loud in the quiet classroom during the lunch break.

     He seemed to find that he had disturbed other students during their lunch break.
He turned around and apologized to the students behind him with his hands folded, and then lowered his voice and said to Mo Li:

     “In the second year of high school, Bai Cheng and Xu Jia had a fight.
Xu Jia’s family was very good, and there was still social protection outside, so he was considered a school bully in our school, but he was beaten by Bai Cheng that time.

     The boy was a little excited when he talked about this kind of thing, but he was worried about Xu Jia, and still whispered: “At that time, although Bai Cheng rarely spoke and was very quiet, he could still get along with each other.
We all thought at the time.  The school bully of No.
6 Middle School is going to be replaced!”

     “As a result, hey, it’s a pity to die-“

     “Idiot Zhi, what did you say?”

     Just as the boy was talking with gusto, there was a sudden sound from his side.
The boy was shocked, and when he turned his head, he saw that Xu Jia was pointing at him with a gel pen.
Although he was smiling, his eyes obviously didn’t mean that.

     Seeing him look over, Xu Jia threw the pen on the table, stood up and snorted:

     “Be quiet, I can’t even sleep if I want.”

     Bai Quzhi smiled awkwardly, and hurriedly covered his mouth and made a silent motion.

     Satisfied with his success, Xu Jia slowly turned his eyes to Mo Li.

     Mo Li looked at him calmly, still looking lazy, leaning against the wall without standing.

 The squad leader Wu Shi saw this, his eyes moved, and he also stood up and said:

     “Mo Li, although you are a new transferee, you have to abide by the rules of our school.
It’s lunch break.
Go back to your seat to rest, and don’t disturb others.”

     His voice was not small, and several students who were doing the questions looked up at him, but said nothing.

     Mo Li didn’t seem to hear such a big movement, except to look at it, he didn’t even move a finger.

     Xu Jia had already stood up and walked to Mo Li, pushing him hard.

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