a little bit first…”

The old market street was shabby and mottled.
The shadow of the sister and brother was stretched very long.

Next Saturday, there was no class.

Jiang Fuyue finally had a deep sleep after being reborn.

It was nine o’clock when she woke up, and the sun was shining outside the window.

Little Brother Jiang was doing his homework, and when he saw her getting up, he hurried to the kitchen to make porridge.

After Jiang Fuyue finished washing up, she sat down.
There was a bowl of sweet potato porridge in front of her, an egg and a meat bun on the plate.

She only drank the porridge and pushed the eggs and steamed buns to Jiang Chenxing.

Perhaps she knew that the conditions at home were not good, so he restrained himself for every meal and never had enough food.

After waking up in the middle of the night several times, Jiang Fuyue heard the sound of his stomach gurgling.

“I’m not hungry…” Little Brother Jiang pushed back.

Jiang Fuyue glanced coldly.

He pursed his lips.

“You can eat as much as you want, I’m not that great.
It’s not that I wronged myself to satisfy you, but I really can’t eat it.” 

In this world, no one can make her wrong.

Not before, not now, and never in the future.

If a person doesn’t even love herself, then how can she get love, and what qualifications does she have to love others?

For lunch, Little Brother Jiang was in charge.
Don’t look at his small stature, he was neat and smooth when he picked up the wok, and soon the meat, vegetable and soup was served on the table.

First, he saved a portion for Jiang Da and Han Yunru, and then the sister and brother ate.

Jiang Fuyue looked at the plate of fried shredded pork with green peppers taking up most of the space in front of her eyes, and out of the corner of her eye caught a glimpse of Little Brother Jiang who didn’t eat much food, he just stuffed his mouth with white rice.

Looking around, the walls were mottled and old.

The key was that the house is rented.

This family is really…


She had to find a way to get some money, otherwise, under these conditions, they can’t even eat a decent plate of meat, let alone allow Little Brother Jiang grow up.

“Sister, I’m going to deliver food to my parents.”

“Let’s go together.”

Little Brother Jiang said, “Ah”, surprised.

Jiang Fuyue knew that the original owner’s parents had set up a stall near the school and she was afraid of running into her classmates, so she never went there, let alone delivered meals.

Standing at the entrance, she had already changed her shoes: “Is there a problem?”

Little Brother Jiang shook his head like a cassette tape: “No, no…” 

The stall was not far away, just at the back of No.
1 High School, a fifteen-minute walk.

It was not busy at the moment.
Han Yunru stayed in front of the stall, lowered her head and wiped the stainless steel plate with a towel, and then she changed to another towel to wipe the pancake machine.
No traces were missed, and the bottles and jars on the booth were also neatly arranged. 

Above the aluminum car, a banner with yellow characters on a red background was used as a signboard, with the characters “Jiangji Pancakes Authentic and Delicious” written on it.

“Mom—” Han Yunru raised her head abruptly when she heard the voice, and a smile spread across her lips.
Suddenly, her eyes stagnated, and she was a little more stunned.

The girl next to her son was…

“Husband! Husband! Don’t do your things, Yueyue is here!”

Jiang Da was originally squatting on the ground to wash things; hearing the words, he stood up abruptly: “Yueyue?” He also looked surprised.

“Yeah, look…”

Jiang Da and Han Yunru didn’t react until Jiang Fuyue walked up to the two of them and called her parents.

“Why is Yueyue here? Is it hot?” Han Yunru took the lunch box and handed it to Jiang Da, and then brought a tissue to her daughter.

Jiang Fuyue had heard this voice more than once before going to bed.

Especially the sound of “Yueyue” coming out of the woman’s mouth softly and precisely, like cotton balls wrapped with velvet, soft and sticky.

Jiang Fuyue raised her eyes and saw a fair-skinned woman with a quiet smile and a gentle expression.
The mother and daughter had the same eyebrows.

The four eyes faced each other, shining brightly.

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