o, Alesha acted cute to appease Shuella’s heart with her quick wit.
Normally, she would fall for her cuteness, but today was different.
She did not look very happy.


‘Well, she’s been like this for a long time.’


It was because she had been annoyed since earlier.
Since she made a reservation for a necklace, Leilia stole it by intercepting the reservation and paid a higher price.
Because of that, Shuella has been taking her anger out here and there.


‘It’s a necklace that isn’t very expensive.’


Of course, it was expensive in this house.


Leilia began to eat her food a little faster.
It was because before her father came, she wanted to finish her meal.
Seeing that, Shuella glared at her.


“You’re really being rude.”


“Mother, what are you saying!”


“Don’t even think about meddling.”


…But today, it was worse.


‘This is annoying.’


‘What should I intercept next?’


Leilia, who was pondering that, fell into her thoughts.
While Shuella may never know, Leilia was confident that she would not let her obtain any jewelry she wanted.
While thinking so, the door opened and a man appeared.


“You’re late!”


The man laughed at Alesha’s cry.
A handsome man with golden hair down to his shoulders and blue eyes, he was Leilia’s father, Cowell Eloisa.


“You woke up late, didn’t you?”


“Can you tell?”


“Well, you didn’t dry your hair.”


Cowell soothed Alesha by stroking her head tenderly before kissing his wife, Shuella, on the cheek.


“Did you sleep well?”


“Of course.”


“Is Alesha enjoying your breakfast, too?”


“Father, you’re late.”


“I’m sorry.”


“As a penalty, no drinking for a week!”


“Please, cut me some slack.”


They spoke affectionately to each other—except for Raylia, they were a very close family.


‘…I’m the only stranger.’


Even though she always hated feeling this way, she had no intention of ever begging them for affection.


“Leilia’s here, too.”


“Yes, father.”


“How rude she was, she was noisy the whole time we ate.”


The next moment, Cowell frowned at Shuella’s words before opening his mouth to his daughter, “Leilia, you’re still tasteless.
This is why you can’t get married.”


Meanwhile, Alesha started to eat while glancing at them.


“I’ll be careful next time.”


At Leilia’s words, he shook his head and sat next to Shuella.

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