nt back and forth with the Roten Empire, however, they were not enough to fold the top.
Regardless, the situation was different in the Kingdom of Seitria.


Eventually, they would have to make a decision.


By the time she finished reading the newspaper, the tea she had been drinking had already run out.
Seychelle, who was organizing around the bed, glanced at the watch before approaching her and whispered.


“It’s meal time.”




Leilia’s expression was not good.


Her least favorite thing was Monday morning family meals.
It was the worst thing, though she still had to go.
Because if she did not, her father and stepmother would then bother her about it later all week.


She just wanted to avoid that.


Eventually, Leilia got up from her chair before heading to the dressing room to change her clothes.



 ゚· : * ✧ * :· ゚



Leilia, who went to the dressing room, chose a modest dress.
It was not that she did not have any fancy clothes, but she did not bother to wear them for breakfast.


“Are you not going to wear makeup again this time?”


Seychelle asked formally.


“Yes, I don’t want to do it for breakfast on Mondays.”


Seychelle bowed her head at her words and helped her change clothes.
The next moment, she carefully combed her hair down to her waist neatly.


Leilia, who left her room for breakfast, consciously smiled.


‘Because I told Seychelle to buy a tea that’s easy to digest in advance.’


While her father, stepmother, and siblings’ rooms were all on the first floor, Leilia’s room was on the second floor.
Her father’s intentions were clearly read.
As he had separated her room, it meant for her to live there like a dead mouse.
Of course, her stepmother would have encouraged the idea as well.


‘It’s not that I’m upset by that.’


That could be the case because her stepmother was not her real mother.
However, her father… he was her biological father though he had no affection for Leilia.


Shaking her head, Leilia headed down to the basement where the dining room was located.
Upon her arrival at the dining room, the heavy, ornately carved wood door to the dining room opened.


Her stepmother was already sitting there already.


Her honey-like colored hair fluttered down to her waist while her blue eyes shone like jewels.
Her stepmother, who wore earrings with various jewels and lipstick on her lips, was very glamorous.
There was no blemish on her clear skin.


Her face was always admirable.
She had an appearance that suited her father’s taste for beautiful and flashy things.

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