s on the outside but quietly leaned back on a chair, gazing at the divorce papers.


“I see.
I didn’t know because you signed it without hesitation like that.”


Lucis replied sarcastically, but he soon shook his head and held out what he had prepared instead.


“Here’s the new dress catalogue.”


“How expensive?”


Turning her chair, Leilia scanned the booklet that Lucis had brought.
Whenever she was stressed, she would vent her anger by buying a wide variety of things, always choosing the most expensive things when she was spending.


“The most expensive dress is cheaper than I thought.”


“That’s Lady Leilia’s standard.”




“It’s a wonderful life, everyone should know that Lady Leilia lives like this.”


“It doesn’t matter if they don’t know.”


After saying that, she placed the papers in an envelope and sealed it.


Then, she sent the divorce papers to her husband, Cassel.



 ゚· : * ✧ * :· ゚



The wind on the battlefield was bleak and desolate.


At the wind, Lucis glanced up at the castle gate.
After the recent war was completely over, high-ranking nobles were coming and going to negotiate a war between the Empire and the Kingdom of Seitria.
Therefore, it was not unusual for someone to visit this place through the warp.*

[ T/N: An added explanation just in case! In other words, distorting space-time in a wormhole which is a method to travel a long distance in a short time — AKA, teleporting! ]


Feeling the dry air, Lucis clenched the divorce papers in his hand.


As he was in charge of the headquarters of the Hyllan merchant association, he was able to minimize the necessary inspection required upon entry, so Leilia’s documents could arrive quickly.


Striding to the checking point, he showed his identification.
Since they also already knew his face, the examination procedure was formal.




The wind was dry.


Lucis stared at Rutelia Castle, which was a fortress where Cassel was.
Perhaps, he was in the office where he had always stayed.


As he walked down the hallway, he could not hide his heavy heart.
He could tell even if no one told him that his own expression had stiffened.
Standing in front of the office, he sighed and turned the handle on the door.


The door opened with a slight sound.


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