The air on the terrace where the windows were firmly closed was cold.
Although the early spring sunshine was mellow, the wind was rather harsh.
However, there were no curtains on the terrace, so the wind flowing through the gaps in the windows could not be prevented.


A woman slipped into this cold place.


Even though it was the weather for an average person to wear thick clothes, she was only wearing a thin brown dress.
If she caught a cold because of this, her maid would sigh, but she had no choice but to do this.


She wanted to hide her heavy heart though she couldn’t, so that was why she was here.


“The cold is perfect when you’ve got a lot of thoughts in your head.” 


While she spoke as brightly as possible, her expression was not so good.
Sitting on a wooden chair, she sighed and opened the front page of the newspaper in her hand.


As her face was tickled by her waist-length brown hair, she lifted her fingers and tucked her hair behind her ear while her eyes were still on the headlines of her newspaper.
Originally, the first page of a newspaper usually had separate content related to politics or social issues.
However, today’s newspapers were organized into one article without separating politics or social circles.


⌜ Cassel Jen Roten! The great hero.



An article about a man filled a newspaper page.


The story from his birth to his childhood, how he got into the war, and the achievements he has made so far were very well laid out.


She smiled bitterly as she ran her hand over his portrait.




She muttered to herself.


‘I am going to divorce my husband now.’


…So, why was he still occupying a corner of her heart? Why does he still occupy a corner of her heart?


She cast her eyes at the portrait of Cassel Jen Roten.
It was a portrait of him holding a sword and looking into the distance painted from the image captured by reporters.
It was one of the most realistic paintings she had ever seen.


Of course, it was not exactly the same.


“He usually laughs a lot.”


The way he smiled with his short silver hair slightly forward and his red eyes narrowed were still vivid in her mind.


“You’ve become a hero, but…”


Cassel was a magic swordsman — as both magic and swordsmanship could be wielded freely.
As a result, he played a great role in the war and led the victory on almost all battlefields he went on.
It was only a matter of time before he became a war hero.


“…Because of that, I can no longer be your wife.” 


After folding her newspaper, she changed her clothes and went downstairs to her.


It had already been a week since she was sent divorce papers from the royal family of the Roten Empire, and now, it was

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