Lin Xia was holding out for a chance.
However, the moment he saw Yi Shang’s message, his ears began to heat up again.
He covered his head with his blanket. Does Yi Shang live on WeChat? He even caught this?

After a minute, he felt the heat from his ears gradually subsided, but his face burned from a lack of oxygen.
He lifted the blanket and typed: Sorry, I accidentally tapped it.

Seeing the message from Lin Xia, Yi Shang smiled and replied: Mn, I understand.

He assumed that Lin Xia probably wanted to see his Moments.
Otherwise, why else would he tap his profile picture? But he set only the last 3 days of his Moments to be visible.
He hasn’t posted anything lately, so Lin Xia wouldn’t have seen anything.

Should he let all his Moments be visible for a bit and change it back after Lin Xia finishes looking at it? This idea flashed by, but Yi Shang rejected it.
He felt like he was possessed, how come he’s being led by the nose by Lin Xia?

Lin Xia looked at the reply from Yi Shang and dove his head under the blanket again. What exactly did he understand? Yi Shang only sent three words but it kept Lin Xia thinking until he finally fell asleep.

The alarm rang the next morning, Lin Xia was still dazed.
He gradually woke up, then turned off the alarm and got up gently.
After he washed up, he took his roommates’ cards to the sports field to run.

The school has two sports fields for punching in, one in the dormitory area and one near the second canteen.

Lin Xia ran in both fields before.
He wanted to bump into Yi Shang by chance, but it never happened.
He doesn’t know whether Yi Shang doesn’t run or if they’re just unfated.

Up until now, Lin Xia had only run in the field near the second canteen.
According to Lin Xia’s previous experiences, the canteen that Yi Shang likes to visit the most is the second canteen.
So after he finishes running and goes to the canteen, he might get lucky and see Yi Shang.

Lin Xia sometimes doesn’t understand himself.
He is clearly very decisive in doing other things, but if it’s something related to Yi Shang, he’ll begin to hesitate.

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When he was thinking about these things in his head, he bumped into his xuejie.

They had bumped into each other many times before.
The other times, they just nod as a greeting and run on their own.
This time, his xuejie turned around and ran beside Lin Xia.
She teased Lin Xia, “Why didn’t you agree when I invited you to come but agreed as soon as Yi Shang invited you? Looking down on me, huh? Not showing me respect?”

“Sorry, it’s my problem.” This really was Lin Xia’s problem.
Lin Xia stopped running, he apologized directly without making an excuse, “But I definitely didn’t mean to look down on you.”

Xuejie also stopped beside Lin Xia, she laughed, “I’m just teasing you.”

Lin Xia felt relieved when she saw that she really wasn’t angry.

Xuejie was curious, “What exactly did Yi Shang say that you suddenly agreed?”

“He didn’t say anything.” It was Lin Xia who got flustered after his lies were exposed and dug a hole for himself.

“As I thought, beautiful women are not as charming as handsome men nowadays.” Xuejie teased, winked at Lin Xia, and then continued to run in her original direction.
“See ya.”

Lin Xia looked at his xuejie, then continued his run as well.

It’s a well-known secret that this xuejie likes Yi Shang, but her giving up on him is also evident to all.

Lin Xia envied this xuejie’s personality.
She will love if she loves and give up if she gives up.
After that, she can still get along normally with Yi Shang.

As for him, everything was done secretly.
He crushed secretly, and gave up secretly, he played out an excellent pantomime.

When he finished running and went to the canteen, he saw Yi Shang just after entering the door of the first floor.
However, a girl standing beside him.
He didn’t know whether he was considered lucky or not.

Lin Xia looked at those two talking and laughing.
That person is probably the significant other Yi Shang had announced on WeChat.
They really do look well-matched.

Lin Xia didn’t have the courage to go further, he turned around and decided to go to the third canteen instead.
His three roommates had always wanted to eat the crepes from the third canteen.
They only sold them in the morning, and it was farthest from the dorm.
Lin Xia rarely went in the morning, he’ll consider it as giving them a treat today.

“What are you looking at?” Xiao Zhang’s girlfriend asked Yi Shang.

“Oh, it’s nothing, I probably saw wrong.” Just now, Yi Shang seemed to have seen Lin Xia at the door, but when he looked over, there was no Lin Xia.

“Our God Yi has fallen in love recently.
I’m guessing he saw the figure of his beloved.” Zhang took it as his duty to make fun of Yi Shang as he went on a slight tippy-toe and raised his arm to put it around Yi Shang’s neck.

“Really?!” Xiao Zhang’s girlfriend’s voice couldn’t help rising.
She still looked at the door even though she knew wouldn’t see anything.
Her face was full of gossip, just like Xiao Zhang’s.

“Don’t you know your boyfriend by now?” Yi Shang took down Xiao Zhang’s arm somewhat awkwardly.
“He’s talking nonsense.”

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