When Yi Shang heard this, he first looked at Lin Xia’s expression and noticed his red ears.
The smile at the corners of his mouth lifted.
So it turned out that Lin Xia was avoiding him, “Since you’re not busy, then it’s settled? I’ll let xuejie know.”

“I…” Lin Xia summoned up courage and still wanted to refuse, but was interrupted by Fang Qi.

Fang Qi said quickly, “No problem, don’t worry, he will definitely go.”

Fang Qi hates iron for not becoming steel.
His crush already took the initiative to ask him, even if he really has something to do, he should push it back.
Otherwise, how will there be an “afterward”?

When she had a crush on Lin Xia, if Lin Xia took even the slightest initiative, she would’ve stayed up a few nights just to decide on their child’s name! She would’ve felt sorry for herself if she hesitated for even a second!

“Okay.” Yi Shang shifted his eyes to the girl who was speaking.
“By the way, I haven’t asked for your name yet.”

“I’m Fang Qi.”

Yi Shang turned around and saw Xiao Tang sitting behind him eating Malatang.
He patted Xiao Tang on the back and said to Fang Qi, “This is my roommate Xiao Tang.”

“Hey.” Fang Qi waved to Xiao Tang.

Xiao Tang turned around and saw a cute girl waving at him with a smile.
He swallowed the malatang in his mouth that he just couldn’t resist the temptation to eat, “Mn, hello.”

Yi Shang continued to talk to Lin Xia, “Then I’ll contact you again that morning.”

“Okay.” Everything was arranged for Lin Xia, his fingertips also turned white from pinching himself.

Yi Shang felt mischievous and teased Lin Xia, “Contact me on WeChat if anything’s wrong, I remember I added you on WeChat right?”

“Mn, you did.”

Lin Xia nodded.
Looks like Yi Shang hasn’t found out that he blocked him.
It was fortunate, but at the same time, he also felt a bit disappointed.
Yi Shang had never looked for him.

“But I don’t think we ever talked? I don’t know if I added a nickname for you.
Let me look for it and send you a message, so that we don’t contact the wrong person.” Yi Shang took out his phone and opened WeChat, looking for Lin Xia’s chat.

Lin Xia picked up his phone, his hands shaking from panic.
He speedily went into his blocked list and unblocked Yi Shang, then let out a breath of relief.

Yi Shang saw Lin Xia’s expression from the corner of his eye and knew that Lin Xia had unblocked him.
He tapped into Lin Xia’s chat, but what he said was, “I can’t seem to find you? How about you send me a message?”

“Sure.” Lin Xia tapped into Yi Shang’s chat and directly sent over a “11”.

When Yi Shang saw Lin Xia’s “1”, he raised his eyebrows, then sent a “0” back to him.

This time, the red exclamation mark was finally removed, and the message was successfully sent.

“Got it.” Yi Shang put away his phone, and didn’t care what Lin Xia thinks when he sees the message he sent.
He stood up and shouted to Xiao Tang to go.
“We’re going first.”

Xiao Tang hurriedly packed up, got up with his take-out, and waved goodbye to Fang Qi and Lin Xia.

“Mn.” Lin Xia waved stiffly at Yi Shang and Xiao Tang.

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Lin Xia looked at Yi Shang leaving, and then looked down at the message Yi Shang had sent.
This is their first time chatting on WeChat.
He sent a “1”, and Yi Shang sent a “0”, why does this look so weird2?

It’s his habit to send a “1”, so he assumes that sending 0 is also Yi Shang’s habit.
It’s just that combination of these two numbers made him overthink.

Fang Qi saw Lin Xia’s restlessness and sighed.
Lin Xia is done for, and she is also done for.
Who could have expected that she and Lin Xia have the same sexual orientation?

Lin Xia was pulled back to reality by Fang Qi’s sigh, he looked at her while tilting his head, somewhat puzzled, “What’s the matter?”

“Nothing, this question is too difficult.
My brain is going to blow up.
I don’t want to learn today, the homework isn’t due tomorrow anyway.” Fang Qi put on a face of bitterness.

“Alright.” It just so happened that he wasn’t in the mood to teach anymore today.

Lin Xia went to the two canteens to buy food for his roommates.
When he returned, he received a bunch of “thank you dad”s.
It really gave Lin Xia the illusion that he was raising sons in the dorm, while his fattest son swallowed his saliva as he looked at the other two.

“Go running with me tomorrow morning?” Lin Xia asked Xiao Pang.

The school stipulates they must go for a morning jog three times a week and must punch in their card.
The time interval between the start and the end must be at least 20 minutes, and it must be punched in before 7:30.
Compared with other universities, the conditions here are very lenient.

In fact, you can even punch in early, go eat breakfast instead of running, and then punch out after you come back.
However, his roommates are all lazy.

When Lin Xia got up to run in the morning, he would take all his roommate’s cards with him and swipe them one by one.
Although there would be people from the student union watching the card swiping machine, and they were required to punch their cards in person, nobody really cared.

“Forget it, I still want to live.” Xiao Pang refused without thinking.

“Alright then.” Lin Xia did not force him.

When he lay in bed at night, he thought about the photoshoot with Yi Shang.
He’ll regard it as a memory for himself, and then he’ll block him again after the shoot.

Looking at the chat, he wanted to tap into Yi Shang’s Moments, but his hands shook and accidentally tapped his profile picture twice.
The chat prompted: I tickled Yi Shang’s big smart brain.

Lin Xia hurried to recall it.
Fortunately, he could still recall and it wouldn’t show up.
Since he was so speedy, Yi Shang probably didn’t see it right?

On the other side, Yi Shang just happened to be on WeChat’s chatting page.
He saw with his own two eyes that Lin Xia tickled him.
Then the prompt disappeared, as if nothing had ever happened.

In fact, Yi Shang could’ve pretended he didn’t see, but his mischievousness got the better of him, he replied: I saw it.

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