Sure enough, Lin Xia sent, “Xuejie asked me to take promotion photos with you, I really want to go, but I can’t, not happy today=_=.”

Yi Shang replied: If you want to, just come.

What he sent out came back with a red exclamation mark as usual.
Yi Shang couldn’t help but laugh, Lin Xia was quite difficult.

“Oh my my, look at our God Yi laughing.” Xiao Zhang said sarcastically, always at the front of the line when it came to Yi Shang.

“Go away, will you die if you don’t attack me for once?” Yi Shang jabbed back.

“Yes.” Xiao Zhang nodded earnestly.
“What were you laughing about earlier?”

After a few seconds of considering whether to tell him or not, Yi Shang decided to say it, “As a supposition, suppose that, there is someone who likes you, but when he has the opportunity to get close to you, he always pushes you away and always hides from you instead, whether intentional or not.
What do you think this person is thinking?”

“Oh my, I realize that you have been consulting about feelings recently.
So? You got something going on?”

“Scram, I said it’s a supposition.”

“Ah, yes, yes, suppose that and I have a friend, the same stuff, I understand.” Xiao Zhang said with a wink and carefully analyzed, “Then in your supposition, does she1 know that you know she likes you?”

After Xiao Zhang said that, he realized that his sentence was quite tongue-twisting.

“He doesn’t know.” Yi Shang shook his head.

“Then she’s shy.” Xiao Zhang slapped the table and concluded.

“Even if he’s shy, he’ll always hide from me?” Yi Shang doesn’t think so.

“Then it must be because she wants to give up on you.” The Emperor of Truth, Xiao Tang, who was still eating, took out some time to respond.

“Hahahahahaha I’m dead.” Xiao Zhang will not give up any opportunity to laugh at Yi Shang, “I think Xiao Tang has a point.
This person you’re so conflicted about wants to give you up.
Hahaha, I will really laugh to death.”

“What have you done?” Lao Wang was also interested now.

“I didn’t do anything.”

Yi Shang replied rather helplessly, unaware that he just said that it was a “supposition”.
Now with this reply, he’s pretty much admitting to it.

Xiao Zhang laughed even more when he heard what Yi Shang said.
With how dumb and naive he is, Yi Shang will sell himself sooner or later.

Yi Shang didn’t care about Xiao Zhang’s wild laughter.
If he hadn’t received Lin Xia’s message that time, he wouldn’t have noticed Lin Xia at all.
So this was Lin Xia liking him one-sidedly and giving up on him one-sidedly?

Yi Shang unconsciously rubbed his cup, he suddenly realized that he was way too curious about Lin Xia’s thoughts. Forget it.
He doesn’t want to be conflicted anymore, he just wanted to finish his homework sooner.

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On the other side, Lin Xia was also doing his homework.
His phone rang.
He picked it up and saw a message from Fang Qi, a girl in the same class: The homework’s so difficult! Functions of real variables are too disgusting! Do you have time? Come help me, God Lin!

Lin Xia transferred schools at the end of his second year of high school.
Fang Qi is a classmate from Lin Xia’s new high school.
Now, she’s also a classmate in the same department.
The fate between them isn’t shallow, and the two of them are in relatively frequent contact with each other.

Going to the library will inevitably disturb others, many students will choose to go to the canteen instead.
Lin Xia replied: Sure, let’s go to the second canteen, second floor.

Fang Qi replied: Okay, I’ll head over now.

Lin Xia packed up and prepared to go to the canteen.
His roommate Xiao Zhao asked, “You’re going to the library so late?”

“No,” Lin Xia shook her head.
“to the canteen.”

“Going to the canteen and still bringing your bag?” Xiao Zhao thought of a possibility.
“Is it Fang Qi looking for you?”

“Mn.” Lin Xia nodded.

“Tsk tsk tsk, something’s going on here.” Xiao Zhao snickered.

“Not really, I’m just teaching her some questions.
Don’t assume randomly, it’s not good to her.” Lin Xia zipped up his schoolbag and denied it.

“Fine, I won’t tease you.” Xiao Zhao knew that Lin Xia didn’t like other people joking in this regard so he stopped.
“Bring me back a snack.
The rice noodle place on the second floor of the third canteen, you know me.”

“No problem, but it might be a little late.” There is still some distance between the second canteen and the third canteen.
Lin Xia didn’t mention that he was going to the second canteen.

“Thank you, my Lin-ge!! It doesn’t matter, I’ll wait no matter how late!”

“I also want!” Another roommate, Xiao Qian, also shouted, “I want jajang noodles on the first floor of the second canteen.
Please father, have pity on this son.”

“Sure.” Lin Xia then asked the only silent roommate, Xiao Pang, “What about you?”

“It’s alright, I’m dieting.” Xiao Pang refused with tears, feeling aggrieved.

“That’s right, you should be slimming down a bit.” Lin Xia looked at Xiao Pang’s chubby round face and agreed.
After all, being too fat isn’t healthy.

“Shit! Lin XIa, who did you get corrupted by? How could you say such a thing!” Xiao Pang raged.

“You must agree with everything father says!” Xiao Zhao quickly defended Lin Xia.

“That’s right!” Xiao Qian followed.

Lin Xia closed the door and went out amid his roommates’ racket.

On the other side, while Yi Shang was doing his homework, his phone rang again.

When he heard the sound of the WeChat prompt, Yi Shang’s expression softened, humming a song and thinking that it must be from Lin Xia. Weren’t you giving up on me? Why do you keep sending me messages then?

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