ed his position.

One of his high school peers, a top student at that, was gay.
Back then, it became quite a big deal and in the end, that student had to drop out of school.
As for whether he transferred out or decided to stop attending, Yi Shang also wasn’t sure.

At that time, the rumors spread wildly.
It was also then that Yi Shang learned about homosexuality.
Later, he discovered that one of his good friends was also gay.

“Okay then.” Xuejie was satisfied.
“It’s unconfirmed but it might be Lin Xia doing the photoshoot with you.
He didn’t come today so I’ll ask him on WeChat.”

“Oh, Lin Xia.” Yi Shang was absorbed in his thoughts.

At any rate, she had once liked Yi Shang before.
So seeing Yi Shang’s expression, she could somewhat guess what Yi Shang was thinking, she joked, “Why? You’re not rejecting it anymore because the other party’s good looking?”

“I wouldn’t reject anyone, okay?” Yi Shang said and urged her to leave.
“Xuejie, since you’re such a busy person, I won’t delay your time anymore, you can go.”

Xuejie tsked and turned away, continuing to work on her unfinished business.

In the evening, when she was using a face mask, she remembered that she hadn’t sent a message to ask Lin Xia yet.
So she picked up her phone and asked Lin Xia: The group decided to have you take promotion photos together with Yi Shang.
Comrade Lin Xia, it’s a difficult task, but the group hopes that you can overcome all difficulties and complete the task.

Lin Xia was sitting on a chair when he saw this message, he almost thought he had vision problems.
Joy spread throughout his heart to every part of his body.
Happiness came so suddenly that Lin Xia felt unreal.

Lin Xia suddenly got up from the chair and startled his roommates.
He went to the bathroom to wash his face and calm down, then decided to refuse the offer after returning.

Lin Xia didn’t go to the photography club today because one, he really did have something to do, and two, he wanted to avoid seeing Yi Shang.
Since he had already decided not to indulge any deeper, he has to take action, it can’t just be all talk.

Lin Xia replied to his xuejie: Sorry xuejie, I have something to do on Saturday, I can’t do it.

Xuejie replied quickly: It’s okay, we can change the time for you, Sunday works too.

Lin Xia: I’m also busy on Sunday.

Xuejie looked at Lin Xia’s messages and sighed.
Her face mask almost slipped off from worry.
She replied: Nevermind then.

Then she tapped into Yi Shang’s chat: Lin Xia won’t shoot, we’re changing to someone else.

The moment Yi Shang saw this message, he couldn’t understand Lin Xia even more.
Didn’t he say he liked him?

He typed to reply immediately: Why?

Xuejie also replied quickly: He said he has something to do, I’m assuming he just doesn’t want to take pictures with you.

Yi Shang inexplicably felt like he was being despised.
Whatever, Yi Shang didn’t force it, he replied: Fine then.

Right after Yi Shang replied, he turned off his phone and was ready to write his homework when his phone rang.
Yi Shang murmured in a low voice, “Could it be Lin Xia?”

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