broke down, he threw his phone on the table, “What the heck?!”

The roommates who were fighting each other heard Yi Shang’s anger.
Xiao Zhang teased, “Oh my, so the reason why you rejected xuejie was here, who made our God Yi lament like so?”

Hearing Xiao Zhang’s banter, Yi Shang didn’t banter back like usual.
He raised his head and looked at Xiao Zhang, then said, “Say, if someone sent you a message, but when you replied without a second’s delay, you were blocked.
What does this mean?”

“Maybe it was done accidentally?” Lao Wang said.

“There are several steps to blocking someone right? Can you really ‘accidentally’ do this?” Yi Shang was truly confused.
“This is already the third time.”

“I know!” Xiao Tang, the roommate who was eating snacks after a meal suddenly spoke.

“What?” Three pairs of eyes turned to look at Xiao Tang, their curiosity was obvious.

“It must be because they didn’t know that after they sent a message after blocking someone on WeChat, the other party would receive it.” Xiao Tang pushed up his glasses with his middle finger, looking unfathomable.
“That must be why this happened.”

“What?!!!” Lao Wang suddenly shouted, holding his head with both his hands, very dramatically, “I only knew this now!!”

“So what if you just knew this now, why are you so agitated?” Xiao Zhang rubbed his ear.
“Even Yi Shang’s not as agitated as you.”

“I blocked someone before and still went crazy in the messages afterward.
Don’t mention it, I just want to die right now.” Lao Wang wept with a broken heart, “Only Xiao Tang’s chocolate can comfort my injured heart now.”

“If you want to eat, just say it.
Stop disgusting me.” Xiao Tang picked up the chocolate and then teased Lao Wang.
“If you call me dad, I’ll give it to you.”

Yi Shang didn’t care about his roommates messing around.
He was thinking about whether Lin Xia was really what his roommate said, that he didn’t know he would still receive the message after being blocked?

If his roommate is right, then doesn’t that mean that every message Lin Xia sent to him is what Lin Xia really thinks? So he’s not trolling him.

Yi Shang opened his phone and looked at the three messages Lin Xia sent:

“I liked you for a long time.”

“Today is your third time talking to me, so happy^_^”

“You finally saw me in the canteen today, and even nodded at me, so happy^_^”

Originally, Yi Shang couldn’t understand the situation.
Now, he’s even more confused.

Could it be? Lin Xia actually likes him?

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