The moment Lin Xia saw the message, he was at a loss.
He stared at the door in a daze, but did not go over.
After a moment, Lin Xia got himself mentally prepared and opened the door.
He held the handle of the door tightly, and asked nervously, “Why are you here?”

Yi Shang smiled and said, “I’m afraid that someone will block me again, so I rushed over to take a look in case of any misunderstandings.”

Hearing what Yi Shang said, Lin Xia immediately relaxed and released the door handle, “I won’t block you anymore.”

“Go out for a walk?” Yi Shang asked softly, leaning against the wall at the door.

“Okay.” Running away isn’t a solution, he has to face the problem directly.

The two went out of the dormitory building together.
The path on campus was paved by dim lights.
The wind blew through the leaves, overshadowing the sound of their footsteps.

“I remember you.” Yi Shang first opened his mouth, then raised his hand and scratched his head in embarrassment.
“Maybe it doesn’t really count as remembering.”

“Mn.” Lin Xia knew what Yi Shang meant, that he remembered that incident, but he doesn’t remember that the main character of the incident was him.

“I was worried about your future at that time, but now it seems that I worried for nothing.” Yi Shang put his hands in his pockets and spoke briskly.
“You were the top scorer in science in our city.”

“It’s nothing great.” Lin Xia could take anyone teasing calmly, but when facing Yi Shang, Lin Xia always feels overwhelmed.

Seeing that Lin Xia was a little shy, Yi Shang stopped there and asked, “Did you directly transfer to No.
2 High School in your third year of high school?”


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During his days at No.2 High School, he never saw Yi Shang, not even in photos.
At that time, Lin Xia felt very empty because he couldn’t see Yi Shang.

But then again, even in No.
1 High School, Lin Xia didn’t see much of Yi Shang either.

Lin Xia couldn’t show any hint of interest in Yi Shang.
He never took the initiative to inquire about Yi Shang.
When his classmates talked about Yi Shang, he pretended not to care but secretly remembered everything inside.

When passing Yi Shang’s class, he would unconsciously straighten his back and keep his eyes straight ahead.
At the same time, he would be worried about whether his clothes and hairstyles were messy and whether his walking posture looked awkward.
It was a short route, yet his heart was full of twists and turns, even if he knew that Yi Shang would never notice him.

He will only search for his figure during lunch.
Once he saw him, he didn’t dare to keep his eyes on him for too long.
It’s fine as long as he knows where Yi Shang was.

It was as if as long as he showed the slightest interest in Yi Shang, everyone will find out his secret.
The fact proves that Lin Xia hid really well.
As long as he doesn’t come in contact with Yi Shang, no one will find out.

However, Lin Xia never felt that this secret crush was bitter.
He hid his love for Yi Shang in his heart and used it to improve himself.
No one knew how happy Lin Xia was when he saw Yi Shang at the same university.

Yi Shang in university was still a dazzling presence in the crowd.
He had a part in all of the school’s activities.
Lin Xia joined the photography club so that he could openly take pictures of Yi Shang.

There were so many people doing the same thing around him, Yi Shang won’t notice him at all.
He hid in the crowd and looked up at the dazzling Yi Shang.

From the first meeting, Lin Xia knew that they weren’t people of the same world.
Yi Shang was the star in the sky and the moon in the sea, which were things he’ll never get to touch.

He can never get close to Yi Shang if he’s always confined to his own land.
Lin Xia tries to make himself better, and whenever he wants to retreat, he always remembers Yi Shang’a words, “What are you doing with your head down? Keep your head up”.

The shadows of the two intertwined under the streetlamp, it lengthened and shortened.
The shadow told Lin Xia that he was really better now, that he was standing beside Yi Shang.

“Do you want to be with me?”1

Yi Shang’s sudden words interrupted Lin Xia’s thoughts.
Lin Xia turned his head to look at Yi Shang beside him with eyes full of doubt. What does that mean?

“Do you want to be with me?” Yi Shang looked into Lin Xia’s eyes and asked again.

Lin Xia stopped walking.
The sound of the wind seemed to disappear in an instant.
He could only hear his heart beating violently, “Does that mean what I think it means?”

In Lin Xia’s perception, he only just became friends with Yi Shang.

“Although it’s a bit sudden to say these things right now, I don’t want you to face these things alone.”

Yi Shang didn’t want things to be so quick either.
He still wanted to enjoy the process of Lin Xia “pursuing” him and wanted to tease Lin Xia, but the matter with Qi Shi just happened to happen, so he had to push it forward.

“Do you like me?” Lin Xia didn’t immediately agree.
He was afraid that it was just a moment of heroism for Yi Shang.

“Of course! If I don’t like you, why would I want to be with you!” Yi Shang was a little upset.
He didn’t even say he liked him before asking Lin Xia to be with him, “It doesn’t count just now, let me restart.”

Lin Xia spoke first, “I like you.
Let’s be together?”

In addition to the WeChat confession, Yi Shang has received Lin Xia’s confession twice.
He felt his heart soften and said, “Okay.”

“C-Can I hug you?” Yi Shang was a little at a loss.
He touched his neck with his hands, and his palms were slightly wet with sweat.

Not only Lin Xia’s ears were red this time, but also his face.
His eyes drifted all over the place and didn’t dare to look at Yi Shang, he stammered, “Do you have to ask such a question?”

“I’m afraid you’ll think I’m not respecting you if I hug you as soon as we confirm our relationship.” Yi Shang was a little embarrassed.
“I’m also afraid you’ll think I just like you for your body.”

Hearing this, Lin Xia laughed.
What kind of brain circuit is it? He leaned forward and hugged Yi Shang, “You can do whatever you want.”

He waited too long for this day, starting from the encounter during their first year of high school.

Yi Shang held Lin Xia tightly, he put one hand on Lin Xia’s neck, and gently rubbed it.
After a long time, he suddenly sighed.

“What’s wrong?” Lin Xia’s breath sprayed on Yi Shang’s skin.

It’s a pity I missed out on you in high school.
If I had noticed you then, we could’ve been together for a few more years.”

“It’s no pity.
Perhaps you wouldn’t have liked me in high school, and right now, it’s perfect.”

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