f attention.

A school is like a small society, where public opinions are rapidly spread around.
Lin Xia’s roommates also found out about this situation and they originally wanted to fight back hard online, but they still decided to ask Lin Xia for the truth so they could deal with it better, otherwise they might drag Lin Xia into a deeper swamp.

Lin Xia returned the phone to Xiao Pang after reading it.
The first thing he was worried about was that Yi Shang might find out.
He was afraid that Yi Shang would notice something and was sorry to drag him into the center of the vortex.

“So what exactly happened?” Xiao Qian asked.
After all, Lin Xia said that he liked Yi Shang since his first year in high school.
Where the heck did this Qi Shi come from?

Lin Xia briefly described the process of the incident to his roommates.
Xiao Qian was furious and immediately cursed, his teeth itching from anger, “Is he crazy? He deserves it for failing to get into his ideal school.”

“I can understand why you didn’t want to tell us before.” Sadness covered Xiao Pang’s face.
“It’s this trash’s fault.”

“If he’s so homophobic, could he be a deep closet gay?” Xiao Zhao added.

“Deep closet or not, he’s a humiliation.
I can’t believe there’s such a person in the world.
There is no reason for malice, he’s most likely jealous because Lin Xia’s too outstanding and wanted to drag Lin Xia down from the altar.” Xiao Pang felt that Qi Shi was just evil, no matter what his reason was, it doesn’t justify the things he did.

“Don’t worry, we will always stand behind you.” Xiao Zhao patted Lin Xia on the shoulder.

“Yeah, look, I’ve taken on the internet for you!” Xiao Pang was ready to go all out.
When he didn’t know the truth before, he had already cussed out some people who attacked Lin Xia online.

People’s feelings are mutual.
They were naturally mindful of how well Lin Xia treated them.
They know how Lin Xia is as a person after getting along with each other over many days and nights, this little thing will not negatively impact their friendship at all, in fact, it will even become stronger.

Lin Xia now knew what the messages from people on WeChat meant, but he didn’t have time to care.
Facing the people who came to inquire, he all replied the same: Thank you for your concern, I’m fine.

Then he received a WeChat message from Yi Shang: Come out, I’m at your dorm’s door.

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