“Is the sun coming out in the west?” Xiao Pang leaned against Xiao Zhao’s desk.
“Lin Xia’s in such a good mood today?”

Xiao Qian saw Lin Xia giggling at his phone and nodded, “It really is strange.”

“I don’t know what he’s laughing at.
I really want to ask!!” Xiao Pang’s heart itched, he held his head in his hands, freaking out silently.

“You go.” Xiao Zhao urged Xiao Pang to ask, he was also seeing Lin Xia like this for the first time.
It’s probably related to love.
The desire to eat melon1 was unprecedented.

“I’m going.” Xiao Pang was easily persuaded.
He walked straight to Lin Xia and lowered his head, “Lin Xia!”

Xiao Pang suddenly appeared in front of Lin Xia with a small chubby face and surprised him.
Lin Xia locked his phone, leaned back on the chair, and pulled away from Xiao Pang.
“What’s the matter?”

“You seem to be in a good mood today?” Xiao Pang’s eyes smiled into a curve.

“Is it very obvious?” Lin Xia collected his smile, but the slightly raised corners of his mouth betrayed him.

“It’s not very obvious, it’s super invincibly obvious!” Xiao Pang exaggerated and even drew a circle.
“So why exactly?”

Lin Xia hesitated for a second, but decided to say, “I became friends with the person I like.”

“Oh shitt!!” Xiao Qian shouted, pointed his thumbs at himself, and expressed his emotion, “I knew it! I knew it! I knew his emotions recently were due to love!”

“Can you act calmer? You think you’re such a know-it-all?!” Xiao Zhao rubbed his shocked ear.

“Who is it? Who?” Xiao Pang also somewhat guessed.
Now he was just curious about who that person was.

“Keeping it a secret for the time being.” Since things are settled yet, it might cause trouble for Yi Shang.

It’s not that he’s worried about his roommates going around and talking nonsense, but if they see him walking with Yi Shang, they will probably create a fuss.

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“How boring!” Xiao Pang nearly knelt down, he put his arms around Lin Xia’s neck and played coquettish.
“Just tell us, pwease~”

Xiao Zhao and Xiao Qian also came to pay homage.
One massaged his shoulder and the other massaged his legs.
Xiao Qian said, “Don’t worry! We promise to keep our mouths shut! If it leaks out, you can directly kill us off!”

Lin Xia thought twice and finally said, “The one I like is a boy.”

In an instant, all voices disappeared, and the hands of the three were still on Lin Xia, neither to continue nor to let go.

Finally, Lin Xia said, “Stay away from me.
It’s too hot.”

The three let go and stood aside obediently, much like students who were listening to a teacher’s disciplining them.
Lin Xia asked, “Do you guys have anything to say?”

It was so quiet they could hear a needle drop, then Xiao Pang looked up at Lin Xia and silently said, “So who is it?”

The heart of gossip will never go out!!

Xiao Pang’s words also made everyone laugh.
Xiao Qian relaxed and leaned on Lin Xia’s desk, “In fact, we more or less guessed so.
You’re self-disciplined, outstanding, yet have no interest in women, which is more or less leaning towards that aspect.”

Other outstanding straight men with self-discipline just received critical damage.

“Yes, and it’s not just this.
It’s the feeling you give us, not like an ordinary boy.” Xiao Zhao leaned on the ladder of Lin Xia’s bed with his arms, and added, “It’s just a feeling.
I don’t know how to describe it.”

“You can rest assured, my child will be your child in the future, I will make them take care of you in your old age.” Xiao Pang said, and the other two roommates also followed.

On the road of life, many friends scatter away.
Lin Xia didn’t know whether he would still be in contact with these roommates in the future, but Lin Xia believed that what they said at this moment was sincere.

Lin Xia looked at these roommates whose brains paused every few seconds, then played a rare joke with them, “Okay, I know you are all filial children.”

“My world collapsed.” Xiao Pang covered his face and wailed, “You turned naughty now! Did the person you like influence you?!”

Lin Xia felt that these roommates have a split mentality.
On one hand, they like to call him dad, on the other hand, they have that old father mentality and treated him like a greenhouse flower.

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