After I Blocked My Crush – Chapter 21

After going through the pictures, the three people ate dinner together.
During the whole process, their xuejie was on pins and needles.
She felt like she shouldn’t be in the car, she should be under the car.
Only after separating from them, did she feel at ease again.

Just after returning to the dorm, Yi Shang sent a message to Lin Xia: Don’t forget my breakfast.

When Lin Xia received the message, he thought, this guy just finished dinner and is already thinking about breakfast.
He replied: Mn, got it.

Yi Shang replied: Can you send it directly to my dorm tomorrow morning?

Lin Xia hasn’t replied yet, but Yi Shang directly sent the dorm number: 404, Building C.

Lin Xia looked at the chat and wanted to laugh.
Yi Shang was still asking him in the previous message, yet he answered himself in the next message.
Lin Xia replied with a smile: Okay.

Lin Xia looked at his phone in a daze.
Is he considered Yi Shang’s friend now? Should be, right? He couldn’t help but laugh.

Lin Xia didn’t expect to get together with Yi Shang, he was already satisfied with becoming friends.

After all, Yi Shang has always been good to his friends.
Even if his friends like the same sex, he will not treat them differently.

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It was the second year of high school at that time, and summer vacation was soon to arrive.
During PE class, Lin Xia had a stomachache and went to the toilet.
When he was about to come out of his stall, he heard Yi Shang’s voice.
He could have walked out, but he still didn’t have the courage to face Yi Shang, even if Yi Shang didn’t know him.

Yi Shang and Xiao Ling came together.
Xiao Ling said as soon as they entered the washroom, “It’s finally almost summer vacation, this feels too good!”

“Yeah, I can finally have a good rest.
I’m seriously lacking sleep.” Yi Shang’s voice sounded laid-back and tired.

“Did you just hear those people talking earlier? They said that the top student in Class 6 is going to drop out of school.” Xiao Ling sighed.

“Yeah, this thing had a great impact on him.
It’s a pity.” For this kind of thing to happen in their most important third year, they will be utterly destroyed without a strong heart.

“His friend went to the extreme.” Xiao Ling is also gay so he felt that the top student was his people.
In addition, he once had a good feeling for top students.
He was full of anger and had nowhere to vent.
“Why couldn’t he consider the fact that the top student is just a good person? Does he have to be narcissistic? Why would the top student like him?”

“You’re right.” Yi Shang agreed.

“Right, gay people are also picky, there’s no difference from straight people.
If gay people like all men, then there’s no difference between that and beasts.” Xiao Ling really wanted to beat that person up.

“You look quite emotional.” Yi Shang said.

Hearing what Yi Shang said, Xiao Ling was stunned and came out jokingly, “What if I’m also gay?”

“If you are really gay, then you are gay.
It doesn’t affect that we are friends.” Yi Shang said without hesitation, and then added, “But if you like me, I will reject you harshly.”

“Scram, I’m not that dumb to like you.” Xiao Ling’s voice obviously carried a laugh, and a big rock in his heart seemed to have fallen.

“But why did the top student drop out of school instead of his friend?” Yi Shang was still worried about the future of that student.
He doesn’t care about love, he cares only about reality.

“That’s right! When did this broken school become so unreasonable?” Xiao Ling was angry again.
“Watch them let go of a top scorer.”

The two washed their hands, and the laughter faded away before Lin Xia came out of the stall.

After unintentionally overhearing, Lin Xia came to two conclusions: Yi Shang and his friends are both very nice, and Yi Shang doesn’t like men.

In fact, the decision to transfer to another school was made after much consideration, and it wasn’t because the school wanted to dismiss him due to rumors.

It was because this matter became too big that the school asked a teacher to investigate it.
Lin Xia still remembered the head teacher, Teacher Hao saying to him, “This matter of sexual orientation shouldn’t be an issue at all, but the fact is that the rumors have already been formed.
I know that you are trying to remain the same and stay unaffected, but how can you not be affected? You’re not made of iron.”

In the face of rumors, ridicule, and bullying whether intentional or unintentional, it did affect him some bit.
If it was anyone else, they might’ve collapsed long ago.

“The school wants you to stay, you should be able to guess why, right?”

“Mn, I know.” Lin Xia nodded, feeling a little ironic.
Is this the preferential treatment for outstanding students?

“Then do you want to listen to this teacher’s opinion?” Teacher Hao has led many students.
She has met all kinds of top students, there were some students in their third year that had depression.
In short, psychological problems should not be underestimated.

“Mn, please speak.” Lin Xia has always respected Teacher Hao, so he naturally wanted to hear her opinion.

“My intention is for you to transfer schools, I can help you contact No.
2 High School.
Although No.
2 High School isn’t as superior as No.
1 High School, it is also a good choice.
The teachers there aren’t worse than those from No.
1 High School, it’s just that the good students have all been recruited by No.
1 High School in previous years.

“If you continue to stay in No.
1 High School, you will have to face rumors for another year.
Even if the school comes forward to stop it, what about in private? Right now, there are many boys in our class who don’t want to interact with you, right? Although they’re not doing anything to hurt others, the extent of this behavior isn’t small either.

“But don’t blame them.
They are just afraid of the eyes of others.
They are afraid that they will be isolated by others by getting close to you.
When some of them grow up and become mature, they will regret what they did to you.

“But what’s done is done.
Whether you care or not, the injury has been caused.
I don’t want you to spend your most difficult and important stage of high school in this environment.
I want you to get a change of environment, disregard everything else, and concentrate on learning.

“I have an old classmate in No.
2 High School.
If you really decide to transfer to No.
2 High School, you can find me if you need help.
Of course, with your grades, all schools will be rushing to steal you.” Teacher Hao said the last sentence in a more playful tone.

“Mn, I got it, Teacher.
I will think it over.”

Lin Xia once thought about transferring to another school to run away from these problems, but that made it seem like he was in the wrong.
Now, after listening to Teacher Hao, it seems that transferring to another school does not mean running away, but better stepping into a new beginning.

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