After I Blocked My Crush – Chapter 20

There was a club meeting that afternoon.
Yi Shang and Lin Xia came together.
Their xuejie saw them and teased, “Oh my, starting to pair up now?”

“Yeah, you envious?” Yi Shang put his arm around Lin Xia’s shoulder, as if they are good bros.

Yi Shang’s temperature was passed to Lin Xia over layers of clothes.
Lin Xia’s heartbeat accelerated, but he didn’t forget the scene this morning when Yi Shang took Xiao Zhang’s arm off his shoulder, and during the photoshoot when Yi Shang said that he didn’t like people getting too close.

“That’s right, I envy you to death.
I envy you for holding Lin Xia.
I also want to hold Lin Xia.” Their xuejie said, then teased Yi Shang.
“Who was the one who said last time that he didn’t like being too close to others?”

“Can’t things change? If Lin Xia let me touch him a few more times, I’ll get better.” Yi Shang raised his eyebrows, his expression was as if he was asking for a beating.

“You and your tawdry words.” Xuejie joked, “But since I’m into Lin Xia now, you better not badly influence him.”

With a smile on his face, Yi Shang said lightly, “Then you have no chance.”

Whatever, don’t wanna bother with you.” The photos taken last time are already out, and xuejie gave them to Yi Shang and Lin Xia.
“The pics are already out, you two also have a look.”

“By the way, it will be sent to Weibo and various social platforms later.
You two might become a small sensation at school.” Xuejie teased.

“Keep it lowkey, we are already famous enough.” Yi Shang jokingly waved his hand modestly.

She thought to herself, geez, he’s starting again, she shouldn’t have talked so much.

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The three found a table and sat down.
Yi Shang and Lin Xia originally had good looks, but combined with the atmosphere and the fine work of the retoucher, they looked truly attractive.

In the picture, Lin Xia, wearing a school uniform, was caught looking at the camera in a dazed way by the photographer.
The more Yi Shang looked at it, the more he liked it.
So it turned out that Lin Xia was like this in high school, he really wanted to see it with his own eyes.

Yi Shang jabbed Lin Xia with his arm, pointed at himself in the picture, and asked him, “How’s this pic?”

“It’s a good shot.” It was exactly the same as Lin Xia’s memory, Yi Shang was really the same as before.

“Is it that the photographer has good skills, or am I just good looking?”

“B-both.” Lin Xia didn’t know whether Yi Shang did this intentionally, this question made his ears all red.

Yi Shang clicked his tongue, not satisfied with Lin Xia’s words. You pursue people like this? You don’t even know how to compliment me. He said, “Giving you one more chance, say it again.”

“You’re good looking.” Lin Xia looked at Yi Shang and replied with shame.

That’s much better.” Yi Shang was satisfied and wasn’t stingy with his compliments either, “You’re good looking too.”

“Hahahahahaha…” Xuejie burst out laughing, “Yi Shang, since when were you so narcissistic and childish?”

Hearing xuejie’s words, Yi Shang realized that he seemed to have changed a lot recently.
In the morning, he even made Lin Xia go to the fourth canteen to buy him breakfast.

Since Lin Xia didn’t know him that well before, what he likes must be his appearance.
Now that more and more of his “shortcomings” are exposed to Lin Xia.
What if Lin Xia stops liking him?

Yi Shang thought of a phrase – to be conceited because one is in someone’s good graces.
He shouldn’t have acted so conceited, he made a mistake.

“Am I really narcissistic and childish?” Yi Shang asked Lin Xia with drooping eyebrows.

“No.” Lin Xia felt that such a Yi Shang was new and vivid, more heartmoving than the photos he secretly kept.

Lin Xia only has one photo of Yi Shang.
It’s the graduation photo he asked from his friend from No.
1 High School after the end of their third year.
He said to his friend that he wanted to save a photo of past classmates, but he also had his own selfish intention.
That is, he wanted to keep a photo of Yi Shang.

There is a graduation handbook on the official website of No.
1 High School, with groups of photos of each class.
They can log in with their own student number but Lin Xia had no account and could only borrow from his friend.
After logging in, he downloaded the group photos of his original class and the group photos of Yi Shang’s class.
Finally, he cropped and printed it out.

Currently, the digital file of that photo is still stored in Lin Xia’s phone.
He takes it out from time to time to look at it, like a pervert.

“Really?” Yi Shang asked again.

“Mn, really.” Lin Xia looked firm and nodded. I like it very much.

Xuejie looked at the two opposite her and stopped talking.
She began to murmur in her heart.
This seems like it exceeded the bottom line for boys playing around, right? Or does she not understand straight men’s jokes?

When she thought of the scenes of boys fighting in her class before, all kinds of dirty words and disgusting images appeared in her mind.
Straight men are truly perverted and violent, it’s just the two men in front of her are only at the bronze stage, excuse her narrow-mindedness.

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