“Let me introduce to everyone, I have a partner now.”

Under the caption was a picture with ten interlacing fingers.

Lin Xia had some free time, so he picked up his phone and saw Yi Shang’s post on his WeChat Moments.
For a moment, his brain was a little muddled.

All this time, Lin Xia had been secretly in love with Yi Shang.
He also told himself that he would give up after Yi Shang gets into a relationship.
Unexpectedly, this day came so fast that he had yet to make any psychological preparations.

The two have never talked after adding each other during club activities.
Lin Xia has tapped on Yi Shang’s chat many times, but never summoned the courage to send a message.

Lin Xia looked at Yi Shang’s post self-abusively, wanting to see if there were any comments from common friends saying that this was false.
However, all he saw were the blessings of the students from the club.
His heart was as dead as ashes.

He wanted to delete Yi Shang, but there would be no room for regret after that.
He still couldn’t bear to do so.
After a long mental establishment, he ruthlessly blocked Yi Shang.

One step at a time, I guess.

After blocking him, his heart felt empty.
It really wasn’t easy letting go of someone you liked for so long.

Lin Xia was in bed, he put his phone beside his pillow and pulled up the blanket to cover his head.
The narrow space made him feel secure to some degree.

After a moment, he stretched out his hand and felt for his phone, then lifted his blanket in silence.
He found Yi Shang in his blocked list, and resisted the desire to unblock him.

Looking at Yi Shang’s profile picture, Lin Xia thought that he wouldn’t be able to see it anyway since he was already blocked, so he sent him a message: I liked you for a long time.

On the other side, Yi Shang deleted the post from truth or dare that he had kept on for an hour, and wrote another post: Just kidding, it was a dare, I’ve been single since birth, happy forever.

As soon as he was ready to turn off his phone, he received Lin Xia’s WeChat message.
He understood it immediately after seeing the message, he assumed it was also a dare.

So he replied: Hey bro, are you also doing a dare? Do you need me to cooperate?

What he reaped was a red exclamation mark.1

The dare even included deleting the person?

“You have already deleted what you needed to delete and posted what you needed to post, what else are you doing on your phone?” The other students urged, “Hurry up, let’s continue.”

“Coming.” Yi Shang put down his phone and thought about the messages Lin Xia sent.

Yi Shang has no special impression of Lin Xia.
They’re from different departments and only know each other from the club.
It seems like they had never talked before either.
He only remembers that Lin Xia likes to wear white shirts that are meticulously buttoned to the top, and that he always carries a gentle smile on his fair face.

He added many schoolmates on WeChat, if it weren’t for Lin Xia’s face which left an impression on him, he might not even remember this person.

For some reason, Lin Xia suddenly blocked him and he couldn’t figure out why.
Forget it.
He’ll ask Lin Xia next week during the photography club’s club activities.

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When the next week came around and Yi Shang arrived at the club, he had already forgotten about Lin Xia.
It was until he saw Lin Xia on the edge of the crowd that his memory suddenly revived.

However, the moment their eyes met, Lin Xia looked away.
He also moved a few steps behind the other students, trying to hide.

Yi Shang didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. What the heck is Lin Xia doing? While holding the camera, he walked to Lin Xia, “Lin Xia, right? Do you know me?”

“Mn.” It seemed like Lin Xia was frightened, he nodded obediently.

“Did you play dares with your friends last week?” Yi Shang didn’t directly ask Lin Xia why he was blocked.

“No.” Lin Xia’s ears were a little red, he shook his head.
“I, I have something to do.
I’m heading out first.”

“Then…” Yi Shang just wanted to ask, then why did you block me? But hearing Lin Xia’s words, he shifted his words, “Then, go ahead.”

If it wasn’t a dare.
Then why say those words and then block him? Did he offend Lin Xia somehow?

Forget it, block him or whatever.
He’s just an unfamiliar schoolmate anyway.

Yi Shang stopped being torn between this, he waved bye to Lin Xia, turned around, and walked towards his friends.

Lin Xia walked away quickly.
When he was about to turn the corner, he turned around to look in Yi Shang’s direction.
Yi Shang’s figure had already become blurred to a dot.
Lin Xia felt so vexed from not being able to talk properly with Yi Shang just now, what exactly was he so panicked about!

After a second thought, it’s better like this.
After all, Yi Shang is already in a relationship, he can’t let himself indulge any deeper.

The heart that had just throbbed because Yi Shang talked to him recovered its former speed, and his restless blood gradually subsided.
Lin Xia lowered his eyes, turned around, and continued to walk away.

In the evening, when Yi Shang was playing games in his dorm, the phone next to his computer rang.
He glanced over and found that it was Lin Xia’s message: Today is your third time talking to me, so happy^_^

Yi Shang looked at the message that popped out.
Since he was in the middle of a game, he disregarded Lin Xia for the time being.
After the game, he picked up his phone and replied: You remember so clearly.

However, a red exclamation mark still appeared with the message that was sent.

“Trolling me?!”

Yi Shang was so angry that he almost laughed.
Just during this short while that he didn’t reply, Lin Xia blocked him while saying he was “happy”.
What on earth does Lin Xia have up his sleeve?

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