red the classroom through the back door.
When Qi Shi saw Lin Xia come in, he and Bao Zao shut up.

Lin Xia walked up to them with a normal smile on his face.
They could not see the slightest anger.
Lin Xia said, “Why don’t you continue?”

“Is there anything wrong with what we said?” Qi Shi didn’t say anything, but Bao Zao spoke.

“If you think it’s right in your heart, why didn’t you continue when I came in? Is it in your manhood to slander others behind your back?”

“Shit, at least I’m more like a man than you.
You are a pervert who likes men!” Bao Zao kicked the desk, its legs and the floor made a harsh noise.

“I really feel sorry for you for having this kind of thought, but I don’t want to waste my words to educate you for your parents.”Lin Xia doesn’t want to waste time on an insignificant person.

If it weren’t for the strict school rules of No.
1 High School, Bao Zao would have beaten him up with one punch.
However, he could only be incompetently furious.

Lin Xia looked at Qi Shi, who hadn’t spoken.
His disappointment filled his mind.
He didn’t expect Qi Shi to say such a thing.

“If you are worried that I like you, I can tell you with certainty that I don’t like you.” Lin Xia looked at Qi Shi and said, “I treat you well because you are my friend.”

Qi Shi’s eyes fell elsewhere.
He didn’t dare to look at Lin Xia and still said nothing.
Lin Xia added, “You don’t have to worry about anything, we can just stop being friends, but I hope you don’t say anything unnecessary in the future.”

“Don’t you think that you are different from before?” Hearing Lin Xia’s words, Qi Shi finally spoke and looked into Lin Xia’s eyes, “You think I can’t detect your feelings for me? Bringing me food, studying, tutoring, treating me well in every aspect, and you still say that this isn’t like?”

“I’ve been like this all the time, it’s your thinking that has changed.” Lin Xia wanted to laugh a little.
Is it because of his sexual orientation that he can’t even have male friends?

For a moment, Lin Xia even wanted to say, the one he likes is Yi Shang, but that would only bring trouble to Yi Shang.

After that, Qi Shi did not talk about this to his friends again, but gossip in school always spread fast and outrageously, and there were several different versions at that.

Fang Qi replied with countless dots, occupying a whole page, and then said: Why do some boys always feel that gay people have no specific taste? Must they like all men?? When will I get this kind of confidence?

Lin Xia was amused.
In fact, Qi Shi is a good person, otherwise they would not be friends.
Nobody is perfect.
It is often said that the pros outweigh the cons, but if it’s an unacceptable “con”, even if there are many “pros”, Lin Xia would not be able to become friends with him again.

At this time, Yi Shang sent another message: Why aren’t you replying?

Lin Xia replied: Okay.

When Yi Shang saw Lin Xia’s reply, he was finally reassured.
He also thought that Lin Xia really knew to leave him hanging.
In any case, if the person he has a crush on sends him a message, should he reply right away?

Even if he doesn’t reply right away, how can he be so dry? How does this look anything like having a crush on him!

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