After the club meeting, Lin Xia was about to get up and leave.
Yi Shang sat down beside Lin Xia and asked immediately, “Why didn’t you call me to run today?”

“I forgot.” Lin Xia didn’t dare to look at Yi Shang, he doesn’t know if Yi Shang has realized that he blocked him.

“Fine, nevermind then.” Yi Shang didn’t mention Lin Xia blocking him.
“But, to make amends, treat me to dinner?”

“I made plans with Fang Qi.” Lin Xia didn’t lie this time.
He really had plans with Fang Qi.
After eating, he needs to help her sort out her recent learning content.

“Let’s go together then.
I don’t mind.” Yi Shang still remembers Fang Qi.
For Yi Shang, it is the same whether or not there are other people there.

“She minds.” Lin Xia already made plans with Fang Qi, he can’t bring someone along without a reason, it’s disrespectful.

“If you don’t ask her, how can you know that she minds?” Yi Shang thought that Fang Qi probably wouldn’t mind.
“Call her and ask her.”

Just when Lin Xia hesitated to call her, Fang Qi’s WeChat call came first.
When Yi Shang saw the name, he motioned for Lin Xia to answer.
Lin Xia connected the call and Fang Qi’s voice sounded, “Are you finished? It’s already so late.”

“It’s finished, I’m going over now.” Lin Xia rubbed his phone case unconsciously.

Yi Shang directly came close to Lin Xia.
With only one phone distance away from Lin Xia, he said, “I’m Yi Shang, do you mind if I eat with you guys tonight?”

“Ah?” Fang Qi was a little confused when she heard Yi Shang’s voice.
Then she quickly reacted and repeatedly agreed, “I don’t mind! Come, come, come!”

Yi Shang pulled away, then raised his eyebrows at Lin Xia, as if to say: See, I knew she wouldn’t mind.

Lin Xia hung up the call and recalled Fang Qi’s excited voice. Could it be that Fang Qi also likes Yi Shang?

He doesn’t want to experience the drama of a friend falling in love with the same person.
It’s still alright if it doesn’t work out for either of them.
It’ll just be a secret crush that ends in nothing.
At least both of them can empathize with each other.
If one of them succeeds, then wouldn’t it be very painful for the other?

“Why are you unhappy?” Yi Shang sensed Lin Xia’s mood and thought that his initiativeness made Lin Xia unhappy.
His grievance was about to overflow, he said full of pretentiousness, “If you don’t want me to go, I won’t go.”

“It’s all right.” Lin Xia came back to his senses and realized he was thinking too far ahead.

It seems that he isn’t the same as usual whenever something is related to Yi Shang.

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The three met in the canteen.
Fang Qi was in a good mood.
On the one hand, Lin Xia and Yi Shang seemed to have made progress.
On the other hand, she was happy to eat with two handsome boys!!

Fortunately, she gave up early.
Otherwise, how would there be such a beautiful moment?

Lin Xia looked at Fang Qi, who was obviously more interested than usual.
His heart became chilly. It can’t really be what he’s thinking, right?

Fang Qi saw that both of them did not say a word.
She hates iron for not becoming steel, they still had to rely on her!

“Lin Xia, give me a piece of your braised chicken.” Fang Qi stared at the braised chicken Lin Xia was eating.

“Mn?” Lin Xia couldn’t respond for a while.

Fang Qi is a person with discretion.
During the times they ate together, if Fang Qi wanted to eat anything from his bowl, he would only give her some if they both haven’t started eating yet.
She will never ask after he has already started.

“If you’re not talking then I’ll just assume you agree?” Fang Qi stretched out her chopsticks and took a piece from Lin Xia’s bowl.
“I haven’t eaten this for a long time, I’m craving it.”

Suppressing Lin Xia’s surprised eyes, Fang Qi calmly ate the braised chicken, which was quite delicious.

“Is it good?” Yi Shang asked Fang Qi expressionlessly.

“Delicious.” Fang Qi nodded earnestly.

“Then I also want.” Yi Shang didn’t reach for it, but pushed his bowl in Lin Xia’s direction and motioned for Lin Xia to give it to him.

“Take it yourself.” Lin Xia also pushed the bowl containing the braised chicken forward.

“You pick it for me, pwease?” Yi Shang couldn’t believe what he was saying, did he really say that from his mouth? Was he possessed just now?

Hearing what Yi Shang said, Lin Xia’s ears turned red and he picked up two pieces of chicken for him.
Looking at the green peppers in the bowl, he had a thought and also gave them to him.
He said, “Eat more greens.”

If he never received the message from Lin Xia, he wouldn’t have thought much, but the fact is that he did receive it.
Yi Shang understood right away and ate the green peppers while holding back his laughter, “It is good to eat more greens.”

Fang Qi looked at the two and felt happy for Lin Xia.
At the same time, she was a little sour.
She had liked Lin Xia for so long and the most intimate thing they have done was her taking food from Lin Xia’s bowl just now.

Although she wanted to help Lin Xia, her nose felt a little tingly when she ate the braised chicken.
Maybe she was feeling sad for the former Fang Qi who secretly liked Lin Xia.

Fang Qi didn’t want to be a light bulb.
After eating quickly, she put her chopsticks down and wiped her mouth.
“I’m leaving first.”

“Didn’t you want to study?” Lin Xia didn’t forget Fang Qi’s original intention of having dinner with him.

“Let’s tomorrow, I don’t want to study today, feeling lazy.” Fang Qi collapsed on the chair after stuffing herself, “You help me clean up my bowl, I have to go.”

“Okay.” Lin Xia answered.

Fang Qi got up and just left their lines of sight, she leaned against the wall at the stairwell and sent a message to Lin Xia: Don’t be a coward!!! He is absolutely interested in you!!! Charge!!!

Lin Xia, who was cleaning up the bowls, immediately locked his phone when he saw the message from Fang Qi, for fear that Yi Shang might see it.

Fang Qi knows that he likes Yi Shang? Fang Qi doesn’t like Yi Shang?

Yi Shang looked at Lin Xia’s spaced-out appearance after seeing the message and asked, “Fang Qi sent a WeChat message to you?”

“Mn.” Lin Xia nodded.
He closed it so fast just now, Yi Shang probably didn’t see it right?

Instead of continuing the topic regarding Fang Qi’s message, Yi Shang switched the topic, “How come you blocked me?”

He found out! Why didn’t Yi Shang mention this right at the beginning? Why now? Hearing this, Lin Xia turned to look at Yi Shang.
His nose nearly touched Yi Shang’s face, so he leaned back some distance.

“Why aren’t you talking?” Yi Shang felt Lin Xia’s breath sweep across his face, it was a little ticklish.

“I accidentally blocked you.” Lin Xia gave a lame reason.

“Do I look that easy to deceive?” Yi Shang put away his smile and teased Lin Xia with a sullen expression.

Lin Xia saw Yi Shang’s expression and was in a panic.
He didn’t know what to say and could only apologize, “I’m sorry.”

“Nevermind, I’ll stop teasing you.” Yi Shang smiled again and his eyebrows soothed out, “But I really am easy to deceive .”

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