Yi Shang began to think about Lin Xia, but in the end, he was still at a loss.
He recalled how he seemed to really care about Lin Xia recently, then sighed.
Now he can’t even understand himself, let alone understand Lin Xia.

Yi Shang remembered his friend from high school, who is also the only gay guy among his friends.
He clicked Xiao Ling’s chat and directly sent a message: How did you find out you’re gay?

Xiao Ling replied: Are you finally going to bend1?

Yi Shang felt speechless: …

Xiao Ling: When I was in middle school, I realized that rather than girls, I prefer to look at boys.
At that time, the sports committee in my class was tall and handsome, I couldn’t help looking at him, and gradually understood.

Yi Shang: So early?

Xiao Ling: Yeah.

Xiao Ling: Of course, some people find out late, such as yourself.

Yi Shang: …

Xiao Ling: If you send me dots again, I’ll go to your school and beat you!

Xiao Ling: Why do you ask me? Could it be that there is a heart throbbing male participant?

Xiao Ling: I thought you were asexual, is the iron tree finally blooming?

Xiao Ling: Speak! Don’t play dead!

Yi Shang: Haven’t gone that far.

Yi Shang gave Xiao Ling a brief summary of how Lin Xia had blocked him and how he got along with him.
Finally, he concluded his statement: If it were you, wouldn’t you also be curious?

Xiao Ling: I’m indeed quite curious.

Xiao Ling: Noted! I’ll immediately block my crush, watch how I handle him! Wait for my good news!

Yi Shang: …

Xiao Ling: You still dare to send dots?

Xiao Ling: When I succeed, I will go to your school with my male god and beat you!

Yi Shang: Bye, I gained nothing from chatting with you.

Xiao Ling: Why not? His visuals made you remember him and after blocking you, he made you curious.
Later, his various behaviors left even deeper impressions on you.
Ask yourself, have you ever felt this way about anyone before? Is this not the sprouting of feelings? You’ve been single for too long that you’re confused.
If it was me, I would’ve already been dating him.

Yi Shang: King of all talk.

Yi Shang knew that Xiao Ling was just all talk.
He has his theories, but he’s always been a coward and never dated until now.
However, he had also changed countless crushes.

Xiao Ling replied: Blahblahblah, don’t disturb me flirting with my male god.

Looking at the chat record, although Yi Shang did not fully understand, it’s always right to follow the heart.

Just after the chat with Xiao Ling, Yi Shang received a message from Lin Xia: Because of you, I was in a bad mood yesterday, but my roommates are so nice, they saved my bad mood.
Maybe I shouldn’t become distrustful of friendship because of a failed friendship.

After Yi Shang read it, he had two questions: Lin Xia was in a bad mood yesterday because of him? Why on earth is this?

The other one is: A failed friendship? What?

Yi Shang couldn’t understand, so he simply didn’t think about it anymore.
When he meets Lin Xia during the morning run tomorrow, he can try probing further.

However, when Yi Shang went to the field the next morning, he caught no sight of Lin Xia.
It seemed that Lin Xia was deliberately trying to hide from him.
Is Lin Xia really going to have no contact with him anymore? His original good mood left just like that.

When he finished and punched out his card, he received a WeChat message from Xiao Zhang: We’re in the third canteen, come find us.

Yi Shang replied: Bro, do you know how long it takes to walk there?

Xiao Zhang: Come quickly!!

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Yi Shang had no choice but to put away his phone and go to the third canteen.
When he arrived at the entrance of the third canteen, Xiao Zhang wasn’t there, but his girlfriend was.
Yi Shang went over and asked, “Where’s Xiao Zhang?”

As soon as the voice fell, Xiao Zhang came out from god knows where and flew directly onto Yi Shang’s back, “Grandpa is here!”

“So childish.” Yi Shang stumbled, stood still and quickly separated from Xiao Zhang.
“Don’t touch me.”

“When can you get rid of this problem?” Xiao Zhang complained, put down his hand, and then laughed.
“Did I frighten you?”

“Were you really scared?” Xiao Zhang’s girlfriend and Xiao Zhang were on the same level of childishness, she also cracked up.

“Let’s go, let’s eat.” Yi Shang was too lazy to care about them and walked straight to the entrance of the third canteen.

“What’s wrong with you today? Why aren’t you jabbing back at me?” Curious baby Xiao Zhang kept asking, “You’re in a bad mood so early in the morning?”

Yi Shang was indeed in a bad mood because of Lin Xia, he said patiently, “As long as you don’t drag me around like a light bulb2, I will be in a good mood.”

Almost every morning, Xiao Zhang will have breakfast with his girlfriend, and occasionally they’ll call on Yi Shang.

Lin Xia, holding his roommates’ breakfast in his hand, saw Yi Shang who had entered the canteen.
His heart was full of mixed feelings.
He had purposely come to the third canteen to hide from Yi Shang, but he didn’t expect to see Yi Shang’s girlfriend and roommate.

Lin Xia is a little curious.
How can those two people stand together like that? They were playfighting and quarreling with each other, looking very close and not like ordinary friends.
No matter how you look at it, it looks like Yi Shang got cheated on.
Lin Xia watched them for a while to figure out the situation, in case he wrongly accused them.

As a result, he saw Yi Shang coming from a distance, and his roommate hid himself.
When Yi Shang arrived in front of his girlfriend, his roommate came out to mess with Yi Shang.

This series of operations looks just as if Yi Shang’s roommate was hiding from him and making moves on his girlfriend.

Sigh, the weather was getting warmer and warmer, and the leaves were getting greener and greener3.

Lin Xia was really worried to death.
He took out his phone and sent a message to Yi Shang who had been blocked: How do I tell you that you’re being cheated on?

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