ave been in a strange state recently.
It was even worse when you came back last night.
I was so worried that I didn’t sleep well all night.” Xiao Pang sighed, holding his face with his hand.

“You snored so damn loud.” Xiao Zhao jabbed back.

“Focus on the main point! Main point!” Xiao Pang glared at Xiao Zhao.
“Don’t talk nonsense.”

After Xiao Pang finished talking, three pairs of eyes looked at Lin Xia together.
Lin Xia could even read the word “love” from the eyes of his three roommates.

“I do have something going on, but it’s no big deal.
I can take care of it myself, you guys don’t need to worry.” Lin Xia thought for a moment and added, “I’ll tell you if I get a chance later.”

Lin Xia didn’t want to hide from people who care about him, but once bitten, twice shy.
He once had a very good friend.
Lin Xia trusted him very much, yet it turned out like that.

“Sure, but no matter what, we will always stand behind you! Whoever bullies you, we’ll beat them!” Xiao Qian’s chuunibyou syndrome came up, he got up and made some bodybuilding moves, which was cringe as hell.

Lin Xia’s roommates started to make a scene again.
Lin Xia looked at them, it was obvious that they had talked about it, and said, “So, you three have a group chat behind my back?”

For a moment, the dorm was so quiet that one could hear a needle drop.

“God is our witness! We didn’t talk about anything, only the proper matters.
If you don’t believe it, I’ll show you the chat record.” Xiao Pang said as he took out his phone and began to call up the WeChat interface.

“Alright, just teasing you.” Lin Xia was just on the spur of the moment to tease them, not to call them out for punishment.

“No, you must look at it!” Xiao Pang handed the chat record to Lin Xia and swore to death to prove his innocence.

“Yeah!” Xiao Qian agreed, otherwise it would be bad if they made a disconnection before they saved their dad.

Lin Xia glanced at WeChat, the group’s name was also very chuunibyou – save dad.

Looking at what Xiao Pang considered as “proper matters”, it was all about him.
From the chat record, he can tell that these roommates really care about him.

At the same time, Yi Shang sent a WeChat message to Lin Xia: Running together in the morning tomorrow, don’t forget.

He received a red exclamation mark.

Yi Shang stared at the red exclamation mark and fell into deep thought.
What’s wrong with Lin Xia now? How can Lin Xia be even more difficult to understand than exam questions?

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