After finishing the set of promotion photos on campus, they went straight into changing clothes and preparing for the next scene.

The club members towed a huge amount of equipment to the shooting site – an ancient building near the school.

In order to take the ancient costume theme, their xuejie owed many debts of gratitude.
She went to various clubs to borrow things without shame.
Her mouth was almost worn out from talking before she got to borrow them.
Some people only lend their things for Yi Shang and Lin Xia’s sake.

Good looking people may not necessarily be suitable for ancient clothes, but they were amazing on Yi Shang and Lin Xia.
They have attracted many people’s attention along the way.
During the shoot, some people stopped to watch, and some even came up to ask for photos.

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The group managed to find a small riverside.
According to the requirements of their xuejie, Yi Shang and Lin Xia began to pose.

Yi Shang’s facial features were aggressive, he held a folding fan to neutralize some of the aggressiveness.
On the other hand, Lin Xia’s features were rather meek, so he held a dagger.
The two drew close and put their objects in front of them to create an atmosphere of confrontation.

Xuejie was very satisfied with their performance.
There was no need for skinship, it’s too much.
The scenes with this kind of spark were the best.

However, the two people who were regarded as models weren’t so comfortable.
Yi Shang looked at Lin Xia who was so close to him that he could even feel his breath.
He felt a little uncomfortable, they were way too close.

“You have fleas on your body or what, what are you moving about?” In order for convenience, xuejie wore long sleeves and a pair of checked trousers.
She pointed at Yi Shang and scolded him.

Hearing this, Yi Shang put down his hands, stood up straight, and drew a distance.
“Too close, I’m not used to it.”

When Lin Xia heard what Yi Shang said, he squeezed the handle of the sword tightly.
His heart, which had been beating wildly because of their close distance, became stable.

Of course, Yi Shang doesn’t like the same sex, how can he be comfortable when they are so close?

“Do you have to be so dramatic? Do you believe I’ll tie you two together?” Xuejie’s temper came up.
When she looked at Lin Xia next to him, her anger faded a bit.
She continues to step on Yi Shang, “Lin Xia is better than you in all aspects.”

People don’t like comparisons.
If his xuejie compared him with someone else, Yi Shang would’ve felt a little unhappy.
But when he heard that it was Lin Xia, he didn’t feel that way and even agreed with her.

“Then tie us up, maybe I’ll get better.” Yi Shang joked along with her words.

“Stop being a blabbermouth.” Xuejie came forward to help them adjust their posture and clothes.
“Speed it up, the sun is going to set.”

Fortunately, they finished before the sun disappeared.
The group went to a restaurant near the school for dinner.

It seems that Yi Shang was the center of attention everywhere.
People gathered around Yi Shang and talked endlessly.
Who knew what Yi Shang had said, but it made the girls in the club burst out laughing.

Rather than trying to drag Yi Shang into the mud puddle, Lin Xia suddenly felt that this was the life that Yi Shang should have.
He had experienced the days in the mud puddle, he didn’t want Yi Shang to experience it.

After returning to school, Lin Xia sat on the chair in his dorm.
Thinking of Yi Shang’s words, it felt like his heart was torn open and a small person was sewing it up with a needle, flooding with numbing pain.

“What’s the matter? In a bad mood?” Xiao Pang looked at Lin Xia who seemed like he lost his soul.
It seemed like this was the first time he saw such a dejected Lin Xia, as if the victorious general had lost the battle for the first time.

“Nothing, just a little tired.” Lin Xia looked up and smiled at Xiao Pang.

The smile was even worse than crying.
Xiao Pang suddenly realized that Lin Xia never seemed to say anything.
He was always a listener and didn’t need the care of others.
Although all of them had a good relationship, Lin Xia always seemed to be a layer away from them.

Little Pang now turned into an old father, full of worry.
Every crease between his eyebrows speaks of worry for Lin Xia, making the situation quite serious.

“Then wash up and sleep, take a good rest.” In the end, Little Pang didn’t ask further.
He understood Lin Xia’s character.
If Lin Xia didn’t want to say, there was no use in asking.
With a belly full of worry, he climbed into bed, opened a group chat of three people, and typed a string of words to send out.

Lin Xia looked at Yi Shang’s chat and once again blocked him.
The photoshoot is done, it’s time to end it.

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