At the appointed time, when Lin Xia went to the sports field, Yi Shang was already running.

When Yi Shang saw Lin Xia, he waved and ran toward Lin Xia.
There were a few beads of sweat on his forehead, he said, “You’re here.”

“Mn.” Lin Xia took four cards and punched them in turn.

“Is your dorm also dividing the work?”

“Sort of.” Although it’s basically all him, his roommates will also sometimes do it on a whim.

“Our dorm too.” Yi Shang looked ahead, breathing evenly.
“I’m usually on Tuesdays, should we run together next time as well?”

“I don’t run on Tuesday.” Lin Xia lied again.

He originally decided to end it after taking the photoshoot.
If this keeps up, they would be entangled together again, which isn’t a good thing for either of them.

Yi Shang wanted to say: Then which days are you running? I’ll change my time.

But he felt that these words were too initiative, so he shut his mouth before he said them.

The two ran in silence, and Yi Shang’s breathing sound hit Lin Xia in the heart both deeply and shallowly.

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When their xuejie came, she saw Yi Shang and Lin Xia running together.
She felt somewhat surprised and followed up, “Oh my, is the sun coming out from the west? Yi Shang’s coming out to run?”

“Xuejie.” Lin Xia greeted.

“Since when did you two hook up?” Xuejie’s beautiful face carried a mischievous smile, somewhat out of character.

“What hook up? Pay attention to your wording.” Yi Shang looked at xuejie.
“I usually run, what’s so surprising?”

“That’s not true.
I see Lin Xia here almost every day, but this is the first time I’m seeing you.” Xuejie said.

“Every day?” Yi Shang repeated xuejie’s words and glanced at Lin Xia.

“Yeah, Lin Xia and I are both hard-working successors of socialism, unlike you.” Achievements and one’s figure are two of the few things one can master.
She has always been self-disciplined and is proud of it, so she had to tease Yi Shang a bit.

“I don’t think Lin Xia runs on Tuesdays.” Yi Shang said casually.

When Lin Xia heard this, he wanted to disappear at once.
What’s the matter with him? Whenever he lies in front of Yi Shang, he will always get exposed.

Except for bad weather reasons, Lin Xia has never stopped.
He’s very self-disciplined.
Such a good Lin Xia but how did I fall for you instead?” Xuejie retorted and teased Lin Xia again.
“Lin Xia, will you accept me if I pursue you?”

Facing a sudden confession in front of Yi Shang, although it was a joke, it still made Lin Xia feel at a loss.
He said, “Xuejie, stop joking around.”

“I’m heartbroken, I’m heartbroken.
I also have a lot of people pursuing me as well, okay? Yet I keep running into walls here with you two.” Xuejie pretended to sob twice, then turned around and separated from them, “Bye, you two dog men.”

Yi Shang waved to his xuejie, then looked at Lin Xia and said with ridicule, “Don’t run on Tuesdays?”

Lin Xia had nothing to say, his eyes were erratic and his ostrich mentality urged him to accelerate suddenly.

Looking at Lin Xia’s back, Yi Shang was dumbfounded and couldn’t help but laugh.
He rushed to catch up with him and wanted to tease Lin Xia, “Do you hate me?”

Hearing what Yishang said, Lin Xia stopped, a little flustered, “I don’t hate you.”

Although he didn’t want Yi Shang to know that he likes him, he also can’t let Yi Shang mistakenly think that he hates him.

“But why do I always feel like you’re hiding from me?” Yi Shang also stopped, frowning as if he was very distressed.

Hiding from you is a fact, and not hating you is also a fact.

But Lin Xia didn’t know how to say it, and if he did say it, how would he have to explain?

“Forget it, when you run next Tuesday call me as well?” Yi Shang knew the reason, and didn’t want to pressure Lin Xia anymore so he offered him some space.

“Okay.” Lin Xia agreed first.
As for whether he’ll actually call him, he will decide that later.
Maybe Yi Shang just mentioned it in passing and will forget it later.

After buying breakfast, the two went back to their respective dorms.

When Yi Shang returned, it was like a drop of water dripped into the frying pan and immediately exploded.

“What’s the deal? When it’s not your turn to run, you took the initiative to run, and even brought us breakfast from the third canteen.” Gossip reporter Xiao Zhang was the first to ask, “Which girl did you run with?”

“Stop right there, don’t guess, it’s a man.” Yi Shang quickly stopped his roommates from indulging in their imaginations.

“Oh, a man.” Lao Wang lost his interest in an instant.

“What? A man!!” Xiao Zhang was even more excited.
“No wonder no girls were successful.
Even Lao Wang’s ideal type didn’t work.”

“You just had to go there, huh?” Lao Wang used the same move again, he raised his arm and hooked around Xiao Zhang’s neck to press him down.

The two men started to fight again.
Only Xiao Tang ate a few bites of crepes, and after he had satisfied his craving, he came to Yi Shang and asked, “With Lin Xia?”

“Yep.” Yi Shang nodded.

“Oh.” Xiao Tang, the witness of the canteen incident, guessed accurately, but he didn’t care too much, he was happy as long as he has something to eat.

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