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It has been nearly a month since he returned from Nagisa City to Yan City.

In the past 20 days, Jiang Dao has not received any decent work arrangements.
Except for shooting an advertisement at the end of May, by two o’clock each day his life is basically a straight line between the company’s training classroom, or his apartment.

Of course, Jiang Dao was not paddling in the water for fun.

In the courses arranged by the company for new artists, he listened carefully to every lesson and tried to keep up with the rhythm of the teacher, including shaping, dance, vocal, and performance classes.

These courses are all very interesting to Jiang Dao.
They are things that he never dreamed of having the opportunity to try before.

Although, in his established worldview, these things are “useless”… But after all, this is not a world that needs him to fight, so it’s quite novel to waste time learning such fancy things.

As for the remaining time, in addition to completing the homework assigned by the instructors, Jiang Dao spent all his spare time exercising… and finding food.

On this day, Zhu Yao was finally free from the newcomer, and decided to go to Jiang Dao’s apartment to take a look.

“What are you doing?” As soon as he entered the door, Zhu Yao’s eyes widened in surprise at the fragrance of milk wafting from the room.

Jiang Dao turned his head from the oven and smiled at Zhu Yao: “You’re here? I’m making egg tarts, it’ll be ready soon.”

Zhu Yao looked almost suffocated.

“Egg tarts?” He looked incredulous.
“How dare you eat egg tarts? I haven’t seen you for less than a month, look how fat you are! How dare you eat egg tarts?!”

Jiang Dao looked at Zhu Yao speechlessly: “The teacher in the shaping class didn’t say I was fat.”

He ate a lot these days, but correspondingly, the amount of exercise has more than doubled or tripled.
Although he doesn’t have too obvious muscle lines, his entire state is obviously much better than his previous thin and weak appearance.
Why is he called “fat”?

People in this world really have nothing to do.

Seeing Jiang Dao’s face full of disapproval and attitude of unrepentance,  Zhu Yao didn’t know what to say, so he simply put the matter aside.

He smelled the milky fragrance all over the house, and asked suspiciously, “When did you learn to cook? You even bought an oven yourself?”

“I met Sister Wu Lan in the cafeteria two weeks ago.
After she heard me praise the cafeteria’s delicious egg tarts, she told me about a food blogger.” Jiang Dao said as he took the baked egg tarts out of the oven.
“I learned from the blogger’s video, it’s not difficult…Try it?”

After gradually mastering the technology of this world, Jiang Dao discovered that it is really easy to learn new skills here.

Take Weibo, for example.
At first, he was reluctant to pay attention to the noise in the entertainment industry, and almost never opened this software.
It was not until later that he discovered that there were many food bloggers and pet bloggers on it, and he quickly became addicted.
After exercising every day, he always had to swipe a few videos before going to bed.

As for the skill of cooking, he also knows some basics.
There aren’t so many kitchen utensils and appliances in the world outside the book, and there wasn’t a dazzling array of ingredients available, so most of the time he’ll just cook whatever and however is possible.

Now that he has electricity, a safe space, money, and time, he naturally has to learn how to cook, so that he can enjoy delicious food at any time.

Seeing Zhu Yao hesitating for a long time before finally picking up an egg tart, Jiang Dao smiled with satisfaction.

Then he asked, “Can this apartment be connected to natural gas?”

Zhu Yao almost got a mouthful of egg tart stuck in his throat.

After a long while, he swallowed what was in his mouth, and said with a blank face: “It’s enough that the dormitory does not restrict your use of electricity.
Do you still want gas? Do you really want to change your career and be a cook?”

Jiang Dao shrugged noncommittally, and took a bite of the egg tart.

If there is any profession in this world he wants to try, a chef can definitely rank in the top three.

After Zhu Yao finished eating the egg tart, he patted the crumbs on his hands, and said, “Okay, I’m just here to remind you that Dragon Flag Entertainment will send a car to pick you up tomorrow morning.
Prepare early and don’t let them wait.”

“En, I got it.” Jiang Dao nodded.

Taoyuan Dreamland will begin filming tomorrow.
Jiang Dao was invited by Chu Yinlong, and they both live in Yan City.
In addition, the schedule of the newcomer in Zhu Yao’s hands has been relatively tight recently, so he can’t make time to accompany Jiang Dao.
The two companies discussed it, and temporarily handed Jiang Dao to Chu Yinlong’s team to take care of.

For this reason, Zhu Yao came to confirm with and repeatedly remind Jiang Dao not to have an affair with Chu Yinlong.
The first few artists who tried this eventually became clowns that everyone laughed at.

“Remember to be polite to Teacher Chu.” Sure enough, Zhu Yao reminded again.
“Show a little awe, it’s not a bad thing to have a sense of distance.”

Jiang Dao sighed: “I know, don’t worry!”

Does he look like such a person who sells his body?

Uh, it seems… in the original book, the villain Jiang Dao did end up doing such an outrageous thing and committed himself to a gold master…

But that wasn’t him.

Even if he wanted to find a partner, he would not look for someone in the entertainment industry.

Seeing that Jiang Dao did not seem to be thinking about it, Zhu Yao was satisfied.
Standing up, he picked up Jiang Dao’s mobile phone.
“Come here, put the gloves on, and hold the baking pan.”

Jiang Dao was confused: “Why??”

Zhu Yao was speechless: “Take photos and post on Weibo.
How long have you not posted anything?”

Jiang Dao: …

It seems that since he took over this body, he never posted on Weibo again.

“Although you’re not popular yet, you still have fans, so remember to interact frequently.” Zhu Yao said, and suddenly frowned.
“Smile when taking photos, don’t be stern.”

Jiang Dao curled the corner of his mouth and put on an impeccable smile.
Fortunately, he has been working hard in class recently, and is very good at controlling his expressions.

Zhu Yao took several photos and threw the phone back to Jiang Dao.

“Choose two and post on Weibo, don’t forget.” After he finished speaking, he got up to leave, and warned again.
“Don’t eat too much dessert, or you’ll gain weight.
Remember to exercise!”

“Oh, got it… I’ll run two more kilometers tonight!”

After sending Zhu Yao out, Jiang Dao returned to the dining table, picked up his mobile phone, and randomly picked a photo to post on Weibo.

Then he buttoned up the screen and began to concentrate on the freshly baked egg tarts.

Who knows, before he finished eating the egg tarts, Zhu Yao called.

“Go to Weibo and reply to Tang Yao and Chu Yinlong’s retweets.” Zhu Yao’s voice sounded a little tired.
“Be polite, say thank you, and interact with them.”

Jiang Dao was confused.
Hanging up the phone and opening Weibo again, he was stunned by the large numbers of forwards and comments.

After a moment, he sighed helplessly.
Following the notifications, he found his original post, and Chu Yinlong and Tang Yao’s retweets in the hot comment position.

“I thought Xiao Dao could only eat, I didn’t expect to cook [surprised]” – this was Tang Yao’s evaluation.

“It looks good.” – Chu Yinlong was as concise as ever.

It was probably because these two popular actors took the lead, Lu Yun, Yi Bailu, and Zhou Wei also commented:

Lu Yun: “Xiao Dao, can you really eat so many desserts? Your agent won’t get angry? Unlike me, I’m willing to help you share these calories [drooling]”

Yi Bailu: “Ah! Egg tarts!! I haven’t eaten egg tarts for a long time [cry] [cry]”

Zhou Wei: “Can I go to your apartment for a meal?”

After that, a series of comments with “V”1aka verified signs followed.
Jiang Dao didn’t know any of them, so he didn’t bother to read them.
However, under the comments of Tang Yao and Lu Yun, many people asked whether Jiang Dao would appear in the next issue of “Come on, eat!”.

Jiang Dao recalled that when the recording ended, the staff seemed to mention that the show would be broadcast in mid-June.
Following the rhythm of sharing a preview in advance, indeed, the news of his participation will be released this Saturday.

Therefore, these people suddenly and collectively forwarded his Weibo2aka his post.
Think a Chinese version of Twitter are probably laying some early groundwork for the show.

After thinking for a moment, Jiang Dao replied in turn according to Zhu Yao’s request:

“Thank you for the praise, Brother Yao.
How can you eat, but not cook.”

“Thank you for the praise.”

“Thank you for the praise, Brother Lu.
I’ve already chased my agent away.”

“Thank you for the praise, Sister Bailu.
If I have the opportunity, I’ll make some for you.”

“Thank you Weiwei.
Welcome anytime.”

Mission accomplished!

Jiang Dao closed Weibo and continued to enjoy the egg tarts.

He didn’t know that, because of his five almost identical replies, a new round of excitement soon exploded on Weibo.

Some fans of Chu Yinlong took screenshots of these five replies, put them together, and added the title “The World Where Only Brother Long Is Perfunctory” to make rare fun of their idol.

At first, everyone saw this picture but laughed and thought it was funny.
But then things slowly changed.
Some people began to accuse Jiang Dao of being perfunctory because his reply to each senior turned out to be the same “thank you for the praise”.

After that, some began to gossip and say that Jiang Dao did not respect Chu Yinlong, because he did not “name and thank” Teacher Chu.

Immediately afterwards, some accounts even dug up the clip of Chu Yinlong reprimanding a new actor on the set, and misinterpreted it word by word onto Jiang Dao, criticizing vase artists like Jiang Dao.
Jiang Dao must’ve been scolded like this by Chu Yinlong when recording “Come on, eat!”, and held grudges and disrespected his senior.

It is conceivable that under the provocation of such accounts, the fans on both sides quickly began to fight, and the originally harmonious comment area suddenly became cloudy.

Chu Yinlong turned around and kicked.
After finishing the tenth set, he waved to his sparring partner, he ended today’s training.

He returned to the field, picked up the towel to wipe his sweat, and took the electrolytes handed by the assistant: “By the way, are we going to Xingyao Media tomorrow?”

The assistant nodded: “A driver has been arranged.”

But Chu Yinlong said: “No need for so much trouble.
Drive my car, pick up Xiao Dao, and go directly to the airport.”

“Okay.” The assistant responded and added.
“This season of Taoyuan, the conditions are relatively difficult.
Do you want to prepare some of your own ingredients?”

Chu Yinlong had no problem with this: “It’s fine.”

When he finished speaking, he seemed to have thought of something and asked, “Is there an oven over there in Taoyuan?”

The assistant was stunned, then shook his head.
As far as I know, they only have an iron pan… Oh, and a homemade grill, which can only cook relatively simple dishes.”

“Got it.” Chu Yinlong looked a little disappointed.
“Okay, you can prepare any ingredients you think are necessary.”

After speaking, he picked up the phone from the table and clicked on Weibo.

Seeing Jiang Dao’s reply below his retweet, the corners of Chu Yinlong’s mouth twitched slightly.
However, soon, the faint smile on his face gradually disappeared, and his brows inadvertently wrinkled.

“Pay attention to Jiang Dao’s Weibo.” Chu Yinlong suddenly instructed the assistant.
“If there is any rhythm between him and me in the future, let me know as soon as possible.”

When he saw that Chu Yinlong’s expression was wrong, the assistant’s face became perturbed.

Hearing this, he immediately stood up straight.
“Okay! Uh, do you need to contact the public relations department?”

Chu Yinlong waved his hand.
“Just notify me.”

After saying that, he closed Weibo and opened WeChat.
After finding the chat that hadn’t been opened since becoming friends, he sent two messages to it.

At the same time, Jiang Dao opened the vibrating phone and read the message from Chu Yinlong:

“I’ll pick you up tomorrow, remember to bring some of the egg tarts you made.”

“It’s okay if they’re cold.”

Jiang Dao: …

Silently glancing at the baking pan with only a few crumbs left, Jiang Dao scolded angrily in his heart.

This Chu Yinlong is specially here to pit him!


I want egg tarts…

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1aka verified2aka his post.
Think a Chinese version of Twitter

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