his fan meeting; we need you to come with your camera and take pictures!]

[the finest old lady in the world: I’ll buy you a ticket, but you have to print out all the photos you take to split with me, okay?]

[Yu Beiman: Are you sure?]

[Yu Beiman: Deal!]

In order to prevent her from regretting, he immediately agreed without giving her time to reconsider.

As for taking pictures as payment? He could do this.
People had always praised his pictures for being good when he was still in the photography club.

Happily making an appointment with An An, Yu Le began to plan his outfit.
He opened his closet to look at the array of pink dresses and skirts.

Fortunately, when he had cleaned up before, he had decided to keep these things.
They were finally coming in handy.

The third personality in the novel was a huge fan of the colour pink and often snuck out dressed up to chase Yu Youzhi when the main personality was not paying attention.

For this reason, she was scolded many times, but the main personality could do nothing to change her actions.

Later, in order to stay more discreet about her actions, she began to hide her belongings and practised a false voice and some makeup techniques.

No matter how often she went out afterwards, she was never found out.

After going out safely a few times, she became bolder and even began meeting An An offline as well.

Even to the end, An An never knew the truth about her friend. 

Yu Le rubbed his eyes as he stared at the rows of pink in the closet with a pensive expression, “My makeup skills should be okay, after all, my cousin often asked me to help her dress up.”

He chose a knee-length rabbit tutu skirt and dressed up before taking out some cosmetics.
Laying everything out in front of the mirror, half an hour later, he was pleased with the results.

The original owner had a gentle and handsome appearance, with fair skin and long eyelashes.
Wearing a wig, he put on a little makeup to soften his rough facial lines, and his temperaments completely changed.

Applying lip gloss on top of that, the shape of his lips was drawn plumper, and the little mole at the corner of his mouth was no longer seductive but rather a cute blemish.

Admiring himself in the mirror, he grabbed the concealer to cover the mole with a hint of regret.

The girl in the mirror looked back at him with satisfaction.
Except for the fact that she was somewhat taller than average, no one would ever guess that she was a boy.

Now, he just has to practise for a perfect falsetto.

Three days later, he wore this outfit to meet An An offline.

Before leaving, he packed up his camera and a few brushes and bottles in case he needed to touch up his makeup in an emergency.

He and An An met at Fountain Square in the centre of Z City.

The original owner’s appearance was truly superior; he was just walking along the pavement and had drawn the attention of everyone around.

But he didn’t care, merely searching the crowd for his newest friend, and the first official judge of his crossdressing skills.

“Manman, Manman, over here!!” A jumping voice called out from the opposite side of the square.
Following the direction, he saw a cute girl wearing exaggerated glasses paired with a short one-piece waving towards him, “Hurry up, Manman! I need you to help me; I made too many posters! Hurry up and hold a few!”

Ah, that’s her alright.

Yu Le was still a little hesitant, but the energetic young girl had run over to grab him before squeezing them both back into the crowd, “Manman, what’s wrong with you today? If I didn’t know better I wouldn’t have even thought you were excited to see brother.”

The poster being handed over to him was a dark green with Yu Youzhi’s name printed in bold.
Underneath the name was a blown-up picture in high definition of Yu Youzhi winking.
Holding onto it in a daze, Yu Le couldn’t help but think the green matched him really well.

An An asked him again, “Manman, what’s going on with you?”

Responding slowly, Yu Le said, “It’s nothing, I just think green is really suitable for brother.”

He is a green tea through and through, after all.

“Look, Sister An An, the doors are open!” Yu Le reacted appropriately for his character and started to match An An’s energy.

An An was very well-known in the circle of Yu Youzhi’s fans.
Always fanatically chasing after Yu Youzhi, she would even go so far as to fight against gangsters for him.
With her reputation and strength, she managed to grab the forefront in many fan activities as well.
With such a bold character, she was unanimously dubbed the big sister of the fans.

An An dragged Yu Le into the gymnasium, and after nearly an hour of waiting, Yu Youzhi finally appeared.

The big star had dyed his hair silver for the occasion, and it was tied casually into a small knot near the nape of his neck.
The slightly messy arrangement occasionally brushed against his delicate face, inadvertently plucking his fans’ heartstrings.

His pair of light grey pupils reflected the spotlights below the stage and lit up like the starry night sky, bright and deep.

As soon as he walked onto the stage, he immediately began to wave and greet his fans enthusiastically.

It was enough to make anyone swoon.

Even Yu Le, who was well aware of Yu Youzhi’s cruel nature, couldn’t help sighing that he was indeed too good-looking.

If Huo Annong has a fierce and domineering face, then Yu Youzhio is the perfect combination of exquisite beauty and handsomeness.
His facial features are impeccable, making him the perfect scheming beauty.

To begin the event, Yo Youzhi first sang a few songs.

On the stage, he flicked his long silver hair away from his face as his melancholic voice swept through the audience with an inexplicable sense of decadence.

For each movement he made, the fans would scream, frantically doing their best to stand out from the rest and grab his notice, if only for a moment.

The atmosphere at the scene was lively, but the only thing Yu Le felt was that his ears were in pain.

He couldn’t enjoy anything.

That one cannon fodder said it well, Yu Youzhi sang well, but compared with Zhu Luo’s violin, it was nothing.

But as a fan, he could act qualified!

He was wearing a bunny tutu skirt and frantically waving An An’s poster as he looked for a chance to get in touch with the idol.

But as Yu Youzhi stood on the stage, rows of bodyguards surrounded him.
Protected as if he were a king, Yu Le quickly gave up his unrealistic plan.

He could only squeeze to the front, shouting desperately as he frantically took pictures.

At least he could fulfil his promise to An An.

After singing a few songs, Yu Youzhi began to promote his new album.

Finally, the turning point had come.

A hostess with beautiful makeup announced loudly on the stage that a lucky fan would be drawn to interact with Yu Youzhi.

“Me, me, me! Me, me, me!!” Yu Le immediately regained his spirit, frantically shaking the poster above him as he hoped to be noticed.

However, the screams around him became crazier and crazier; he could be classified as one of the mediocre ones at best.

He couldn’t give up, though.

Relying on his advantage in the height department, he was steadily a head taller than most of the girls around him, and even his screams had a harsher sound to them.

Of course, he still didn’t win.

As the host read out the number of the lucky fan, a short-haired girl stood up in surprise and walked to the stage.

This girl was someone familiar to Yu Le.
She was a whale well-known in the entertainment circle.
It was said that she had even given a house away to a star she was chasing.

He frowned.

He couldn’t help but suspect that there was something shady happening behind the scenes for her to win.

Just like how the grand prize at a company’s annual meeting always falls into the hands of the top management, he thought darkly, it must be the organiser’s intention to draw her.

Really boring.

Curling his lips in dissatisfaction, Yu Le picked up his camera once more and took some more pictures of Yu Youzhi.

Looking at them, he smiled happily.

Very good, these photos are ugly enough, take them back and make a sticker pack.

At the same time, the small interaction between the first fan and Yu Youzhi ended, and Yu Youzhi stood and walked to the edge of the stage for some water.

His life assistant, Song Fangba, picked up a bottle of mineral water to hand to him.

Yu Youzhi leaned over and pointed to a certain direction off the stage; Brother Song, do you see that pervert wearing a bunny tutu…who is he?”

Song Fangba, a dedicated male nanny, had been with Yu Youzhi for many years.

He looked in the direction indicated and shook his head, “I don’t know.
Youzhi, why do you care about her?” He looked at him nervously, “You aren’t thinking of anything extreme, are you?”

Yu Youzhi’s expression remained the same as he slapped his little assistant on the head, “Brother Song, what type of mess are you making up in your mind now? You don’t see the problem with him?”

Asked this way, Song Fangba stared at Yu Le once more, “She is a cute girl, but she’s not your type is she? She’s a bit tall…”

Yu Youzhi smirked, “It’s so obvious, I can’t believe you don’t see it,” he whispered from the depths of his throat, “He’s a man….”

“Youzhi, what did you say?” His voice had been too muffled, Song Fangba was unable to clearly understand what he had said.

Smiling in amusement, Yu Youzhi brushed it off, “It’s nothing, I just think that this fan is quite interesting.”

This sentence Song Fangba managed to hear clearly and immediately stared at the man with a green face, “Youzhi, the company has repeatedly warned you that you can’t sleep with fans! Never! In no scenario!”

“Don’t worry, I still have a sense of proportion,” Yu Youzhi patted him reassuringly on the shoulder.

However, Song Fangba was not relieved and even became more worried.
Looking at the crazy female fans surrounding the stage, his eyes became more vigilant.

The author has something to say:

Yu Youzhi: Where did this pervert wearing a bunny tutu come from?

Assistant: Where did that demon in a bunny tutu come from!


Hello everyone~

I’m so sorry for the late update, there were terrible storms in my area and both my internet and power ended up being cut off for several days.
Luckily, they’re both back now! This week I’m posting two chapters as my apology for being late, I hope you enjoy them!

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