e started his business at such a young age but can even rival me.”

Huo Annong smiled at the right time and extended a hand politely, “Nice to meet you.
Tonight’s performance was very good.”

A familiar scene.

“Thank you, I am also very glad that you could come to the concert.”

Zhu Luo also extended his hand and shook it, returning a kind smile.

“As for this…” While introducing Yu Le, Wang Furui got stuck.
After thinking about it, he didn’t actually know who this person was.

“It’s Yu Le.” Zhu Luo answered with a sudden smile.
Taking the first step over, he approached Yu Le calmly, “We are good friends that grew up together.”

Yu Le blinked.
It felt as if Zhu Luo had put particular weight on the phrase “good friend”; it seemed to be accentuated.

Zhu Luo wasn’t done talking, “Yu Le, what did you think of my performance today?” His tone was inexplicably hostile.

The truth is, it sounded great.

But he didn’t understand music, and his ability to speak was even less than that of Wang Furui’s who could quote literature on a whim.
Left with no choice but to be honest and hope his sincerity covered up the shortcomings of his words, he was only able to say, “It sounded good!” Still, this answer felt far too barren to leave on its own, and with some afterthought, he added, “It was really nice!”

Zhu Luo was not at all satisfied.

“Anyway, it was fun to listen to, so good that I don’t know how to describe it.”

Wang nodded in agreement, “Yes, yes, it was really very nice.
Compared with Mr.
Zhu, other music simply can’t be called music.
Even that little star who has been on fire recently, I think his name is Yu Youzhi, his voice is nothing compared to your violin!”

Zhu Luo paused for a moment as he digested this flattery, “…Thank you.”

Yu…Yu Youzhi?

Hearing another familiar name, Yu Le began to stare off in a daze while Huo Annong began to laugh.

“What’s the matter Mr.

Huo Annong restrained his smile as he replied, “Sorry, in fact I have a bit of a relationship with this big star you mentioned.
We were a bit close as children and he liked to sing even then…Well, it’s nothing now.”

Wang Furui rubbed his hands together in an apologetic manner, “No, thinking that Mr.
Huo knows him….”

“I’m not familiar with him now, I just met him a few times when we were young.
He probably doesn’t even remember my name now.” Before Wang Furui could finish speaking, Huo Annong immediately cut off the conversation.

Huo Annong was lying.

Not only was he familiar with Yu Youzhi, he also knew him very well.

The two had known each other since young and stayed as close friends even now.
In the novel, after Huo Annong and Zhu Luo got together, Yu Youzhi often came out to make trouble which almost caused the two to break up.

If the original owner in the novel is the much-loved second male lead, then Yu Youzhi is the proper third male lead.

There was no way that he wouldn’t remember Huo Annong’s name!

But the overbearing president is really the overbearing president.
He didn’t even flinch as he lied to their faces.

Yu Le continued to look at Huo Annong as his mind went down a rabbit hole.

Zhu Luo became more and more aggrieved at him.

He showed a smile that was not a smile, “A Yu, I didn’t expect you to know such powerful people like Mr.
Wang and Mr.
Am I so embarrassing that you couldn’t introduce your friends to me before?” While speaking, Zhu Luo stared straight at him, pushing an invisible pressure onto Yu Le.

“No…” He subconsciously wanted to explain, “We’re not friends, we’ve only known each other for half an hour.” 

Huo Annong’s expression turned cold immediately, “Mr.
Zhu, I didn’t expect this person to be your friend, after all, he just….”

“Hahahaha, nothing, nothing!” Yu Le quickly interrupted, with an embarrassed expression, “I just recognized the wrong person earlier!”

He glared at Huo Annong, but underneath the anger, there was a faint pleading in his eyes.

As a result, this horrible man showed an ugly smile!

Zhu Luo looked between the two of them suspiciously, “Really?”

“Hahahaha, really, really!”

Wang Furui, standing off to the side, seemed utterly unaware of the subtle atmosphere and laughed out loud before Yu Le had time to react and stop him.
Fixed in place, he watched on with dread as the man repeated what had happened just now.

“…” Yu Le couldn’t help grinding his teeth in hatred; no wonder Wang Furui was a cannon fodder in the original plot! He attracts other’s hate so easily!

It’s his own fault that he couldn’t survive three chapters!

The three of them were quiet for a while after Wang Furui finished speaking, no one knew where to take the discussion from there.

Not knowing what to do, Yu Le looked desperately between Zhu Luo and Huo Annong, hoping their chemistry would work some magic for him and perform a miracle.

“A Yu…” Zhu Luo was even more unhappy as he saw his slight movements, “Yu Le, what are you looking at?”

Who is this man?

Why do you care so much about him?

Holding back his questions, though, he could only do his best to broach the edge of his thoughts with some vague questions.
Of course, they weren’t nearly enough for Yu Le to talk.

At this moment, a little girl carrying props came out of the passage door next to them.
Her eyes lit up as she looked at them, “Mr.
Zhu, here you are! And Conductor Cheng as well! The charity organiser is looking for both of you.” She hopped between her feet as they continued to stand where they were, “Are you busy?”

Hearing this, Zhu Luo gave a light goodbye to the rest of them, “Sorry, it seems that I still have things I need to do.
I’ll leave first.”

Conductor Cheng, who had been hiding his presence as best he could, followed closely behind him.

As he left, Zhu Luo spared not even a single glance at Yu Le.

He felt baffled and a little wronged; what did he do to deserve the silent treatment this time?

After Zhu Luo left, Huo Annong and Wang Furui were left.

Huo Annong left without a word to either of them, done with the drama he had been put through.

Since he didn’t get the tutor he wanted, Wang Furui’s good mood had left, and he was muttering obscenities under his breath.

Yu Le was standing alone, feeling as if in a dream.

Zhu Luo was obviously unhappy, but Huo Annong had just stood to the side, watching coldly.
It was hard to say whether the two of them had left a good impression in their hearts, but they most definitely had not on the surface.

He regretted it a little.

Sure enough, he shouldn’t have come to this concert.

Returning home, Yu Le was anxious to fix his mistakes.
He had to do something!

In order to not arouse suspicion, he waited a few days before logging in to Jiali and taking the initiative to send a message to Huo Annong.

[vice-president is dead patted overbearing president]

Following his plan, he first pretended to chat about other things before casually cutting to his main topic.

[vice-president is dead: Have you listened to any of the music played by that genius violinist? I watched him two days ago, and it really touched me.]

[vice-president is dead: I really want you to listen too.]

[overbearing president: I went to his concert.]

[vice-president is dead: You went to his concert?! What do you think?! Zhu Luo’s violin is impressive, right?!]

He was trying his best to sound surprised.

[overbearing president: He played very well.]

[vice-president is dead: Just very well?]

[vice-president is dead: I thought you would fall in love with him after hearing it.]

The person on the opposite side paused, and two seconds later, the cold text came over.

[overbearing president: How can a person fall in love with someone so easily?]

Looking at this sentence alone, Yu Le agrees very much.

But Huo Annong is different from him; he is the domineering CEO gong in the novel; how could he not be moved by Zhu Luo on the stage giving his best?

He is not reconciled.

[vice-president is dead: That’s a pity; Zhu Luo’s violin cleared my soul when I heard it; I really hoped it would be just as good for you.]

[vice-president is dead: Did anything interesting happen at the concert?]

Yu Le waited patiently as the dots flashed Huo Annong’s typing for two minutes before he got his reply.
It was a sight to see, to think that the cold man would spend so long composing and rewriting a response.

[overbearing president: That day, I thought I would be able to meet you at the concert.]

[vice-president is dead: ?]

[vice-president is dead: But we haven’t met offline?]

[overbearing president: Yes, but I had a strange premonition that you would definitely show up.]

Yu Le suddenly remembered that Huo Annong had been looking around like he was trying to find someone at the concert.

That was…he was looking for him?!

This discovery startled him, and his back began to feel cold as he shivered in his seat.

Then, a response that sent chills down his spine came.

[overbearing president: I didn’t meet you, but I met an extremely annoying man instead.]

[vice-president is dead: ???]

[overbearing president: It was a little slut; somehow, he got my itinerary and bought a seat next to me to try and hook up.
I’ve seen this type of person before, but I didn’t expect to meet one at a concert.]

Yu Le dared not speak.

How could he respond to this?

He really…screwed things up this time, huh?


1 E.
Lalo, Symphonie Espagnole.
María Dueñas, violin

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