>Apart from the computer itself, which could be sold for money, there was absolutely nothing useful to be seen.

As for the many accounts, he also had to set aside some time to clean them up.

Just as he was about to turn off the computer, a message popped up on the screen.

Taking a look, it seemed to be from a niche chatting software called Jiali.
However, the icon was nowhere to be found on the desktop and he didn’t inherit any memory of it from the original owner.

What was it?

Clicking on the chat box, he sat up straight when he saw the username noted as [rich and young].

The original owner may not have any memory of who this was, but Yu Le knew! He had read the original work, and this username was seriously involved with some of the vicious plots the sub personality had arranged.

The sub personality had appeared early on in the plot, but in order to seize control of the body always operated in secret.
He only worked when the original owner was sleeping at night, so that he didn’t realise he was back.

Under the author’s deliberate arrangement, the sub personality had met Huo Annong, the main gong, on the internet still in the beginning of the plot.
The two quickly became close and chatted often, leaving less time in either of their schedules for Zhu Luo.
In return, Zhu Luo, who didn’t know the truth, became increasingly disappointed in his friends.

It turned out that the sub personality had hooked the boss using Jiali!

Yu Le instantly became excited.

[rich and young: I haven’t seen you online recently, have you been busy with something?]

Yu Le began to type his response.

[vice-captain: Yeah, I’ve been extremely busy recently.
An emergency came up in my three-dimensional world, and I had to deal with it.]

[rich and young: three dimensional?]

[vice-captain: To be honest, I was actually killed in real life.
Starting tomorrow, I’m going to change my name.
I will be known as ‘vice-captain is dead’ in the future.]

[rich and young: Did you stay up playing games with one hand again? You know that’s not good for your kidneys, right?]

[vice-captain: No! I’m serious! Serious.jpg]

Reaching this point in the conversation, Yu Le stopped responding to him and went to click on Jiali’s profile interface to change his account nickname to [vice-captain is dead].

At the same time, he changed the note on [rich and young] to [overbearing president].

[overbearing president: Okay, okay, I know you are serious.]

[overbearing president: So, have you been resurrected now?]

[vice-president is dead: Don’t worry.
I have come back to life with full health and will do my best to work as a suitable replacement for ‘vice-captain’.]

Yu Le felt that their playful banter had about reached its end and began to work towards his main point instead.

[vice-president is dead: By the way, have you heard of that talented musician? Zhu Luo?]

[vice-president is dead: He has become really popular recently; I’m sure you’ve heard his name at least.
I plan on going to his next concert! He has been recognized as such a genius on the violin that if someone hears him play once, they will never be able to listen to another’s music again.
Isn’t that amazing?]

[overbearing president:…]

[overbearing president: Sorry, I’ve never heard of him.]

Yu Le was stopped speechless.

[vice-president is dead: And you’re not curious about him at all?]

[overbearing president: No, rather, why do you care so much about him? Didn’t you say before that you hate the violin the most?]

Yu Le realised his mistake.
The main personality loved Zhu Luo so much; of course, the sub personality would hate anyone and anything that reminded him of him.
And that includes violin music.

Thinking a bit, his fingers clattered on the keyboard once more.

[vice-president is dead: Who knows? Maybe it’s fate.
Maybe one day, you’ll hear Zhu Luo’s music too and fall in love after listening~]

[overbearing president: What a pity, I’ve never believed in fate.]

Looking at these words, Yu Le could imagine the other showing a casual smile as they stared at the screen.

He could even vividly imagine the three points of arrogance, three points of disdain, and remaining four points of indifference that made up his expression.

Snorting, he stopped typing, and the conversation ended there.

The day of the concert soon arrived.
Arriving at the concert venue with his ticket, Yu Le was wearing a loose T-shirt and jeans as he walked casually.

The ticket inspector’s eyes lingered on him a bit longer than the others as he passed by.

He instantly noticed what was wrong.

But now, it was too late to go back and change clothes, so he could only bite the bullet and keep his head down.

Having entered the area, he discovered that the seats corresponding with his ticket were in a large section of space with a comfortable vantage point.
It turned out that the tickets Zhu Luo gave him were indeed high-end VIP seats and not just fancy on the surface.

When asking Xiao He for the ticket, Zhu Luo had only said that he hoped the seat would be better, but the cute little girl was perceptive enough and naturally ordered the best one for him.

In his jeans and shirt, Yu Le stuck out like a black sheep in the group of guests wearing suits and leather shoes.

Reaching his seat quickly with the help of some friendly staff, he layered his face thicker and began to look around.

Of course, he was looking for the second protagonist of the novel, the domineering president Huo Annong.

He remembered the exact description of Huo Annong’s appearance in the novel:

“His facial contours are extremely sharp as if he had been chiselled out of stone, but with a closer look, one will find that his nose and Adam’s apple do not lose in any way.
His eyes seem to be swords, their black sheen adding to his predatory light as if the abyss is contained in them.”

He was simply said to be the typical overlord.

Gazing around the hall for a similar man, no one caught his eye.
The lights were dim in the first place as the orchestra prepared, and at first glance, all he could see was the outline of heads and the occasional shoulder.

Nonetheless, he continues to scan for the legendary CEO.

At this moment, a man suddenly sat down in the empty seat next to Yu Le.
Without looking directly at his face, he asked, “Do you know someone who is extremely handsome with a straight nose and a large Adam’s apple? A very ‘capable’ man?” He paused slightly before adding, “He should be the boss of a company now and is twenty-four years old; his name is Huo Annong.”

The slender man next to him raised his eyebrows, “Why are you looking for him?”

Surprised to find that the bystander who had sat by him exuded such a strong aura, Yu Le shook his head slightly before explaining, “I’ve admired Huo Annong for a long time and heard that he also came to this concert.
I wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to meet him.”

The man laughed, a sound tinged with condescension, “What’s your name?”

“My name is Yu Le,” he answered casually without much thought.

The man’s expression was dark under the weak light as he leaned into Yu Le’s ear and whispered with a low voice, “Slut, do you think my nose is straight enough? My Adam’s apple big enough? My bed capable enough?”



He was being regarded as a slut that wanted to climb into his bed?!

Yu Le finally turned to pay attention to his neighbour, and a strange idea popped into his head as he met the others’ disgust-filled eyes.

His eyes drifted away as he sat, unable to stand the harsh gaze, “…I’m sorry, Mr.
Huo, I was taking liberties.”

The author has something to say:

Yu Le: Embarrassed, I want to find a crack in the ground to hide in!

Hi everyone, I have exciting news! I have a new editor/proofreader!

An Zheee has offered to help me proofread each chapter and will be helping with each of them going forward, so hopefully there will be many less mistakes for you all to bear.

I hope you enjoy the novel~

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