The car ride was rickety, and the warm air stale.

The uncle driver was concentrating on driving while Yu Le and his cousin sat in the backseat.
While he stared out the window in boredom, his cousin clicked on a novel called, “The Genius Wife of the Overlord”.

Yu Le has also read this novel, purely because there was a supporting lead with the same name as him, but in general, he thought it was full of cliches and was incredibly boring.

His cousin read it aloud with relish.

“On the way back from the clinic, he picked up a lost tabby cat.

The kitten was curled up in a ball, very cute.

Inexplicably, he felt that the kitten was very similar to himself.

He has a handsome face and an especially gentle pair of eyes.

A faint black mole on the corner of his lips sometimes makes him look a little frivolous and gives him a seductive air.

He is actually very different from the poor kitten, though.

After waiting by the side of the road for two hours, the owner hurriedly arrived to find him.

As he returned the kitten to the anxious girl, she remarked, “You are so handsome, kind, and gentle.
The person you like must be a very happy person indeed.”

Hearing this, the young man froze for a moment before smiling sadly, “You are wrong, he is not happy at all.” He stuffed the kitten into her arms, “Take good care of him, don’t let him end up abandoned like me.”

When he got home, it was already evening.

The setting sun shone on the photo frame on the desktop, reflecting two teenagers, one holding a violin and smiling brightly, the other standing slightly behind him with his head bowed and the corners of his mouth slightly pursed.

The hustle and bustle outside the apartment was still loud and lively.
Chattering voices flew in from outside the window, the pattering feet of children running around as their parents scolded them to slow down mixed with the cries of their pets.

A chubby eight- or nine-year-old boy was chasing a large dog ahead of his family.
As his grandmother grew stern, he babbled and pretended to cry, wiping his tears very neatly on his sleeves.

However, this excitement belonged to them.

His room was separate from the outside, his world a different one.

He took out a small medicine bottle that he had bought from an underground doctor, looking at the unfamiliar medical vocabulary printed on it.

It is said that as long as you take it continuously for two months, you will become a fool.

He didn’t know if that was true or not.

“You are so handsome, kind, and gentle.
The person you like must be a very happy person indeed.”

Thinking of the girl’s sweet words, the young man showed a self-deprecating smile, “Not happy, not happy at all…my sister disappeared to protect me, even my favourite Zhu Luo was almost murdered by that guy.
In order to seize control of this body, the secondary personality has gone crazy.”

That’s right, he is a patient with multiple personality disorder.

In this body, apart from him, there is also a surly and cruel secondary personality, and a kind and lively little sister.
Three total people.

The young man lowered his eyes, “It would have been better if none of us existed.”

Yesterday was his birthday, but with his sister gone and Zhu Luo so busy, no one would celebrate for him anymore.

Only his alternative personalities were still with him, trapped inside his body.

So as a present to himself, he decided to kill his alternate personalities.
The causes of all the tragedies in his life.

This small white bottle of medicine was his birthday present to himself.

After reading three-quarters of the novel, his cousin started to howl, “Wooooooooooooo! My heart hurts! How could the author do this?!! Yu Le is such a gentle character; he’s always been silently in love with Zhu Luo and supported him from afar.
He went to the same university just to stay near him and even helped block multiple attacks for him.
Now, to protect Zhu Luo, he’s going to die together with his sub-personalities!”

“Be careful, I’m also Yu Le, I’m not dead yet.
Why are you crying?” Yu Le’s eyes twitched as he took in the dangling head of his cousin, “Don’t cry so loudly, let the driver concentrate on the road.”

“But, but…” His cousin nodded even as she continued sobbing, “But the little angel Yu Le in the book is too miserable, woo woo woo!” Her mouth poured out her wails, showing the extent of her flood-like sorrow.
“Yu Le, do you know? Although he is usually silent, he is super good-looking and gentle.
Even the mole by his mouth adds to his charm, and his smile is so soft that you can’t help but fall for him!”

Yu Le paused, “…But he is a man too, right?”

“Although he is a supporting male lead, he is incredibly well rounded.
His personality cannot be matched by anyone in the novel.
He has silently guarded his childhood sweetheart for more than two years, it’s just that Zhu Luo only regards him as a friend.
Later, he watched Zhu Luo and Huo Annong get together and even helped at points.”

Yu Le was still perfunctory, “… He’s still a supporting male lead though, right?”

His cousin glared at him, “Although it was unfair, he never refused to help Zhu Luo with anything he wanted.
For Zhu Luo’s happiness, he even took the initiative to block a knife meant for Huo Annong.
Even though his secondary personality is bad, Yu Le never allows him to hurt Zhu Luo; he always manages to stop him in time! And his third personality is such a cute little sister; I love her! Ultimately, to protect Zhu Luo, he will even take medicine to become a fool and die along with his sub-personalities! Don’t you think he’s really good?!!” While talking, his cousin had almost worked herself to tears again.

“If he’s so good, why isn’t he together with the protagonist? It only makes sense that he dies, otherwise how could the main leads get together?”

His cousin completely lost her temper at that and glared at him as she roared, “Yu Le, you’re as heartless as the author!!”

Yu Le wanted to say a few more words in his defence, but he saw the driver, a man seemingly in his mid-forties, tilt his head with a twisted expression as he listened to their argument, “Little girl, I think I got confused listening to you just now.
The protagonists of the novel that you two have been discussing, they can’t be two men, can they?”

“Huh?” This question stunned her, as she quickly scrambled for something to say.

Suddenly, Yu Le’s heart rang with a bad omen as he watched the uncle driver stare at his cousin intently.
He wanted to remind him to turn back and watch the road, but before he could speak, there was the sharp sound of a brake as his whole world turned upside down.

They had a car accident.

As his surroundings spun around him, he hit his head, and the considerable shock knocked him out.

His body seemed to be stuck, unable to move.
He couldn’t open his eyes, but fortunately, he didn’t feel any pain either.

In the numb darkness, the only thing that could be perceived was that his life was slowly draining away.

After an unknown amount of time, he was vaguely able to hear the hurried rush of paramedics as they bustled around him.
His cousin and the driver were dragged out of the badly deformed car by the medical staff and carried onto a stretcher.

They had been rescued.

Realising this, Yu Le’s consciousness began to sink little by little into the relief that was nothingness.
Finally, he no longer had to care.

He thought he was dead.

When he woke up, though, he was lying on a desk.

The impact of the car accident was too real; there was no way it had been a dream.
He was still in shock, and the world he was seeing as he looked around seemed a lie.

“Am I dreaming?” Whispering, he stood and looked around the unfamiliar room.

In front of him was a desk.

Its surface was neat and tidy, with a small medicine bottle knocked over near some scattered white pills.

The most conspicuous item was a picture frame.

The first thing Yu Le noticed was not the pills, but rather the boy in the photo who was shining as he held a violin close to his chest.

He was stunned as a strange sour emotion sank into his heart.

There was a sense of suffocation as he subconsciously covered his chest.

Eh, this hand?

In the next second, his brows furrowed as he stared at the thin, pale, and slender fingers on his chest.

The more he looked at them, the more wrong they became.

Hurrying to the mirror, as expected, a strange face stared back at him.

The face was handsome with clear grey pupils.
Those were the only features with any familiarity to him; the rest made up a completely different person.

He reached up to his face, hesitating to touch it, but his hand eventually landed on his lips.
Or, more specifically, on the small mole next to his lips.

“No way…”

Even with an imagination as poor as his own, he couldn’t help but think of his cousin as she sobbed her heart out for the supporting lead, who seemed perfect in every way.
Perfect, except that he ended up the most miserable character in the novel!

The moment he realised this, information began to flood into his mind.

This was the world of a novel.
Before the main protagonists met, the original host had had a horrible nightmare.
Yes, he had dreamed about the subsequent development of the novel.

In order to prevent the tragedy he had foreseen, he had decided to kill himself in advance.

In this room, at this desk, he had taken that small white pill.

As a result, after taking the medicine, the several personalities did disappear one after another, but there seemed to be a strange mix-up in fate as well.

The most notable being that Yu Le, a dead man, was inexplicably reborn into this empty body.

He inherited the original owner’s memory, but because his mind had been so chaotic before he died, there seemed to be very specific memory loss.
The long-term memories from the past still seemed fine, but the closer the date was to taking that medicine, the harder those memories were to grasp.

“Ah,” Yu Le sighed, “The original owner was really a fool.”

After digesting the scattered memories left to him, he frowned, “Sacrificing himself for a hopeless love.
Obviously he could have avoided the tragedy, but chose to use the most decisive method available.”

He couldn’t understand it at all.

Of course, Yu Le was sympathetic to the original owner; after all, he had inherited his body and memories.
Possibly even his tragic fate.

But it was too late for him to regret now.

At least when his cousin had complained to him, he could have had more compassion for the original owner.

Compared to his previous nonchalance, the current situation seemed to be retribution.

Looking to the left of the boy in the photo, he saw the young man standing silently behind the violinist with his slightly pursed lips and stiff smile.

Yu Le lowered his eyes, “Don’t worry, although I might occupy your body now, in exchange I won’t let any tragedy come to you or the ones you loved.”

He quickly accepted his situation and started cleaning up the room.

After searching around, he piled all the things he had found meaningful onto the desk with the photo frame.
An old music box, a video camera, and the picture.

The photo was displayed at all times, placed in the most frequented area of the room.
As soon as someone walked in, their eyes would meet it.
The photo showed the boys as teenagers, one bright and the other dull.

The music box was treasured in a small compartment of the wardrobe.
Carefully maintained, it was still able to play even after so many years had passed.
Opening it up, an unknown violin piece was played.

Yu Le grimaced as he listened; it sounded as if a beginner was struggling to learn.
Searching the memory of the original owner, this music box seemed to be a gift from Zhu Luo to him ten years ago.

Both the photo and the music box were related to Zhu Luo.

Just by looking at them, strange emotions flowed in his chest, a mix of envy, joy, and pain.

Stroking the items gently, he relished the residual emotions one last time before sighing, “Don’t worry.
I will live on your behalf.”

The next second, with a bang, he swept the desktop clean, throwing everything into the trash.

“Everything related to Zhu Luo should be thrown away.”

Although he sympathised with the original owner, he already understood that everything related to Zhu Luo would lead to an unfortunate, tragic future.
He didn’t want to humour even the slightest thought of that outcome coming true.
Quickly looking for a black trash bag, he started to deep clean the room.

The work proceeded in an orderly manner as the bag grew full.

While Yu Le was thinking about what else to get rid of, the doorbell suddenly rang.

“Did I disturb the neighbours?”

Opening the door with garbage bag in hand, he was stunned still as he stared at the person standing outside the door.

Just from the photos that he had found, he knew that Zhu Luo was a person with superior looks.

He didn’t expect that the real person was even more amazing.

His eyes were clear with long thick eyelashes covering them, like brushes pulling at other’s heartstrings; his black eyes were like gemstones as they shone with various emotions, shining with a scorching brilliance.

Without a smile, his face seemed cold and noble, like frost on an unreachable mountaintop; but once a smile graced his face, the spring breeze seemed to melt away any ice as flowers bloomed.

The admiration left in the original owner’s body began to stir.
He subconsciously called out his name as he stood there, “Zhu Luo….Why are you here?”

“What’s wrong, can’t I come in?”

Every move that Zhu Luo made was like a magnet to him, tempting him to fall forward into his embrace.

“A Yu?” Seeing his friend in a daze, Zhu Luo frowned, his tone a little anxious.

Coming back to his senses, he shrank back into his apartment, hiding the bag in his hand behind his back.
Avoiding Zhu Luo’s eyes, he stared at the ground while he spoke, “It’s nothing…I just didn’t expect you to come over so suddenly, that’s all.”

At this time, Zhu Luo noticed the huge garbage bag, “A Yu, what’s that?”

Yu Le suddenly felt a wave of guilt wash over him.

Thinking of the framed photos and mementos that he had treated as trash, he touched the tip of his nose as he avoided the question, “It’s nothing, just some useless garbage I was going to throw away.”


Hey, this is my new project~

It has much longer chapters than my last, almost double the length, so I probably will only be uploading one chapter a week, but I will try to be consistent.
I hope that everyone enjoys!!

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